12 Memorable Goodbye Party Ideas For Your Loved One

In need of goodbye party ideas? When someone important in your life reaches a new chapter in life and moves away, there’s no better way to show your love and support than by having a celebration in their honor. That’s why we’ve put together these 12 memorable goodbye party ideas for your loved one that will send them on their way with happy memories!

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1. Get together for a photoshoot

Goodbye Party Ideas
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One of the best ways to create some physical memories for your guest of honor is by having a photo shoot party! Hire a photographer and send them on their way with some high-quality pictures that’ll last a lifetime. With Peerspace, you can find locations all over the country like this trendy studio with over 20 colorful backgrounds and art installations in Columbus, Ohio. Each background is impeccably designed and will provide a wide variety of one-of-a-kind pictures for your loved one to hang on their new fridge.

2. Lend a helping hand with a packing party

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We all know that packing is the absolute worst part of moving. So if you’re looking for goodbye party ideas that will take the burden off of your loved one, throw them a packing party. Have everyone over to their place and suggest that guests fill a box throughout the course of the party. It will help show that while you’re sad to see them go, you also are supportive of their decision and want to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

3. Ease the pain with tongue-in-cheek decorations

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You don’t want to make the person or people who are leaving make it feel like you’re shoving them on their way, or that you’re going to be broken if they leave. There are a lot of fun and cheeky decorations out there like this “who said you could leave” banner from Mrs. Knuck’s Etsy store. Pair it with this 30-pack of fun farewell balloons from Sweet Blaze Designs and you’ll get the wink and a nod your party needs.

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4. Sing your feelings with a karaoke party

28th Birthday Party Ideas
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If you have a loved one who would rather sing their goodbyes than say them–a karaoke party is your best bet! Looking for an upscale private location for your go-to goodbye song? You’ll want to go to Peerspace and see some of the locations available like this large karaoke party room in Austin, Texas. The spacious room can host up to 75 people, so your loved one will be able to have an awesome blowout party with everybody they can think of!

5. Set the tone with a themed invitation

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For many of these goodbye party ideas, you’ll want to clue your guests in on the theme before their arrival. If you’re having a party for a family moving to Texas, an invitation similar to this customizable “Bye Y’all” invitation from Party Pop Invites on Etsy will give a fun memento for guests to remember the party by and prepare for the theme.

6. Give them a day of relaxation during their move with a spa day

Spa Party Ideas
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Moving or changing jobs can be stressful for many reasons. One of the best gifts you can give is an entire day of rest and relaxation in a spa setting. Either set up your home with different spa stations or bring your loved one out – either way, they’ll be grateful for a short reprieve from all of the headaches associated with life changes.

7. Host a scrapbooking party

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Looking for goodbye party ideas that will give you an opportunity to intimately reflect on the good times you’ve shared with your loved one? Putting together scrapbooks of the best times you’ve had together is one of the best going away gifts they can receive. As an added piece of fun – bring a Polaroid camera to the party and include them in your scrapbooks!

8. Take them to a wine or beer tasting

Private Tasting Room
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If you have a loved one who enjoys craft beer or going to wineries, sending them off with a tasting and their favorite bottle is always a safe bet. On Peerspace, there are plenty of gorgeous private tasting rooms for rent like this one in Livermore wine country. Check out some of the high-quality images uploaded by the host and feast your eyes on the amazing views. Read some of the glowing reviews from guests and get inspired for your next going away party!

9. Send them off with a “bon voyage”

Goodbye Party Ideas
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There are a lot of fun different ways you can play off the theme of “bon voyage”. If you live near the water, you can take your loved one out on a swanky dinner cruise for a night of delicious seafood. Or, turn to Peerspace and rent a location like this luxury lakefront home with natural light in Lizella, Georgia. This home has stunning views, room for up to 50 people, and a light-up pool and hot tub!

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10. Get goofy with a photo booth

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Another great way to get some pictures at your goodbye party is by having a photo booth. They always seem to bring out everyone’s goofy side and generate some unforgettable pics! Grab this pack of “bon voyage” themed photo booth props from Reasons TBC over at Etsy and you’re ready to go.

11. Roast your guest of honor

led video wall studio
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If you have the right kind of crowd for it, getting together for a lighthearted roast of your loved one is always a raucous occasion. It gives people an opportunity to tell fun and often embarrassing stories about themselves and loved ones, giving guests time to laugh and reflect on the good times that have been shared.

12. Destination-themed treats

colorful creative studio in orlando
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Depending on where your loved one is moving to, you might have the opportunity to make some clever desserts based on their destination. You can try something like these California-shaped cookies from Sweet Art Factory. Or, turn any regular cupcakes into a themed dessert with these state-shaped cupcake toppers from Silly Little Squirrels on Etsy!

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