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The 10 Best Event Planning Blogs Out There

Today’s event planners are so incredibly lucky to have the internet available to them as a resource — for everything from basic guidance and how-to guides, to wide-ranging inspiration (with photos, videos, and more) from other event planners’ event ideas. And the best place to find this info? The blogosphere! There are so many amazing event planning blogs out there, written by talented professionals with years of experience, but naturally, you’ll want to seek out the best ones for education and inspo. 

To help you in your search, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of our absolute favorite event planning blogs ⁠— the real up-to-date standouts that you’re sure to return to time and time again as an event planner. We’ll provide a concise overview so you can get a real sense of what each of these awesome blogs has to offer. Keep reading and find out how the blogosphere can help you develop your event planning skills and, if you’re a professional yourself, to take your career to the next level!

1. Endless Events blog

Endless Events is a prominent A/V and event planning company that’s worked with top clients across the country, including Uber, Microsoft, Comic-Con, and more. With this catalog of industry-leading experience, they offer countless valuable insights to share on their blog. One great recent post we would recommend: “Inclusion in the Event Industry: The Impact of the Americans With Disabilities Act.” It’s an episode of their podcast, #EventIcons, where their guest discusses the importance of offering safe foods and beverages that are inclusive of people with health-related dietary restrictions at events.  

2. Event Planners Association blog

The Event Planners Association is a trade association for the event industry with over 13,000 members worldwide. This means they have lots of resources to offer, one of which is their outstanding event planning blog. They provide advice on important and highly practical event planning questions, like “How do I write a letter to get a vendor discount?” and “How should I market my event planning business on social media?”, among many others.

3. Peerspace resources

Peerspace is the internet’s No. 1 site for booking venues just about anywhere in the country. That’s why it’s no surprise that Peerspace’s list of resources and blog posts with advice for event planning is incredibly informative and near-encyclopedic in its comprehensiveness. Many of its posts are city-specific, making them even more useful: whether you’re looking for bridal shower venue ideas in Chicago or intimate wedding venues in NYC, it’s easy to find info catered to your city and the kinds of events you’re planning, so there’s something practical and illuminating for everyone. 

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4. Eventbrite blog

If you’re an event planner, you’re probably already aware that Eventbrite is a worldwide event platform with listings for everything from music festivals to conventions to photography classes. There’s a reason more than 700,000 organizers used the platform in 2017 alone: they make it ultra-easy to make an attractive, professional event listing in just a few minutes, so just about anyone can use it. To help event organizers even further, they offer a blog with engaging, well-written posts. They’re one of our favorite event planning blogs because they pack tons of essential info into pieces that are easy to read in five minutes or less. 

5. EventMB

One of our top selections by far, EventMB stands for Event Manager Blog. Their posts are especially useful when it comes to learning more about the latest trends in the event planning world. This is crucial because you don’t just want your events to be good — you want them to incorporate all the latest tools, technological innovations, and more to really wow your client and their guests. A great example of the quality of their offerings is this piece on the top event technology tools and trends for 2020, which incorporated input from a total of 1445 event professionals for some seriously top-of-the-line advice.

6. The Meeting Pool

Geared toward meeting professionals in particular, this tech-centered blog focuses on the latest event technologies with what they call “a deep dive into event technology.” They offer high-quality articles that fall into the broad categories of apps, business, event industry, social media, and tech. Their event industry calendar is another fantastic resource that you should definitely bookmark and check regularly if you’re in this field.

7. Convene

From the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA), this magazine (now in blog format) is a major award winner for a reason! They’re aimed at providing informative content relating to professional and career development, and have been doing so for more than 30 years (since 1986, to be exact). Meeting planners named Convene their top industry publication for content in 2012, 2014, and 2016. This is a resource you can trust.

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8. Lara McCulloch’s blog

Consultant and industry leader Lara McCulloch offers insightful event planning tips based on her more than two decades firsthand experience. She’s been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Special Events, and more, as her perspective carries major weight in the event planning community.

9. BizBash

Almost 225,000 people visit BizBash every month to gain essential info on event style, locating venues, technology, tools, and more. This is a major industry voice — they also offer in-person events in the US and Canada, with thousands of event professionals in attendance. Honestly, they offer too many services and resources to list here, but BizBash should definitely be at the top of your list of go-to event planning blogs. 

10. Event Industry News

Event Industry News provides a wide-ranging look at the latest news in the event industry. Based in London, this is a global view of event planning. The updates are divided into subsections, including “Brand & Agency News,” “Concert and Touring News,” “Event Technology News,” “Festival News,” and lots more — whatever you’re looking for, you’re likely to find it here. We highly recommend the Guest Blogs section for more in-depth, opinion-based analysis of what the latest updates actually mean for the industry.

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