10 Festive St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day dates back hundreds of years in the United States, with the first St. Patrick’s Day parades occurring in Boston. Nowadays, St. Patrick’s Day is a tradition for many people, for the Irish and the Irish-for-a-day alike. Below, you will find 10 modernized St. Patrick’s Day party ideas to keep the American-Irish heritage going strong.

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Now, let’s get to our top 10 St. Patrick’s Day party ideas!

1. Book a Peerspace venue

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The best St. Patrick’s Day party ideas involve bringing the family together and enjoying the day. So why not gather in a sensationally fresh and festive space this St. Patty’s Day? Peerspace offers a quick way to rent a unique space for a party in cities across the globe.

So what types of space can you book on Peerspace to host your St. Patrick’s Day party ideas?

Here are some of our favorites:

  • This traditional Irish stone cottage in Northern Ireland (pictured above), in case your St. Patty’s Day takes you to the green shores of Ireland itself
  • This classic Irish tavern in Queens County, NYC with rustic brick walls, a classic L-shape bar, dark wood booths, flat-screen TVs, and dart boards
  • This cozy Irish sports bar in San Francisco, CA with wood-paneled walls and floors, a mirrored backbar, 12 TVs, and an arcade game
  • This private Irish pub and speakeasy in Bayonne, NJ that was once a horse stable and with an authentic Irish neighborhood pub vibes

As you can see, Peerspace offers you access to incredible spaces in cities across the globe ideal for your St. Patrick’s Day gathering. To find the perfect space for you, simply head to our website and search for your location to see what’s out there!

2. Cocktail party

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St. Patrick’s Day party ideas
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One of the best ways you can spend your St. Patrick’s Day may be in the local pub celebrating as a group. Try elevating this experience by throwing your very own St. Patrick’s Day-themed cocktail party.

You can opt to go the classic route and add green food dye to your drinks, giving it that distractive colorful design. And for a classic pick-me-up, mix coffee and Irish whiskey to wow your party guests with a tasty and boozy concoction that never goes out of style.

Looking for St. Patrick’s Day party ideas that are more kid-friendly? then grab your blender and craft your very own shamrock shakes.

Feel like kicking back and letting someone else craft the beverages? Book a sensational bar or lounge on Peerspace and consult with the host on creating a special St. Patrick’s Day drink theme for you and your guests!

3. Scavenger hunt

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St. Patrick’s Day party ideas
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Next up is a themed scavenger hunt. This is one of those St. Patrick’s Day party ideas you can personalize to suit the interests (and age group!) of your guests. It can be as simple as dressing up while hunting for clovers in a local field.

Or you can go all out and plant a variety of prizes around the ground of a huge estate you have just booked on Peerspace. Draw up an elaborate treasure map for your guests to follow and see who finds all the treasure! This idea is perfect for a warm spring day with beautiful gardens blossoming into life.

Don’t forget about these awesome St. Patrick’s Day decoration ideas so you can dress up your Peerspace venue to suit the holiday!

4. Baking

St. Patrick’s Day party ideas
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With sweet St. Patrick’s Day party ideas like baking, you can create something beautiful while satisfying your sweet tooth! Design unique cookies, muffins, and cakes for your St. Patrick’s Day gathering. What is better than gathering your friends and family in the kitchen to make some delicious treats together? Go for the traditional green and orange colors to decorate the goodies or to use as flavor inspiration, mint green, citrus orange, etc.

Not sure you have all that room and high-end equipment in your home? No worries! Book a Peerspace venue with a contemporary kitchen and make good use of its facilities! One of our favorites is the green and orange-accented kitchen in this colorful maximal designer’s house in Los Angeles. It’s a super fun and unique space that helps you keep your party on theme.

5. Arts and crafts

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The next St. Patrick’s Day party idea incorporates a few different activities in one. Art and crafts let all participants explore their creativity through elaborative and individual designs. This could mean sticking to tradition or bringing the breath of a new generational perspective toward St. Patrick’s traditional themes.

Either way, this is an activity where the whole family can partake, from paintings and drawings to coloring T-shirts. You can even make green slime and have your own Irish green flubber to play with!

