10 Great Dance Party Ideas for Your Next Gathering (2024)


Event venues on Peerspace typically cost between $50 — $350 per hour.

Looking for some exciting dance party ideas for your next gathering? No matter where you live, you should always have a chance to celebrate, and Peerspace makes parties a reality for everyone. It’s the Airbnb of event venues that connects you with stellar spaces for hosting a party. So even if you’re the proud owner of a studio apartment, dance party ideas are still in your cards.

Peerspace offers you access to spacious, stylish, and well-equipped venues available for rent by the hour in towns and cities across the globe, with more being added all the time. Just search your location and use filters to narrow the results, like pools, fire pits, and rooftops, for example. Then, check each space’s listing to discover high-def photos, detailed descriptions by the local hosts, reviews from past renters, and upfront pricing.

Check out what type of dance party venues are near you on Peerspace and utilize these dance party ideas that will make your next gathering a blast.

1. Give your dance party a theme everyone will love

Dark Themed Artistic Studio Spac
Source: Peerspace

Choosing a theme for your dance party will make the rest of the planning a breeze because a theme will be your party template. Great dance party themes are a decades theme (the 1920s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s are all easy options), a tribute night where you play all the best hits from one prolific artist (Britney night, Beyonce night, etc.) a regional music theme like Latin night, Broadway night, or even a classic dance movie theme (Step Up, Dirty Dancing, Footloose, and Saturday Night Fever).

As a fun example, let’s say you want your dance party to have a teenage goth theme. In that case, you can book Peerspace venues like this dark-themed artistic studio space in Allston, MA. It is a 750-square-foot dance studio with a mirrored wall, lots of black paint, custom colorful lights, and mounted speakers for blasting your favorite dance tunes.

No matter what space you book, decorate your party space to match the theme, and curate a relevant playlist to go along with it. Learn a dance from a popular music video or movie for bonus host points and surprise your guests!

2. Light up the room and light up your night

Large Spacious Downtown Warehouse Loft with Speakeasy Chic
Source: Peerspace

Set the ambiance for your dance party with some dazzling light design. Disco balls, colored lights, and projections can turn any dark room into a fun nightclub. You can find affordable lights and projectors at a department or home improvement store, or you can rent some lighting from an event rental company.

Just be considerate and ask your guests if any of them are bothered by strobe lights or other effects before going too crazy with your lighting design. And when you book a Peerspace dance party venue, ask the host about the lighting options ahead of time. That way, you can easily choose a place that’s already fully equipped with everything you need!

For instance, our LA readers and ravers may want to book this large spacious downtown warehouse loft with speakeasy chic. It is 5,000 square feet with 20-foot ceilings, three levels, a DJ booth, no noise restrictions, and of course, amazing lighting thanks to its vintage disco ball with lasers, a smoke machine, and bubble hazers.

And check out this review from a Peerspace user for further proof of its awesomeness: “This is my 2nd booking at this location, always a pleasure to work with Vinh, very accommodating and easy to communicate with. The space was perfect for my friends giving event. Love the upgraded lighting fixture behind the dj stand. The security team were a joy and super helpful.”

3. Hire a professional DJ

Huge Versatile Event Hall - Downtown Seattle next to a Vibrant Green Jungle!
Source: Peerspace

It’s not a dance party without music, of course. But the source of the music makes all the difference. Give your dance party an upgrade! Instead of a simple Spotify playlist, consider hiring a DJ. Talent and event vendor directories like Gigsalad or The Bash can help you find a music master who can get everyone moving and grooving.

Don’t have the time to browse a talent directory? This again is a place where Peerspace comes in handy. Start a search in your area for event spaces that offer DJ services and other dance party must-haves. Our friends in Seattle, WA can book this huge downtown versatile event hall. It not only has space for 120 guests, but it also offers you the use of a fog machine, lasers, theater lights, and an optional DJ hire!

Want your dance party to have summer vibes? Then you need to see how and where to rent a pool for a day!

4. Make a public playlist

Impeccably Styled Restaurant & Music Venue With Beautifully Finished Rooftop nyc new york city rental
Source: Peerspace

For a party with a smaller budget in a smaller space, your personal playlist of the best dance hits will do just fine in place of a professional DJ. Make it a collaborative event by asking everyone in the invites to contribute to a public playlist. That way, everyone will get a chance to hear their favorites. You can include the link in the Facebook event for the dance party or send the link in email invites.

