12 Fun Friendsgiving Game Ideas

Friendsgiving allows us to celebrate food, fun, and laughter with our best friends. At any good Friendsgiving celebration, delicious food and good times are a must. And games are the perfect way to get your good times rolling! To help you make your Friendsgiving celebration even more fun, here are 12 Friendsgiving game ideas perfect for the whole gang. 

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1. Friendsgiving Family Feud 

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Friends are the family we choose. So why not play an at-home game of Family Feud with your crew? You can find an official at-home edition made for your Friendsgiving game ideas here. You could split your teams into guys vs girls, draw straws, or let everyone pick a team for themselves. Will your “family” be able to guess what the survey said? Only one way to find out! 

2. Pumpkin carving contest

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Who says pumpkins are only for Halloween? Grab some pumpkins and carving materials, and have your friends compete to see who can carve the best design. Try to keep the challenge on-theme by asking everyone to carve their design from a Friendsgiving prompt, like their favorite dish. Have everyone vote on their favorite pumpkin and award a prize to the winner. It’s a fun and creative Friendsgiving game idea for artistic types. 

3. Pictionary

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Pictionary is another fun way to put your creative skills to the test at your Friendsgiving get-together. You can find a list of Thanksgiving Pictionary prompts that would be perfect for your Friendsgiving game ideas here. Think you can draw a competent pumpkin in only a few seconds? This is your chance to put your skills to the test. 

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4. Friendsgiving bake-off 

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Here’s a fun Friendsgiving game idea for people who love to cook. Host a Friendsgiving bake-off to see who can whip up the most delicious dessert. When they’re done, you can all sample each other’s creations and decide on a winner. But everyone wins when there are sweets involved! 

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5. Drunk Jenga 

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Drunk Jenga puts a boozy twist on the classic tower game. But you don’t have to involve alcohol to enjoy this Friendsgiving game idea. 

Take a standard Jenga game and a sharpie, then write some challenges on each block and assemble the tower. When players pull out a block, they have to follow the challenge. The challenges could be anything from taking a shot, to singing the opening notes to a Mariah Carey song. It’s your Friendsgiving game, so customize it to suit your group! 

6. Game of Phones 

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Grab your phones for this Friendsgiving game idea! Game of Phones is a party game involving smartphones – with a twist. Instead of playing on an app, you’ll use your phone to respond to challenge cards by taking selfies, finding photos, or creating artwork with emojis. It’s a fun way to put your phones to good use at the party. And you’ll get to sneak a peek at the memes your friends have stashed on their phones. 

7. Cards Against Humanity

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Cards Against Humanity is a must-do for any grown-up get-together. Nothing draws out laughs quite like this fill-in-the-blank party game. You can download the game for free on the official website. If you want to make the game more Friendsgiving-themed, you can print out custom cards yourself, or buy a pack of blank cards to create your own jokes. It’s a recipe for a laugh-out-loud night of fun. 

8. What Do You Meme 

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Another modern classic, What Do You Meme is an outrageous card game where players come up with meme-worthy captions for photos. To make it more challenging, ask everyone to make their captions Friendsgiving-centric. Like “the face you make when you smell pumpkin pie”. Whoever comes up with the most viral captions in your friend group wins! 

9. Never Have I Ever

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“Never Have I Ever” gives you a chance to clue yourself in on the crazy experiences your friends have had – and allow you to relive some of your most embarrassing moments. It’s a fast-paced game designed to draw out laughs. You could come up with the questions yourselves, or use a card game to get you started with prompts. 

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10. Uno with a twist 

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Uno is a classic game that’s perfect for friend groups. To put a twist on the game for your Friendsgiving game ideas, try playing an Uno variation, like team Uno, Magic Uno, or Pirate Uno (yes, that’s a thing.) You’ll get to enjoy a familiar game while putting a spin on it for the holiday. It’s an awesome way to make the game and the experience extra memorable. 

11. Touch football 

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Want an activity that’ll get the whole group active? This Friendsgiving game idea is for you! Head outside and play some touch football with your crew. Football goes hand in hand with Thanksgiving. So it’s awesome for Friendsgiving celebrations, too. You’ll get to work up an appetite for your food, and enjoy some quality time outside with your friends. 

12. Hedbanz

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Hedbanz puts an adult twist on the kid’s game of “what am I”.  Everyone puts a card in the headband on their forehead, then tries to guess what they are by asking yes or no questions. The first person to figure out what they are wins! But be warned–it can be madly infuriating. 

The game even comes with blank cards, which is ideal for a Friendsgiving Twist. Think you can figure out if you’re a stuffed turkey using only yes or no questions? Now’s your chance to put this Friendsgiving game idea to the test. 

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