6. Irish movie night

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Movie night is a wonderful occasion for any celebration. It can be a family favorite or a friendly fiesta filled with cocktails and snacks. Tailoring your movie night is a perfect St. Patrick’s Day party idea. There is a plethora of wonderful jaw-dropping modern and historical cinema offerings that pay tribute to Irish culture.

Stream ‘The Banshees of Inisherin,’ the Irish-set 2022 movie starring Colin Farrel and Brendon Gleeson. ‘The Irishman’ also comes to mind, being one of Scorsese’s most recent masterpieces. Of course, if you have little ones, the day can be packed with child-friendly alternatives.

Maybe even book a private and stylish Peerspace theater to enjoy the movies on your schedule! We especially love this award-winning full-sized cinema in Bonsall, CA. It’s a gorgeous venue complete with a professional surround sound system, comfy recliner chairs, a full-sized stage, and a game room. St. Patrick’s Day party ideas like this are great for all ages!

7. Irish dancing

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St. Patrick’s Day party ideas
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Irish dancing was taught by traveling dance masters in the 17th-18th century and has evolved over hundreds of years. Nevertheless, it is an expression of cultural brilliance as dancers perform unique movements that are characteristic of Irish dancing.

A St. Patrick’s Day party idea could involve hiring some professional dancers for your party. This would surely liven the evening up. And let’s be honest, after a few pints of Guinness, you may feel like performing Riverdance alongside the professionals!

Adore this idea? Then check out these great dance party ideas for more leg-kicking good times!

8. St. Patrick’s Day parade

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The parade has long been a key component of St. Patrick’s Day, with parades occurring in every major city from Chicago to Dallas. Joining the parade is a great St. Patrick’s Day party idea for the family. Bringing your party out into the spring sunshine to experience a festive parade is a tradition for many Americans.

You can even add a costume contest and end the parade with a special gathering of friends, perhaps even converging at a glorious Peerspace venue for food and drinks.

9. Quiz

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St. Patrick’s Day party ideas
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A quiz night is always a perfect St. Patrick’s Day party idea and is a staple in authentic Irish pubs. It can test your friends and family’s knowledge in a multitude of ways. You can bring the historical significance of this Irish tradition to fruition through exciting quiz questions coupled with various traditional celebrations. Trivia night can bring friends and family together while learning something new about this festive holiday and Irish culture.

10. Whiskey tasting

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Not to stereotype here, but the Irish have been known to drink. Be it Guinness beer or golden Irish whiskey, drinking is a way to bring family and friends together and celebrate the good times. And what better way to celebrate this Irish tradition than enjoy a tour of a distillery for a whiskey-tasting experience?

You can book a private Irish whiskey-tasting experience at a stylish Peerspace bar, like this versatile DTLA distillery. Book your event here and add on a customizable whiskey-tasting package so you can sip Jameson’s, Tullamore Dew, and all your other favorite waters of life.

In fact, check out what a Peerspace reviewer shared after booking an event here: “This place is amazing. Hands down one of the best spots to host friends and family. Staff was super cool and very knowledgeable. Everyone raved about how awesome everything was. Customized drinks were delicious. Tour was informative and relaxed. The tastings were the icing on the cake. 5 stars for sure!”

This is one of those truly perfect St. Patrick’s day party ideas for those who love being Irish and drinking Irish. Slainte!

St. Patrick’s Day party ideas are better with Peerspace

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St. Patrick’s Day party ideas
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No matter how many of these St. Patrick’s Day party ideas you intend to incorporate, there’s one thing we know for sure. Booking a Peerspace venue by the hour is the best way to get any party started! You can choose any type of venue you want, be it a cabin in the woods, a mountainside mansion, or a bar in the center of the city.

And because all listings come with high-def photos, complete descriptions, upfront pricing, and reviews from past renters, you know exactly what to expect.

St. Patrick’s Day is all about coming together with loved ones and celebrating. Peerspace helps make that happen while helping to take some of the hosting duties off your shoulders with these easy tips and our amazing venues!

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