5. Rent a place with a dance floor on Peerspace

Massive Light Filled Studio Space
Source: Peerspace

No room in your house for everyone to get down without knocking over a lamp? No worries! Peerspace can help you find the perfect venue for your dance party with plenty of open floor space, like ballrooms, mansions, warehouses, and even nightclubs and lounges. You can even rent actual dance studios on Peerspace for a super-official dance party. Some venues even come equipped with audio-visual equipment, photo-ready lighting, and pianos!

Simply head to Peerspace, enter your location, and start browsing. You’re sure to find tons of incredible spaces you want to book! Narrow down the search by browsing amenities, features, and photos. And with Peerspaces available in global cities, you can even book spaces like this massive light-filled studio space in Melbourne, Australia. Check out all that dancing space!

6. Ask your guests to dress up in costumes

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Invite everyone to come to the party in themed costumes! Just remind your guests to make sure they can still move well in their attire of choice. Some great dance party ideas for costumes include superheroes, space, Star Wars, The Wiggles, or decades (see themes section of this list).

Be sure to take loads of pictures of your costumed guests. And for an extra fun touch, host a costume contest at the party! Keep the prize within the theme, such as passes to Zumba gym classes, a record with some good dance music, or tickets to a couple’s dance class.

A little late in planning your shindig? Then you need to see these helpful last-minute party ideas!

7. Host a dance marathon fundraiser

dance and aerial studio austin rental
Source: Peerspace

Gather lots of friends, pick a worthy cause, and dance the night away to raise funds! Universities and schools across the nation host dance marathons for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. You can adapt that fundraising model for any cause. Learn more about the movement here.

This dance party idea requires a lot more planning in advance than the rest of the ideas, but when you put the time in, you can create a fun, meaningful event that truly makes an impact. At the actual event, make sure to supply plenty of drinks to keep everyone hydrated. Display information about the cause you are fundraising for, so dancers will know where their sponsors’ donations are going. Create a special hashtag for the event and take lots of photos to share on social media, and tag the nonprofit organization in them. A dance party with a purpose can help drum up more support and donations, after all!

8. Party with an open bar

Classic 80s Dance Club located on Fulham Road
Source: Peerspace

Everyone knows alcohol is the best dance fuel. So supply your dance party guests with unlimited drinks. As long as you hire a licensed bartender through Gigsalad or another event vendor booking site, most Peerspace event venue rentals will allow alcohol to be served on the premises.

Some Peerspace party places may even offer their own drink services as an add-on option. For example, our London friends can book this classic 80s dance club in Chelsea that offers every type of drink under the sun, food catering, and of course, an amazing place to dance.

9. Take it to the roof!

iconic NYC Views | Rooftop in the heart of Chelsea
Source: Peerspace

Why not enjoy your dance party in the fresh air, under the stars? On Peerspace, you can find the perfect dance party venue that doubles as a rooftop venue. You can find locations with rooftop bars and DJ booths as well, so don’t worry about missing out on those dance party aspects.

Many also include food and drink service and plenty of lounge seating. A rooftop dance party idea is a wonderful way to keep your guests safe while ensuring they still have a magical, moonlit time!

One of our favorite options is this stylish rooftop with iconic NYC landmark views in Chelsea, NYC. While here, you can enjoy unobstructed downtown views, a bar, furniture, and A/V equipment.

“This rooftop was absolutely stunning,” shares a Peerspace reviewer who booked their event here. “CJ had great communication and made sure we had everything we needed. There was a grill which was awesome and plenty of areas for photos.”

10. Book a vintage ballroom with performance space

Charming Vintage Ballroom in the Heart of Tacoma
Source: Peerspace

Impress your guests by booking a vintage ballroom venue for a more elegant ambiance. For example, Peerspace users in the PNW can book this charming vintage ballroom in the heart of Tacoma, WA that boasts original hardwood floors from 1925, A/V equipment, dancing space for 100 guests, a prep kitchen for catering, and gorgeous crystal chandeliers. Not only that, but this ballroom has a stage, meaning you can book a live musical act to enhance your dance party.

Take this opportunity to throw a Roaring 20s dance party to match the history of the venue. Then, book a jazz band to bring your Jazz Age dance party vision to life. Just don’t forget to invite us!

Dance party ideas come to life with Peerspace

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Take the dance party out of the nightclub and bring it to your next gathering. It’s easy to do when you have Peerspace by your side. Between the incredible event venues you can book for as many hours as you like and the assistance of your venue’s local host, you can book the party of the century and barely lift a finger in the process.

No matter what music you and your friends like to move to, you can create a rocking dance party where everyone will have a blast. These dance party ideas will give you all the inspiration you need to host the perfect shindig.

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