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8 Awesome Executive Retreat Ideas

Whether you have a dedicated person in charge of events or you’re taking it upon yourself to do the planning, everyone could use a little help making their corporate events a success. Let Peerspace take a load off your plate. Our platform makes finding event venues simple and affordable, allowing you to bring your executive retreat ideas to life. Just type in your event type, select your city, set filters based on the amenities you need, and choose from unique venues, including old-fashioned speakeasies, spacious art galleries, historic homes, and more. Any space can be your office for the day when you use Peerspace.

Your leadership team could benefit from stepping away, so plan an educational, productive getaway for your executive team. The opportunity to meet in a new setting in a small group environment can lead to better communication, creative new strategies, and renewed motivation and enthusiasm for the quarter ahead. Check out several effective executive retreat ideas.

1. Tour a new city

Take a day trip to a nearby town (or even to an unexplored corner of your own town) and find all of the hidden gems. It could be a self-guided tour if you want more flexibility, or you could work with a walking tour company. Design your tour around a theme like food, history, or art — or a mix of all three — and choose an ending destination like a hotel, resort, Peerspace venue, museum, or civic center where your executive team can get down to business.

As far as executive retreat ideas go, this one is affordable — especially since it doesn’t require too much travel — and a great way to get everyone out in the fresh air while still having all of the comforts of urban surroundings. Eco-friendly event tip: Consider carpooling or finding a walkable city to minimize your team’s carbon footprint.

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2. Glamp out

Executives are in high-stress positions. Give them the chance to unplug and unwind on a glamping trip for their next retreat. Book cozy cabins or scenic yurts so they can camp in comfort. Create an agenda that can be completed without an internet connection if necessary. Host workshops, team-building activities, brainstorming/strategizing sessions, and general meetings. Before setting out on the camping trip, plan ancillary activities like outdoor games, boating excursions, a BBQ, hikes, and a picnic. 

3. Focus on wellness

Executive employees need self-care and work-life balance skills more than employees on any other level because they often work overtime. A wellness retreat that includes time for a yoga class, a spa visit, or a round of golf is a productive use of time, allowing everyone to recharge and return to work refreshed.

Book a resort hotel with a spacious gym that offers a variety of classes and create your own retreat, or you can invest in a custom all-inclusive corporate wellness retreat package to simplify the planning process. There will be plenty of time to meet and get work done with this retreat, so your leadership team can be both productive and pampered.

4. Visit a ranch

A ranch is a classic retreat location, and it’s easy to see why. Ranches offer the opportunity for fresh air, plenty of meeting space, and room for outdoor activities. And they often include any and all of the amenities you could possibly need.

Many ranches offer excellent group rates and have plenty of team-building activities and even spas on site, so your leadership members can work, play constructively, and unwind — all in one place. Ranches are nestled around most major cities, so you can keep travel costs and carbon emissions down. If you want to create a ranch-like retreat experience at a Peerspace venue, just ask the host about the amenities they offer.

5. Host workshops

The everyday routine at the office doesn’t always allow for many educational opportunities. Take advantage of this focused time away at the retreat to strategize for the future. Between the meetings, relaxation periods, and ancillary activities, schedule a few workshops led by consultants or other experts in your field on the areas in which your executive team needs improvement.

The focus of the workshops could be leadership, communication, goal setting, conflict management, emotional intelligence skills, or diversity training. Check out this blog post for more information on how to plan a successful workshop.

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6. Create your own retreat

If you enjoy event coordination, consider designing your own retreat program. Pick a venue on Peerspace, select add-ons like catering and amenities you may need, including projectors, games, a kitchen, a pool, or an outdoor grill, then plan your ideal executive retreat agenda. The Peerspace Concierge service can refer you to any outside vendors, such as a catering service or professional photographer, you may need to work with to make your retreat a success.

Ask for input from your executives to create a retreat everyone will appreciate. This way, you can be sure you are using your time and resources wisely. The key to designing a successful retreat is allocating the perfect mix of productive working time and fun or relaxing activity hours. This executive retreat option may be the most affordable on this list, and it offers the most freedom. 

7. Venture into the great outdoors 

When your executives need a break from sitting at their desk jobs, a day of outdoor fun is the perfect retreat idea. You can choose from activities like boating, hiking, obstacle courses, paddleboarding, biking, ziplining, or even charity races or triathlons. This retreat option also doubles as a team-building event, so you can be assured that you are using everyone’s time and resources wisely. Effective executive retreat ideas are nearly endless when you’re out and about enjoying Mother Nature.

8. Take a cruise

Cruises are great retreat options because they are all-inclusive — the food, drinks, lodgings, meeting spaces, gyms, entertainment, and activities are all conveniently located on the boat. Even a simple, short, and sweet river cruise can be the ideal mini getaway for your executive staff members. It’s a luxurious but affordable option that offers something exciting for everyone. Your executives can break off into groups — or do their own thing — then convene to get work done. This way, everyone will have a healthy balance of work and relaxation time.

Next time your executives need a getaway, skip the regular old offsite meeting and plan an exciting retreat. These executive retreat ideas offer productive, fun ways for your C-suite level employees to bond, get work done, and gain better leadership skills. 

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