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The 5 Best Fine Art Photographers in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach has a lot to offer not only residents but creatives as well. With the pulsing Atlantic, white sandy beaches, and temperate weather, it’s a fantastic location for outdoor portraits, landscapes, and simple contemplation or family moments. Many creatives who have refined fine art visions have decided to call the area home, having found profound inspiration in the region. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the top fine art photographers in Virginia Beach for your next visual arts collaboration!

1. Tianna Yentzer of Yours Truly Portraiture

An athlete and life coach, Tianna Yentzer gravitates towards boudoir and its core messages of body positivity and showcasing our best selves. Her love for the fine artform comes from her personal experience in learning to love her body through acceptance, dedication, and the realization that you’re always enough, regardless of where you are in your life’s journey. On occasion, though, it takes a little reminder to perk us up, and Tianna’s photography does just that.

As she explains: “Each and every one of us struggles with insecurities. But this is about more than just beautiful photos. It’s a luxe experience designed to pamper and empower you.” Tianna’s style stands apart from other boudoir photographers, with a cheery character more reminiscent of wedding and portrait photography than the moody style typical of the genre. If you want the sensual appreciation of the art without the sometimes noir atmosphere, Yours Truly Portraiture should be your first-choice photography studio.

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2. Mike O’Shell Photography

A self-taught fine art landscape photographer, Mike O’Shell has had to develop his aesthetic in ways more intuitive and worthy of the label “fine art” over traditionally schooled artists. His work truly showcases his love for the seaside of SE Virginia, where he’s lived almost his entire life. Mike expertly displays the history, coastal scenery, skies as changeable as emotions, and alternates between freezing time and slowing it down through shutter exposures.

According to Mike: “I focus on landscape photography because I love capturing the natural and often surreal scenes that remind people how beautiful these places can be.” He is also masterful in how he uses color; few photographers can expertly use vivid colors alongside downplayed tonalities and pure black and white. Despite his variety of locations and color palettes, his work has a continuity that’s part of his artistic character, making him one of the most thoughtful fine art photographers in Virginia Beach.

3. Jason & Brandy of Griffin Photography

Jason and Brandy are the husband-and-wife photographer duo behind Griffin Photography. Having covered the region since 2008, they seek to make their fine art images a part of the lives of their clients through the celebration of new life milestones, such as motherhood and the birth of a newborn. Their newborn images really capture the essence of their fine art approach. By using adorable outfits, props, and backgrounds while collaborating with their clients, Griffin Photography creates charming visions of childhood for newborns and parents alike! Their studio approaches are varied, and we particularly enjoyed their minimalistic, monochrome approach to a few of their photoshoots.

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4. Juan Navedo

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Juan Navedo has experience in producing documentaries, films, commercial, and industrial videography as well as photography. All of these influences come together in a fine art portrait approach that stands out both in composition and editing style. He considers each aspect of his environment, from backgrounds to subjects, and uses a mixture of classic posed and environmental portraiture to tell each client’s story.

Coupled with his filmic, matte character and vignetting, he creates moody images that stand apart from traditional portraiture. Having been a VFX artist, editor, and photographer for nearly two decades, it’s no surprise he’s one of the top-tier fine art photographers in Virginia Beach. He also covers boudoir, fantasy portraits, fitness, and other styles through his fine art approach.

5. Robyn Middleton Photography

Photographer Robyn Middleton uses several approaches in her personal style that are truly attention-grabbing. The way she uses soft focus on her subjects gives her portraits a dreamy, sometimes ethereal character that goes against the grain of sharp, sometimes cardboard cutout subjects using razor-thin depth of field. It gives her images the character of a genuine memory instead of a photojournalistic representation. She also employs a brightly lit style of white highlights that add to the memory flavor and a slightly desaturated color palette that lends emphasis form and composition over bold hues.

She uses medium format film, well known for the quality of its tonal range, character, and image resolution. Ever since she first started using the film medium in the mid-1980s, Robyn became immediately enthralled with how it renders light and carries an authenticity that speaks to the soul of her subjects. Her work has appeared in many media outlets, including Wedding Sparrow, Aisle Perfect, and the Ebury Collection, just to name a few.

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