The 9 Best Fashion Photographers in Grand Rapids, MI

Curious to see who’s made our list of the best Grand Rapids fashion photographers? Grand Rapids might not be your first choice when scouting for a fashion photographer but West Michigan’s largest city is full of creative talent! The photographers here enjoy nothing more than helping you celebrate yourself through bold apparel choices and complimentary lighting.

Each one of the top 9 Grand Rapids fashion photographers has something to offer discerning subjects like you.

1. Mod Bettie Portraits

Looking for empowering and expressive fashion portraits? Then Mod Bettie Portraits is the place to go! Her work includes apparel choices ranging from classic to daring in character, with the goal of allowing you to find a brand-new expression of yourself.

Sometimes that means a boudoir approach, where there may be more skin than clothing shown. Other times, Mod Bettie partners with local brands looking to introduce viewers to the people who make their services possible. But in all cases, the team seeks to increase your self-confidence and self-love by the time they are done!

2. Alexandria Blake Photography

Alexandria Blake is a published fashion photographer who describes her approach as luxe-boho. She takes her subjects outdoors, where the light layers of clothing give form to the wind and glow in the golden hour light. Locations range from classic, like beaches, to ponds and other unexpected locations.

Fashion and weddings are what you’ll find in Alexandria’s portfolio though she actually went to school for photojournalism. This focus on visual storytelling is readily apparent when viewing her work. In all of her shots, there is a deeper story being told, one that asks you to pause and look deeply at her compositions and subjects.

3. Michelle Cuppy

Michelle Cuppy is a Grand Rapids fashion photographer who splits her time between West Michigan and Los Angeles, California. She counts several major brands as partners of hers, including Senior Style Guide, Grand Rapids Magazine, and SheFit. Michelle’s approach is one of the more diverse ones we’ve come across. She is fluent in a wide range of color grading styles, themes, and subject choices.

Sometimes her work takes her outdoors, where urban settings, beaches, and forests all add to the stories Michelle tells. Other times she works in a studio, so light can be tailored to bring out fine details in her models’ eyes and skin!

4. Kimberly of Basulto Fotos & Film

The fashion-inspired portraits of Kimberly Basulto are just what you’re looking for! Apparel, subject postures, and expressions all take you right back to the world of urban fashion, where downtown settings and modern clothing choices create a distinct atmosphere.

Kimberly’s photography has a rich, saturated quality to it as well, whether that’s fashion, weddings, events, or any other genre, contrast, and color positively pop. She is also an up-and-coming videographer. So if you need footage to accompany your next collaboration, Kimberly is the creative to turn to.

5. Will Oltman of Willo Designs

Creative portraits, commercial images, and event photography are the favored genres of Will Oltman. He brings 15 years of experience to each partnership he begins, making him just the right Grand Rapids fashion photographer if you’re looking for a unique image of yourself.

Will often uses matte profiles and toned-down colors with a warm to neutral white balance. This gives his work a classic flavor that reminds us of film photography. He is as talented in the studio as he is outdoors, using radiance in all its flavors to paint his subjects in the best possible light!

6. Alfield Reeves Photography

Originally from Liberia, Alfield Reeves is a portrait, editorial, and Grand Rapids fashion photographer. His style is more of an understated one, where subject expressions and composition take center stage. Rather than bold color and exaggerated postures, his subjects radiate quiet dignity and grace.

We also love the attention Alfield pays to light and how it plays across the skin tones of his subjects. Contrast, leading lines, intentional shadows…His work is a delight in a world where photography is expected to be loud and less subtle!

7. Jamie Lynn Cheeks Photography

Jamie Lynn Cheeks offers a high fashion experience to anyone who vibes with her style! Studio lighting, solid backgrounds, and intimate compositions are just a few ways we’d characterize her approach. We also enjoy how expressive Jamie is — glamorous makeup, daring clothes, and vibrant colors give her portfolio a daring, uplifting quality.

We’ve tapped Jamie as a top Grand Rapids fashion photographer. However, she is also a leading maternity photographer in West Michigan. She helps women celebrate pregnancy and motherhood and reminds them that beauty and self-love need not ever be conditional.

8. Haley Chicoine Photography

Fashion, commercial, portrait, and wedding photography are what Haley Chicoine does best! Her personal method is to avoid staged poses in favor of true-to-life expressions of her subjects. It’s a goal that really elevates her into the top echelons of Grand Rapids fashion photographers.

She is also a wedding photographer with over 5 years and 100+ weddings worth of experience. Whether your story is one of glamor, romance, or self-expression, Haley focuses on the apparel as much as the person, tying each disparate elements together into a single, cohesive photo. We also love Haley’s preference for subdued color grading. It allows us to better experience the joy her subjects express in front of her camera lens.

9. Kelly Sweet Photography

Kelly Sweet discovered the joys of photography during her college years in San Francisco. She changed her intended direction to get a bachelor’s in photojournalism from San Francisco State University. Moving back to Grand Rapids, Kelly opened her photography brand to help couples and individuals see themselves through her fine art gaze.

Kelly intermixes film and digital, depending on the subject and theme of the day. Film, with its gentle highlights and unbeatable color, nicely compliments digital, with its clean, sharp look. And whether she’s shooting editorials, weddings, or portraits, fashion takes center stage. Kelly guides our attention to the intricacy of gowns, the elegance of bouquets, and other apparel elements. All are graded using a soft pastel color palette!

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