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The 9 Best Family Photographers in Albuquerque

Whether you’re looking for outdoor or studio images, Albuquerque’s photographer pool is humble but talented. Residents of the Duke City have a difficult decision ahead of them if they’re in need of a photography session for their family. With that said, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to curate this list of top-notch Albuquerque family photographers for your consideration.

1. Britianie Tyler Photography

In the words of Britianie Tyler herself, “I believe in preserving what your life feels like, not just what it looks like.” As a versatile documentary-style photographer, Britianie precisely achieves this in her work. Rather than going for classic poses, she prefers minimal guidance paired with candid moments of intimacy, connection, and emotion that tells a very different story to viewers. Working both on location and in the studio, her photography is vibrant with an occasional matte cast, heavy shadows, and vignetting that gives her photography a moody, timeless twist. Paired with her love of dramatic lighting and high-contrast settings, we think she’s among the best Albuquerque family photographers if you’re looking for a more artistic take on family images.

2. Britt McVittie of Falling Star Photography

Newborn, maternity, and boudoir photographer Britt McVittie produces work that is striking in several ways. Studio newborn photography is usually delightful. But the sheer variety of compositional options she offers, from classic swaddled babes to more whimsical, artistic expressions, really have us smiling with delight. Britt’s maternity photography also ranges from classic portraiture in maternity gowns to documentary photoshoots with both partners present that offers a very different take on the genre. Her fluency in both color and monochrome offers a world of choices to her clients.

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3. Creations Photography

Of all of the family photographers we’ve seen, we strongly recommend Creations Photography if you’re in the market for the most elegant maternity images possible. We especially love the attention paid to how maternity gowns flow across both air and land alike. Her photography tends to use natural lighting and color casts, vibrant yet not overdone. And the newborn photography of Creations Photography tends towards soft and childlike in color: pastel shades, soft focus, and glowing highlights lend extra pop to the already bright expressions of her newborn subjects.

4. Kady McKeehan of Always Images

Kady McKeehan’s photography has an authentic sense of playfulness that we rarely see. Not the forced “send your subjects running off into the meadow!” approach, but a true sense of joy and connection that shows us just how talented she is at bringing out the best in her clients. Closely cropped, intimate photos at normal focal lengths fill our vision with smiles, embraces, and candid moments that show us exactly who her families are. Coupled with Kady’s warm, earth-toned color preferences and deep shadow, her work has a strong photojournalistic character that simply radiates.

5. Alison Hatch Photography

Alison Hatch is a talented natural light photographer with a penchant for emotions, relationships, and how these bonds play out in front of her lens. We love the particular character of Alison’s photography: it’s soft. Soft in color, with a toned-down palette, white natural light, and deliciously blurred backgrounds when taking close-up portraits. Her gentle style lends emphasis to expressions, form, and composition in a refreshing way. Alison’s style works especially well with children and newborn images, with photos that seem to brim with extra life along with her youthful subjects!

6. Breanna Bloomquist of Blooming Images

Breanna Bloomquist is one of the top Albuquerque family photographers if you’re looking to document the very first moments of a new life. As a dedicated maternity and newborn photographer, she’s aiming to capture a fleeting slice of time, and her specialization gives her expertise few can match. Her ability to find environments, lighting, gowns, and poses that emphasize the curves and promise of new life in an expectant mother is artistic to the point of fine art. Breanna is also bold enough to shoot newborn photography in monochrome, moving away from typical lighting and color choices to show us something highly nontraditional — and successful!

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7. Stacee of Kookabug Photography

Stacee’s studio photography takes on a classic angle, with tasteful vignettes, uncluttered backgrounds, and unique poses that mix guided and spontaneous moments in front of the camera. Her outdoor and on-location family photography is especially noteworthy in terms of how much attention she pays to her background choices. Each image is a story unto itself, with the countryside almost as lovely as her happy patrons! It’s no surprise she’s considered among the most masterful Albuquerque family photographers.

8. Kristina Graff Photography

Kristina Graff describes her photography best in her own words, “I want your session to be a stress-free hour of playing with your kids or being a dork with your loved one, with occasional prompts and direction from this crazy lady!” One of the top-tier Albuquerque family photographers, Kristina creates awe-inspiring images that are the playful essence of tumbling under a summer sun in a meadow full of flowers and laughter. Her work is playful and intimate, showing us the unguarded side of her clients in a photojournalistic manner. 

9. Jenny of Extended Play Photography

An adept documentary family photographer, Jenny of Extended Play Photography helps families to appreciate the miracles and moments of intimacy that pepper life on a daily basis. From breakfast to play time, you’ll get to see your children and partner from the perspective of a photographer who wants you to see what she sees. Jenny has an incredibly nuanced eye for dramatic lighting as well. Natural light shining through blinds, dappled shade in a forest, and high-contrast shadows and highlights all show up in her photography for added emotional impact.

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