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The 10 Best Family Photographers in Fresno, CA

California never disappoints us with its endlessly talented artists — the real challenge is always narrowing the list down! Here we have our favorite Fresno family photographers, so the next time you need someone to document your family in the here and now, all you have to do is pick one! Just one little note — some are located in the town of Clovis, a short 15 minutes away, but all are worth the drive, we promise. 

1. Angelia Lanfranco Jansen of One Good Shot Photography

Serving both Fresno and Clovis areas with her elaborate sets, Angelia Lanfranco Jansen makes purely adorable photographs. She highlights the playful nature of childhood, adds personality with creative props, and ups the “awww” factor with her posing. Her newborn portraits are what first caught our eye, but the entirety of her portfolio is worth a look. Working both in studio and outdoors allows creative versatility and shows off her diverse talents — whatever the location, her style is polished and pristine. 

2. Nikki Lenae Photography

Nikki Lenae creates masterful, fine-art family portraits. Her breathtaking work is high definition and heirloom quality, replete with perfect lighting and shadows. Some of her studio portraits have a rustic, old-world feel to them, like what Rembrandt would do if he had a camera. Nikki’s photography is traditional without feeling stuffy — she is truly an artist at the top of her game. We can confidently call her one of the most noteworthy Fresno family photographers, along with being one of the best the state has to offer! 

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3. Helene Dellavalle of Grace by Two Photography

“Capturing moments from marriage to motherhood,” as Helene Dellavalle says herself. She has a free-spirited vibe to her work, which is great for documenting those moments full of boundless joy between spouses and all of the playfulness of childhood. Light and bright, her photos feel somewhere between vintage and ultra-modern — we think it could be the coloring blended with her meticulous eye for special moments. Helene is an artist to watch!

4. Aleson Turner Photography

Serving all of central California, Aleson Turner offers something special for this area — birth photography. If you are looking for someone to tell the story of your family’s growth in a very real way, Aleson is the Fresno family photographer for you. If you have more traditional family portraits in mind, she (and her husband — they’re a great team) have a whole host of creative ideas for you. There is something organic and genuine in their work, as well a just a hint of polish in the editing. Aleson’s work is truly special, check it out for yourself. 

5. Meg Gamez Photography

With her desire to make ordinary moments look extraordinary, profoundly talented shutterbug Meg Gamez creates photographs you can feel. When you look at one of her family portraits, you don’t see people that are being photographed, you see the glow on a mother’s face when she glances at her children, a crinkle in the eyes of lovers that tells the world their love is true — reality in all of its beautiful simplicity.

6. Cori of Derksen Photography

As a mom, Cori Derksen knows how to wrangle little ones, which is half of the battle when looking for a family photographer. The other half is producing quality images, and she’s an expert at producing heirlooms. Her photographs are exactly what you want for a family album — professional, not overtly styled, and intimate. Her focus on the eyes of babes caught our eye — is there anything more adorable than those huge eyes and the love between them and their parents? We can think of very few! 

7. Marta Laureano Photography

Marta Laureano is a gifted family photographer, as well as a wedding photographer, and she moves between her two chosen specialties with ease. At the core, the genres are similar — telling a story of a day, of a family, and focusing that story on love — and she tells stories masterfully. Her documentary style sets her apart from the pack and adds a sense of genuine emotion to her work. Marta is a true visionary; allow her to tell your story, and you will be endlessly happy with the tale! 

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8. Madison Thomson Photography

Madison Thomson has your family covered throughout your lives with her versatile photographic style. She is our favorite all around photographer, creating beautiful images of moms-to-be in her maternity portfolio, taking a lifestyle approach in her Fresh 48 work, documenting milestones in her cake smash book, and simply capturing sweet moments of families playing outdoors. Her work is loving and lovely, and you can count on her no matter the stage you are in. 

9. Lara Perez of LilyBeth’s Photography LLC

An endlessly creative artist, Lara Perez has an emotional touch to her work — allowing the viewer to grasp a sense of the subject and thereby get to know them. She adds a creative element to her family portraits — sometimes a foreground element, sometimes shadows to draw the eye, other times silhouettes — and each one makes your portrait unforgettable. We love Lara’s work for both its whimsy and sentimentality.

10. Nicole and Doug of Warner Pics

Nicole and Doug Warner are the dynamic duo behind this Fresno family photography studio, and we mean dynamic — their style cannot help but engage the viewer. They are an excellent choice for big group shots, so bring along your extended family! In addition, they are incredibly detail-oriented. Look forward to having a snapshot of the way your spouse looks at you over your newborn’s head — such a sweet moment will be frozen in time forever. 

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