The 9 Best Family Photoshoot Ideas Near Dallas

Dallas is one of the largest cities in the United States and, as such, it’s filled with prospective clients — i.e., lots of families. Plenty of creative spaces in the city make it easy to set up your next family photoshoot. Whether you’re aiming for a photo session in an urban warehouse or spacious house, Dallas is the place to go for unique spots that wont look like all the other family portraits out there. Keep an eye out for these exceptional spaces — here’s a list of the best family photoshoot ideas near Dallas.

1. Shoot in a modern, spacious house

modern spacious house dallas rental
Source: Peerspace

This open-concept home in Dallas makes for an ideal space for family portraits with a modern twist. Hardwood and gray-painted walls offer a clean background, and the contemporary furniture will look great in a portrait without being distracting. Windows throughout the venue give you plenty of light. While most of your work will probably be done in the main living space, bedrooms with smart TVs are a great place for family members to hang out while you work on individual portraits.

2. Find this tucked-away Teddy Bear Park

teddy bear park dallas
Source: Pixabay

Within larger Highland Park, there’s a quiet little pond area called Lakeside Park. You can cross to this area via a wooden bridge and, on the other side, there’s a set of large teddy bear sculptures. It’s possibly the cutest photo op in town, making it ideal for families with small children. 

3. Shoot in this large warehouse with exposed brick

exposed brick warehouse dallas rental
Source: Peerspace

Open space, white walls, and exposed brick make this warehouse space stand out for grittier portrait work, and the outdoor deck offers even more versatility. This large venue is perfect for bigger families who want something less traditional in their portraits. However, there isn’t much natural light in this space, and no lighting equipment is provided, so you’ll definitely need to bring your own gear. 

4. Book this spacious, industrial studio

downtown industrial studio dallas rental
Source: Peerspace

Minutes from downtown Dallas, this bright studio is a great choice for formal portraits. Large, evenly coated white walls near big windows let you take advantage of natural light, and plenty of exposed brick gives you an alternative backdrop. There’s a furnished entertainment space as well, complete with a big-screen TV.

5. Take photos in Pioneer Park Cemetery and Pioneer Plaza

pioneer plaza waterfall dallas
Source: Flickr / Liz DeCoster

A cemetery may not seem like an obvious choice for a family photoshoot, but the immaculate grounds here make for a beautiful backdrop. Nearby to the east is Pioneer Plaza, which is an expansive public park. These two locations make up the largest public open space in central Dallas, and they’re excellent options for outdoor photo sessions.

6. Opt for this quirky, tiny cabin

tiny house cabin dallas rental
Source: Peerspace

A tiny house affords the opportunity to do something truly original. The interior feels like a rustic cabin, and while the space obviously limits what you can shoot, the images can still be a lot of fun. The exterior of the cabin offers more variety. The tiny house has a small front porch, and the whole venue is surrounded by greenery.

7. Get creative in this sun-drenched space

sun-drenched studio dallas rental
Source: Peerspace

This airy studio is perfect for formal family portraits or more creative work. A variety of backdrops — ranging from traditional white to various colors — textures, and a greenery wall offer plenty of options. All of the backdrops can be rolled around the studio, so you can easily find an optimal shooting position. Large windows give access to natural light, and the studio also has lighting equipment available for rent.

8. Book this expansive professional studio

photo studio dallas rental
Source: Peerspace

This is another studio featuring the traditional white backdrop. But, unlike other options, this studio is extra-large — it has 2,000 square feet of all-white background. This gives you plenty of space for shooting portraits of larger or extended families. There’s also gray and fake grass backdrops available. Be sure to bring your own lighting equipment or rent necessary gear before booking this venue. 

9. Take photos in this enchanting secret garden

historic secret garden venue dallas rental
Source: Peerspace

This charming venue is great for a unique outdoor photo session with families. Stone walls and rustic wooden fences make scenic backdrops, and a fish pond with its stone waterfall add whimsy to the setting. There’s an indoor area as well, but the gardens and trees are where this space shines brightest. There are outdoor electrical outlets if you want to bring in your own strobes, and an outdoor sound system gives you an opportunity to bring rhythm to your photoshoot. 

In a city as large as Dallas, it’s easy to find great spaces for family portraits. You’ve got plenty of studio options for more formal work, but also a lot of public spaces that let you flex your creative muscles. And with Peerspace, it’s even easier to find photoshoot locations. Check out the above listings and more to find your next setting for a family photo session. 

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