8 Engagement Photo Shoot Ideas in New York City

Taking engagement photos in New York City may conjure mental images of fighting off crowds and rushing to get the right shot in between endless barrages of passersby. However, not all engagement photo shoots ideas in the Concrete Jungle have to involve so much stress. In fact, whether you’d prefer to capture your engagement bliss in an off-the-beaten-path outdoor location, or you’d like to rent a private space for a little bit more intimacy, there are endless engagement photoshoot ideas in New York City (that don’t involve the chaos of Times Square). Keep reading to learn more!

1. Capture old-school, glitzy glam in this Roaring 20s-inspired loft

vintage bohemian loft nyc
Source: Peerspace

Serving the glitziest retro vibes, this Versatile, Unique Bohemian Loft & Roof Deck, available to rent via Peerspace, provides you and your SO plenty of options for indoor and outdoor pics. What used to be a pre-war machine shop is now a photo studio and event space with a quintessential speakeasy vibe. From the grand piano to the velvet couches, this décor will help you make quite the memorable statement with your engagement photos. The best part? You can even snag some shots with the New York City skyline in the background while perched on the roof deck.

2. Tap into your earthy side in this artist’s designer loft

artist's designer loft nyc
Source: Peerspace

With sky-high ceilings, a sprawling floor plan, and enormous wall-to-wall windows, this Artist Designer Loft with Skyline Views, available as a rental on Peerspace, serves as the perfect artsy, earthy backdrop. With plenty of neutral tones, paired with pops of vibrant color, this space is ideal whether you want to chill out as a couple or feel just a little bit “rock’n’roll” in your engagement photos. With all its natural light and an abundance of plants, there’s no cozier place to capture that sparkly engagement glow. And with sweeping views of the city, this location is truly superb.

3. Take a stroll through iconic DUMBO

dumbo brooklyn nyc
Source: Pixabay

What does DUMBO stand for? “Down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass,” and boy does it offer epic views. You might recognize this Brooklyn location as the iconic backdrop for many a photo and film shoot, making it quite the special place for New Yorkers like yourselves to capture your soon-to-be-wedded bliss. Seek out a spot with a great vantage point in between the quintessential New York City buildings, or head to the park to feature the whole Manhattan skyline behind you.

4. Bare your souls in this minimalist downtown loft

minimalist downtown loft peerspace nyc
Source: Peerspace

If you’re the kind of couple that prefers peace and quiet away from the city streets, and you really dig a clean minimalist aesthetic, you’ll absolutely love the homey feel of this Multi-level Downtown Loft with Skyline View. The warm natural light is inviting, and the space’s blackout shades give you precise control over how your photos are lit. A bonus? A variety of photo studio equipment is included in the price, and several areas are staged to resemble a house. However, feel free to move things around to make sure the photos feel like “you.”

5. Seek out all the best secret spots in Central Park

bridge central park nyc
Source: Peerspace

When it comes to engagement photo ideas in New York City, one of the most classic locations is undoubtedly Central Park. But before you roll your eyes — this place contains so many secret spots that aren’t overrun with people, so you won’t have to worry about the aforementioned flocks of tourists. Duck into an underpass for some privacy. Seek out the Loch or Bank Rock Bay. Go find the Whispering Bench in the Shakespeare Garden (and don’t forget to sit and murmur sweet nothings to each other). If you don’t mind being surrounded by other people, you can always head to the carousel.

6. Feel like chic Brooklynites in an epic brownstone

brooklyn greenpointer peerspace
Source: Peerspace

You don’t have to be a Brooklynite to enjoy one of its famous Brownstones when it comes to your engagement photos. Rent the Greenpointer, located in — you guessed it — Greenpoint, and bask in its classic-meets-eclectic vibes. With immaculate design and bold decor, this is the kind of space you just need to experience for yourself. Just ask its dozen of guests, who say things like, “The Greenpointer is a beautifully designed home with versatile spaces to tell your story. If you can believe it, the home is even more spectacular and spacious in person.”

7. Embrace your inner city-dweller on the subway

subway nyc
Source: Pixabay

If you have spent any time in New York City, you probably have a.. special.. relationship with its transit system. However, the subway actually provides a surprisingly romantic (and quintessential, authentically urban) backdrop when it comes to engagement photo ideas. Just consider how many couples have made memories on the subway, whether it’s where they caught each other’s eyes for the first time, or where they shared their first kiss there. Snapping photos at your local station is one unique way to commemorate your story and incorporate the fabric of your daily lives into your shots. And when everything is moving, your background will transform into a lively blur, making the two of you really stand out.

8. Capture that “New York loft” feeling in this loft

haven loft nyc peerspace
Source: Peerspace

There’s nothing that screams “New York living” like exposed brick and dappled sunlight spilling onto the hardwoods. Rent this Haven Loft, located in Williamsburg, on Peerspace and enjoy its warm ambiance as the backdrop to your engagement photos (what’s more divine than that red couch and wooden furniture?) We just can’t promise that you won’t want to permanently move into this beautiful space when you’re done shooting.

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