The 9 Best Elopement Photographers in Denver

Hoping to work with one of the best Denver elopement photographers? Then you’ve come to the right place since that’s precisely who we at Peerspace introduce to you ahead. You already know that Denver metro residents have some of the finest scenery in the world to explore for an untraditional elopement ceremony. It’s also small wonder that local photographers frame their couples with majestic mountains, vibrant cacti, pristine lakes, and other outdoor elements.

But if you’re looking for unique venues for your wedding events, including your elopement photoshoot, then check out Peerspace. As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we make it easy to find and rent hidden gem spaces that look incredible and provide amazing amenities. But for now, let’s get back to our list. Without further ado, check out the work of these talented Denver elopement photographers!

1. Ashley Joyce Photography

Growing up in the American Southwest, Ashley Joyce has a connection to the land and its people that she explores through her outdoor-oriented elopement photography. One element of Ashley’s work that really caught our eye is the closeness with which she works.

Even in the outdoors, we get a hint of the landscape but her focus is always on the couple. It helps weave a tale of togetherness and keeps even the most beautiful landscape from overpowering that. Her monochrome and double-exposure elopement images are also tastefully done and incorporate outdoor elements in creative ways.

2. Lauren Pippin

Lauren Pippin’s adventurous nature makes her an excellent fit for the elopement genre. Having traveled all throughout the Pacific Rim only to settle in Denver, her work has a celebratory, thrilling vibe that’s entirely fitting. Lauren’s mixture of vintage and contemporary styles speaks to a flexibility of creative vision that we really appreciate.

Jean jackets on motorcycles, classic trucks in a field, and colored smoke on rooftops all fit into the overall flow of her portfolio without the fuss! Lauren also makes great use of dramatic light flare in her images that have you feeling as if you’re right there in the outdoors.

3. Nicole Daacke Photography

Nicole Daacke seeks couples looking for an untraditional wedding experience! Her images are meant to add to the story of newlyweds looking to take back what weddings mean for them in as authentic a manner as possible. Nicole’s photography has an element of spaciousness that perfectly fits the outdoor elopement theme she works with.

Her couples are centered in the midst of some of the finest scenery Colorado has to offer. As such, her photography is a work of landscape fine art as much as wedding photography and would look perfect mounted on anyone’s wall. We’re unsurprised considering Nicole also sells stunning fine art landscape prints.

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4. Paula and Nik of Paula B Photography

Photographer couples are a delight to see because their combined vision often gives them a leg up on single photographers. Paula and Nik have combined their love of weddings and the outdoors into an elopement photography style that’s really captivating. Their love of dramatic outdoor natural lighting is second to none.

From cool evening skies to the glow of a setting sun warming the skin of a couple, we’re constantly treated to outdoor images that are meticulously planned to the finest detail. And when shooting the ceremony they often take a documentary approach that focuses more on spontaneous moments over ones that feel posed and inauthentic.

5. Dani Haims Photography

Denver elopement photographer Dani Haims is open to working with both Colorado residents and folks looking to have an adventure elopement anywhere in the world. Dani’s images have a sense of adventure and a zest for life that’s really exciting to see in the elopement genre.

Her couples spend the day in the mountains laughing in hiking boots rather than stiffly posing in a church! The outdoors is where her backgrounds tend to focus, to beautiful effect. Even for a Colorado photographer, Dani’s portfolio is incredibly diverse in the locations she chooses to work with. If you want an outdoor-oriented elopement, she should be your first choice.

6. Katrina S. Joseph

Katrina is a Denver elopement photographer who found her calling in small, intimate gatherings. She prefers these because she knows what it’s like to feel pressured to work according to how you’re supposed to do something. And she wants to support clients who also want to do something fresh.

What caught our attention looking at her work is her efforts on adding stories centered on a delightful experience or environment alongside the elopement itself. Her clients are thrilled to be in the mountains, exploring aspen forests, and other locations that perfectly fit the theme of elopements as a getaway. Katrina uses a documentary-oriented approach that features subjects interacting with each other and the environment over set poses.

7. Ashley Taylor Photography

Ashley Taylor is a Denver elopement photographer with a love for adventurous, authentic images that her subjects will forever treasure. Her style is so in demand she has been featured by The Knot, Rocky Mountain Bride, and Junebug Weddings on several occasions!

One aspect of Ashley’s work that we love is her ability to balance intimate portraiture with beautiful, storytelling backgrounds. She never lets her subjects get lost within the frame nor are we at a loss as to where they are shooting at. Often that’s deep within the Sonoran Desert or on rooftops in downtown Denver. And we always get a sense of uniqueness from each couple thanks to the lack of more formal poses.

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8. Mado Photo

Madeleine of Mado Photo focuses almost exclusively on elopement weddings, even considering herself your “unofficial wedding planner and miniature support group.” And judging by the caliber of photos she takes, we don’t think she’s exaggerating. Most of her elopement shoots take place in the majestic Colorado outdoors.

But unlike most other Denver elopement photographers, Mado clearly prefers action shots. You’ll see her couples in front of a gorgeous landscape, yes, but they’ll also be in mid-dance, mid-kiss, mid-embrace, and, of course, mid-laughter. It ups the romantic factor by like 1000%, and we can’t get enough!

9. Nicole Dina Photography

If you’re looking for a photographer that loves to shoot elopements not only in Denver but the rest of the state, Nicole Dina is a great choice. Ever see leather tassel shawls and jackets in an elopement shoot? Neither have we until Nicole introduced us to them.

Combined with her excellent choice of scenic locations in the outdoors, just the right mood of aloneness and companionship is evoked. She’s also as much a fan of low light work as much as out in the open sun, which we adore. Moon watching can be just as romantic as gazing out over the distant mountain ranges and has an entirely different vibe.

Bonus: Lisa and Alex of Vow of the Wild

Lisa and Alex of Vow of the Wild are photographers and videographers completely dedicated to elopements. In fact, they will not only film your day, but they can also pitch in with the planning, helping recommend some of the best vendors around. Their commitment to their couples is second to none, and it is this passion that shows through in each of their breathtaking images.

If you’re looking for photographers who can take care of you from the moment you start planning your elopement, Vow of the Wild is where to turn.

Denver elopement photographers: conclusion

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We know that Denver is full of passionate creatives. And yet the talent we have witnessed in these Denver elopement photographers still stunned us! Start a conversation with your favorite(s) to get the ball rolling!

And remember, if you need amazing venues to bring your elopement planning, photoshoot, ceremony, and afterparty to life, check out Peerspace. Just like you, we’re all about celebrating the non-traditional, the artistic, and the just-plain-fun!

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