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The 11 Best Family Photographers in Nashville

As photography has become more pervasive in our lives, thanks to the camera phone, truly amazing photography is increasingly rarer. When it comes to documenting the most important aspects of our lives — such as our families — great photography is crucial. Finding the right family photographer is one of the best ways to remember your kids as they grow, and since these images will be enjoyed by you and generations to come, it’s important to hire someone who will get it right. The 11 best Nashville family photographers are all talented and creative — but most importantly, they understand that their work is part of your legacy.

1. Douglas Beets of Ace Photography

In business since 2004, Douglas Beets has a well-developed set of skills that result in amazing photography. His family portraits are the peak of classical posing, balancing beautiful light, perfect settings, and poses that are structured but also natural. His award-winning images make the perfect wall art for you to show off to your family and friends. His consistency and experience makes him one of the best Nashville family photographers around.

2. Caitlin Claire

Caitlin’s photography is all about capturing simple moments — distilling the happiness felt with loved ones into natural portraits that will allow you to revisit those memories whenever you want. Drawing inspiration from her own family, as well as from her childhood memories of time spent with relatives, Caitlin has developed an earnest style centered on emotional expression. Her compositions capture authentic moments without cluttering the frame, and she’s got a an eye for amazing natural light.

3. Cortney Smith

Cortney’s work stands out for its high-contrast lighting, as well as her masterful use of setting to enhance an image. Her portraits show a strong command of natural posing techniques, with her subjects looking completely relaxed in front of the camera. Cortney also has an excellent eye for spontaneity, capturing expressive moments between her families and creating a well-rounded package of images that are sure to impress for years to come.

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4. Crystal Freemon

Crystal got her start in photography when her youngest child was a baby, and she wanted to document the important moments in her life. Because of this, she knows how meaningful good family photography can be. Her style focuses on the in-between moments and natural interactions. For Crystal, the emotional content of the images is what’s most important. Staging fun photo sessions, Crystal is able to get her subjects relaxed quickly on camera, resulting in amazing photography.

5. Elizabeth Clements

Elizabeth combines classically posed portraits with images of spontaneous interaction to create a well-rounded collection for each of her clients. With two kids of her own, and as a former elementary school teacher, Elizabeth knows how to interact with kids and their families, getting everyone comfortable on camera. Her use of natural light keeps her exposures and colors balanced, and her toning creates a timeless quality in all of her work.

6. Greg and Jess Smit

Greg and Jess are a husband-and-wife team that bring tons of passion to each of their photoshoots. Their family images are filled with warm natural light and high contrast that gives the photos dynamism and energy. They combine outdoor portraiture with more lifestyle-themed work to capture your family looking their best, as well as some fun memories made along the way. Their talent and experience is evident in the quality of their portfolio, so you know you won’t be disappointed working with two of the best Nashville family photographers.

7. April Hollingsworth of Harmony Designs Photography

April of Harmony Designs Photography has the training and experience to produce incredible images. Whether she’s in the studio or on location, April is able to capture authentic moments that you’ll love. Her attention to her craft is evident throughout her portfolio, and her impeccable images will leave you smiling — you’ll be proud to hang them in your home or share them online.

8. Jen Wood

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Jen is an energetic photographer with a passion for working with families. Thirty years behind the camera has made her an expert at her craft. Her style is defined by her use of soft contrast, even lighting, and slightly muted color palettes, all of which give her images a contemporary feel. Her strong documentary style gives each of her photos plenty of emotional impact, as she focuses on documenting families in action rather than on posed portraits. Her keen eye of expression makes her one of the best Nashville family photographers around, especially if you’re looking for a more journalistic approach to documenting your family.

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9. Liza Hippler

Liza is, first and foremost, a storyteller. Her approach to family photography is deeply rooted in narrative. While she may do some light, natural posing, the bulk of her work focuses on the spontaneous. With fun, and often funny, photoshoots, Liza gets everyone to let their guard down — often to the point where her subjects forget she’s there. This allows her to make some amazing photos of candid moments.

10. Megan Stark

Megan has been working professionally for at least a decade. Heavily influenced by photojournalism, Megan has a strong documentary style in her images. Her story-driven approach is about more than just presenting your family — it’s about recording memories. Her portfolio is filled with images that capture families in motion, or the tender, expressive moments in between poses. Her years of experience have given her a well-developed sense of when expression happens and how to capture it on camera.

11. Meredith Teasley

Meredith centers her practice on great customer service. She takes the time to really get to know her clients and understand their personal stories. Her work with families takes place in great outdoor settings with amazing natural light, and her bright portraits are expressive and fun, with soft color toning and even skin tones that make everyone look great. She combines classic group poses with up-close portraiture and plenty of spontaneous moments to create a balanced set of images. Meredith is easily one of the best Nashville family photographers.

For Tennesseans, the Nashville family photographer playing field is a goldmine. There are talented individuals working in a variety of styles and offering an array of packages — so no matter what you’re looking for, there’s someone in the area who can knock it out of the park.

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