The 9 Best Wedding Videographers in Denver

Colorado is beautiful at all times of year, making it a popular place for adventurous couples to get married. Denver alone isn’t short of romantic and picturesque spots to make your wedding day stand out. The botanic gardens and butterfly pavilion are stunning for nature lovers, while Cherry Creek Trail and Boulder Mountain Park are awash with mountainous, snow-coated views. You can even hop on a romantic carriage ride through the center of town. These Denver wedding videographers know just how to incorporate the city’s beauty with your wedding day, and they do so in an awe-inspiring way.

1. Lindy Copeland of Lindy Hickman Photography

Pulling double duty as a wedding photographer and videographer, Lindy Copeland combines the best of both worlds. One of our favorite videos from her even takes place in the botanic gardens. As well as using a slow frame rate that sees a rose bloom (symbolism, anyone?), she overlays the wedding party with the flowers and light surrounding them, as well as uses faded transitions between close ups. Lindy approaches every shoot with her refined and meticulous eye. In short, there isn’t a frame that goes by that lacks meaning.

2. Dave Abbott of Dave and a Camera

Ever the creative, Dave seldom approaches the weddings he shoots with a specific formula. That’s one of the things we really love about his work. Every video is so expertly catered to his clients that we genuinely appreciate how much he appears to understand his couples. From using split-screen compositions of the bride and groom to panning out of the table pieces, his videography simply exudes thoughtfulness and technical know-how. Through his attention to detail and love of the craft, he creates wedding films that are emotional and romantic but with footage that’s clean and concise.

3. Josh and Jess Helton of A Little Long Distance

Traveling wedding cinematographers Josh and Jess largely serve both the Denver and Nashville areas. When your videographer is local to the city you’re having your wedding in, you know they’re going to deliver. Their Denver and Colorado-based videos excel in paying great attention to the stunning scenery. Furthermore, we’re always into wedding videos that feature unique scores, songs that step outside of the familiar soft and wispy formula. The masterminds behind A Little Long Distance, Josh and Jess have an expert handle on this. Some wedding videos just deserve a good beat.

4. Laurel Cohen of Laurel Wedding Films

Wedding videographer Laurel Cohen sticks to her principles: No obstructions, no flare. Using as little equipment as possible, she’s somehow able to create warm, candid films that draw the viewer in. With the way she shoots, she’s able to become part of the film so that you’re seeing the moments along with her. In addition to her digital shots, she also uses Super 8mm film, which adds that special, retro magic of yore. Since, as artists, most of us are obsessed with nostalgia, it doesn’t come better than Super 8mm. Not at all.

5. Samantha and Johnny Brewers of Homefield Productions

Unstoppable husband-and-wife duo Samantha and Johnny Brewers are the creatives behind Homefield Productions. Together, they shoot and edit their footage to produce unforgettable films. With a background in sports videography, Johnny is massively inspired by human beings and the art of motion. And we sincerely appreciate Samantha’s careful coloring of Homefield Productions’s wedding videos, which results in a darker and more saturated end product, with lighter lights, which isn’t something you see a lot in wedding films.

They’re also in love with the Colorado landscape and the Rocky Mountains which, if you’re looking for Denver wedding videographers, is a good thing to aim for. To say their videos gave us chills is an understatement. Couples that want a touch of a fine art sensibility to their videos will love this duo’s creativity.

6. Elizabeth Mae Films

Elizabeth is an expert at capturing close-ups and focusing on special items surrounding couples on their biggest days. Her attention to detail is unparalleled, and we love the way she edits her films depending on the music at hand. Elizabeth Mae’s wedding films are equal parts photojournalistic and cinematic, taking every opportunity to snatch jaw-dropping light. A keen hiker, she also uses lightweight equipment, meaning whatever Colorado trail you want to feature in your video, it’s on.

7. Michael Ring of Films About Love

The name of Michael Ring’s creative agency says it all: Films About Love. They’re what he creates and what he’s great at. Having filmed over 150 weddings, he’s nowhere near tired of making some of the most inspiring wedding films we’ve seen. Using a mix of drone shots of the venue and landscape, with an intimate focus on each smile, photograph, and kiss, he’s able to capture what matters — the love and the beauty of Colorado and beyond, effortlessly reflecting the pure love of the couples he works with.

8. Christina Savan of 14er Films

Watch a 14er Films wedding video, and you’d see it’s possible to make magic happen even on a shoestring budget. Christina Savan is a reporter for AuroraTV, but she loves being behind the camera — and the drone — too much to not shoot weddings in her spare time. Her videos are affordable but incredibly and expertly shot, which isn’t a mix you’ll find often. They have so much heart emanating out of every frame, using ageless candid, home video-style shots of first looks and dances. We heart 14er Films to bits.

9. Kelsey Arneson Media

Kelly Arneson is proof you don’t need to stick to one niche. Alongside her wedding films, she’s shot everything from food to corporate videos. Everything she’s learned influences her wedding movies. We’re obsessed with how professional each film is, and how she uses slow motion pans around the room to capture not just expressions but the feel of the day. In addition, Kelly makes expert music choices that evoke the senses as much as her frames.

You might have your Denver wedding photographer picked out, but what about your cinematographer? Some things look better in motion, and we can’t wait to see your special day shot by one of these endlessly talented camera buffs. Denver wedding videographers are among the best in the country, and we love seeing their work whenever it hits our social media feeds — so check them out. We’re sure you’ll fall head over heels for their art.

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