17 Unique Grinch Food Ideas For Your Holiday Gathering (2024)

Holiday parties can be thrown any number of ways…You can include themes like color or plan them around a particular movie. So how about a Grinch-themed Christmas party this year? You can have guests show up in costume, have decorations to match…And of course, you’ll need a list of Grinch food ideas for the party!

Peerspace is here to help you plan an unforgettable Christmas party. And while you’re here, you can get to know us better by exploring some of the party venues we have for special occasions of all kinds! 

1. Chips & Grinch guacamole dip

Here is one recipe that needs no food coloring: guacamole is naturally Grinch-colored and it can find a place on any party table. Start off with a guacamole recipe like this one and decorate the dip with chips and vegetables to create your Grinch face! Be careful with the seasonings as too much can alter the color of your Grinch dip.

2. Green cupcakes with mint frosting

Cupcakes are a fun and easy dessert to make for kids and adults alike. Play up the holiday theme by making them Grinch cupcakes instead of the usual! You can get very creative with the styling by including candy eyes, hearts, and colored frosting for the details.

Once they’re finished, pack up your Grinch cupcakes and head to one of the wonderful party venues Peerspace has for holiday celebrations! We have hundreds of spaces near you with amenities like movie screens for the Grinch film, hot tubs, dining tables, and more!

3. Grinch Rice Crispy treats

The movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” is a classic and so are rice crispy treats! Bring them both together by making these Grinch-themed treats, dipped in green-colored white chocolate and dusted with heart sprinkles. Add a treat stick to each end to keep fingers from getting sticky and enjoy the Grinch movie with these authentic-looking snacks!

4. Green apple gummy rings

Looking for a Grinch food idea you can grab and go to the party with? Pick up some green apple gummy rings! These come in a vibrant green Grinch color, with some white for Christmas snow! You can serve these up on their own or mix in some red candy hearts for more classic Grinch appeal!

5. Mint chocolate chip ice cream

Ice cream is a dessert that people think is harder to make than it actually is. When in fact, you can make your own ice cream with just a few ingredients and a few hours of preparation time. Try this homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream that is just as good as anything you’ll find at the grocery store. 

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6. Grinch fruit kebabs

Fruit kebabs are a simple and delicious holiday snack that takes just minutes to prepare! Kids and adults alike will love these Grinch fruit kebabs; use grapes, kiwi slices, or green apple, paired with strawberries, cherries, and other red fruits. Marshmallows and/or banana coins will give you a bit of Christmas white to complete the color trifecta! 

7. Glowing Grinch fruit punch

Looking for a drink to go along with your holiday Grinch food ideas? With just a few basic ingredients you can have a glowing Grinch fruit punch that will be the talk of the party! The standard recipe is alcohol-free but you can substitute half of the lemon-lime soda for vodka and a bit more kick! 

8. Green peppermint chocolate chip cookies

We’ve all made chocolate chip cookies a time or three…But have you tried coloring and flavoring them to fit a party theme? Check out this recipe for chocolate chip cookies with peppermint extract! You’ll not only be using a bit of essential oil but also some green food coloring to ensure everyone knows they’re looking at Grinch cookies! You can also serve these for a traditional Christmas party or St. Patrick’s Day celebration!

9. Grinch lush dessert

Lush desserts are the best option for sweet lovers who don’t want to fuss with baking. This Grinch lush dessert will be ready in under 40 minutes and looks like a layered dessert lasagna rather than a cake. The layers of green and white, paired with the red candy hearts, instantly evoke the classic Christmas Grinch movie.

10. Grinch hot chocolate

Are you looking for a non-alcoholic drink to serve up with your green goodies? Check out this recipe for Grinch hot chocolate! This is an iconic holiday beverage that will warm up even the coldest of hearts. Top each cup with whipped cream, green sprinkles, and a red cherry for extra holiday cheer. A little mint infusion using food-grade essential oil wouldn’t hurt, either! 

11. Grinch mac n’ cheese bites

Cheesy and flavorful, Grinch mac n’ cheese bites are a more savory addition to the Grinch food ideas list we’ve come up with. The little red hearts are made of cut red bell pepper pieces and the green comes from a bit of food coloring. You can have these Grinch mac n’ cheese bites completed from boiling to baking in about an hour, making them the perfect same-day party snack!

12. Green Grinch waffles

Grow your heart three sizes with these green Grinch waffles! Once they come out of the waffle iron, add some whipped cream, strawberries, and red Grinch heart sprinkles to complete them. They will look even better if you have a heart-shaped waffle mold!

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13. Munch Grinch popcorn in a private screening room

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Source: Peerspace

Popcorn is one Grinch food idea that will satisfy everyone! You’ll be using white chocolate almond bark dyed green and then melted atop your popcorn. Add some green chocolate bites and red candy hearts for the perfect sweet snack blend.

Grinch popcorn is the perfect addition to a holiday movie night! As is a private screening room, which Peerspace happens to have several of near you. Have you seen some of our Grinch party venues like this loft studio in the Mission District of San Francisco? This space includes dining tables for dinner, a laser projector and screen for the Grinch movie, and a built-in sound system for a true cinema experience! 

14. Grinch fruit platter

Create a Grinch fruit tray with something for everyone! Start with green fruits, like kiwi, apple, and avocado slices. Mix in some Christmas red strawberries, cherries, and raspberries. And then finish it with whichever fruits you like best, including blueberries, grapes, pineapple chunks, and orange slices. Creamy and sweet fruit dips like whipped cream or this recipe complete the platter!

15. Green Grinch peanut clusters

Easy to make, inexpensive, and delicious are the things we want to hear when making a list of Grinch food ideas. These green Grinch peanut clusters fulfill all of these requirements! You simply need roasted peanuts, green candy melts, a bit of coconut oil, and red heart sprinkles! Once you’ve mixed the melted candy and created the clusters, give them a few minutes to set in the fridge before serving! If you need a Grinch party treat in less than an hour it doesn’t get any easier!

16. Grinch Jell-O shots

Jello shots are a guaranteed good time so stick to the Grinch theme and make them using green jello! You’ll only need a handful of ingredients. Don’t forget the red heart sprinkles to symbolize the Grinch’s growing heart! Grinch Jell-O shots need 2-3 hours to set in the fridge, so prepare them well in advance for the party.

17. Grinch pancakes

Start your Grinch party off right with these IHOP-based Grinch pancakes! These are seasonal menu items but IHOP doesn’t carry them every year. So don’t wait; make your own for a Grinch Christmas brunch party! These pancakes are made from scratch but you likely have most of the ingredients in your kitchen already. A bit of food coloring completes the Grinch hue but you can add a few drops of peppermint oil if you want more of a minty flavor! 

Grinch food ideas: conclusion

As you can see, there’s no shortage of green, Grinch-themed snack and meal options for a Christmas party! You can even host the party in a space with a screening room where guests can enjoy the classic movie alongside snacks and good company. Peerspace has party venues with screening rooms throughout the country, available by the hour and full of amenities! 

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