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10 Best Fashion Photoshoot Ideas in Miami

Add some flavor to your photography feed with a trip to the place that captured the hearts and minds of the Golden Girls and Tony Montana — Miami! This tropical paradise is brimming with possibilities, history, and enough pop culture references to make the most baller playlist ever. This steamy city is a bustling metropolis and cultural and economic heart of southern Florida. Miami Fashion Week is also considered one of the top five fashion events in the world and is known for its focus on cutting edge resort fashion. From polished lofts and estates to historic villas and ocean views — here are the hottest fashion photoshoot ideas in Miami, Florida. Bienvenidos a Miami!

1. Tame the tropics in a waterfront home

waterfront home miami rental
Source: Peerspace

It doesn’t get more Miami than this three- bedroom, two-bath waterfront home where your subject can lounge poolside in a fabulous beach chair or on a festive floor mat. Vintage-inspired designs look great against the luxurious water views, while vivid sunsets make modern swimwear more dramatic. Expand to shooting underwater for glittering ambient light and unlimited posing potential. Be sure to reward your subject with a fresh mojito or three.

2. Go sky-high in a minimalistic downtown loft

miami loft rental
Source: Peerspace

Take your photos to new heights in this sun-soaked corner loft. The towering, atrium-esque space is filled with cozy-cool sensibilities and comes loaded with killer amenities. Subdued views of the city and ocean almost resemble a simulation of “The Jetsons.” Have your model peer out onto the horizon on refined, versatile furniture. Or bring in unusual objects to pose around. The natural light and elevation will give anything you shoot a tranquil, sci-fi quality.

3. Make a grand entrance at the Vizcaya Museum

vizcaya museum miami
Source: Pixabay

This historical villa is home to lavish, Italian Renaissance-style gardens and gorgeous Mediterranean Revival architecture. Grand archways with Tuscan Italian iron can work to enhance ornate, sumptuous fashion and provide natural framing options. Be sure to place any modern signage outside of your frame, remove it in post-production, or cover it up with a fitting potted plant or prop.

4. Kick back in a modern waterside estate

miami waterfront estate rental
Source: Peerspace

This spacious waterside estate is an impeccably-furnished, luxury hideaway well worth the short drive from Miami. You’ll find a virtually endless supply of fun and elegant spots to work with — from the indoor balcony and winding outdoor staircase to the panoramic views of crystal clear water that make poolside shots that much better. Have your subject enjoy a soak in the waterside jacuzzi or hop on unity of the free bikes and kayaks provided. You’ll find plenty of room for playful action shots in and out of the water. The grand piano is a classic staging area and is beautifully-illuminated by cascading natural light. Ornate furniture is paired with modern pieces, creating a playful balance that is sure to inspire.

5. Give the West Coast a run for its money in a Hollywood Beach Front Club

miami beach club rental
Source: Peerspace

Fashion photoshoot ideas in Miami, Florida don’t always involve sparkling beaches. Sometimes they take place in opulent nightclubs within walking distance of sparkling beaches. This glitzy-yet-affordable club, available to rent on Peerspace, is appropriately located near Hollywood Beach and offers a robust assortment of ostentatious seating. Curl up in a cherry red chaise lounge or use the floor-length curtains as a canvas for the many available lighting options. The 2,400-square-foot open floor plan means you’ll have room for lightboxes, area rugs, and your extensive Hollywood entourage (naturally).

6. Take a dip in the Vizcaya Pool

vizcaya pool miami
Source: Pixabay

Located in the coconut grove of Miami, this rustic pool is your best bet for creating sun-soaked, Mediterranean-style photos without ever leaving the country. Try incorporating light, flowing layers that will float delicately in the water. The terracotta walls make a great backdrop. Be sure to pack a reflector for any tricky shadows — although you may find yourself falling in love with the playful contrast.

7. Shoot to infinity and beyond in a modern South Beach condo

miami south beach condo rental
Source: Peerspace

This Art Deco condo is an easy-going, futuristic getaway for you and all your photographically-inclined crew (hashtag spacious). Neon dresses and eye-popping accessories pair well with the space’s feminine graffiti art and sleek lines. Bright window coverings give the living room beautifully filtered, Apple-store-quality light. Plush metallic fabrics are combined with geometric accessories to create a piece of space-age inspiration in this vibrant city.

8. Hang out in a dual-level photography studio

miami photo studio rental
Source: Peerspace

Skip the ladder and transform ordinary studio photos into unique editorials in this swanky double-decker workspace with white cyclorama backdrop. The chic break area is perfect for casual shots of your subject relaxing. It also makes it easy to shoot at a downward angle. And the classic Hollywood vanity is an excellent spot for documenting the glamming-up process.

9. Set Sail Along the Miami River

miami river
Source: Pixabay

If you’re ready for a taste of the Everglades without all the critters, how about a photoshoot along the Miami River? Urban meets tropical as the 5.5-mile-long river cuts through the heart of the city alongside a vibrant riverwalk — ideal for shooting sportswear and street style. Try using a pop of red to compliment the blue and green hues of the city and water. And if you’re wondering whether you should rent a boat, you should rent a boat.

10. Breathe easy in this multi-purpose warehouse

miami warehouse rental
Source: Peerspace

Unwind in this bohemian-chic warehouse in Little Haiti, Miami. Sky-blue ceilings accentuate a charming peacock mural, while natural and accent lighting illuminate large mirrored walls. Textured wedge pillows and floor mats are available as comfy additions to your model’s relaxed environment. Hardwood floors combine with industrial ceilings to act as key components to the space’s meditative energy. At least we think it’s meditative energy. It could just be the distant sounds of ocean waves. It’s Miami. Your guess is as good as ours.

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