Here’s How To Rent Your Home For Filming

Wondering if you can rent your home filming? You absolutely can, and we at Peerspace will show you how with this guide. If your home is a beautiful and welcoming space that you’ve invested lots of energy, time, and even hard-earned cash into perfecting, there are ways to monetize that and get a return on that “investment,” so to speak. If you’re looking for ways to make money off renting your home for shorter periods of time, we’ve got advice for you.

Among the many ways you can earn money by renting out your home by the hour is to rent your home for filming! The article explains the process of how to rent your home for filming. It also offers guidance regarding how to publicize your home rental. We’ll end with examples of other home listings that have been successfully rented out for filming for inspiration. 

Why rent by the hour instead of by the night?

Hotel Room Photoshoot in Austin
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You might consider renting your home out via Airbnb for people to stay there overnight, say on vacation or on business trips, rather than renting your home by the hour as we’ve suggested. But there are quite a few downsides to this rental option. For starters, it means you’ll have to either share your home or property with strangers (which can be stressful and uncomfortable no matter how pleasant they are!). Or if you choose not to share your space, you may have to vacate your home entirely and find somewhere else to stay while the guests are present. 

If instead, you choose to rent your home for filming by the hour, you have a lot more control over who is there and when they’re there. Without having to share your home or leave it overnight, you can let someone else take advantage of the lovely space you’ve created for a few hours and make hundreds or even thousands of dollars (depending on the nature, size, location, amenities, etc. of your home) in the process! 

A bonus benefit of renting your home for filming

university city instagram-worthy flower house
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You may not have considered this aspect, but some of those who rent your home for filming might be working on some seriously cool and interesting creative projects. Your home could be a part of the next movie to make it big at Sundance, a music video that goes viral, etc. For many homeowners, getting to tell visitors to your home about its place in creative history might be a huge and exciting benefit!

Where can you rent your home for filming?

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To start, we’ll explain why Peerspace – the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals – is the best option when you’ve decided to rent your home for filming. 

Pretty much any sort of space you can imagine is available for rent somewhere among Peerspace’s tens of thousands of listings, which span hundreds of cities in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and beyond. 

While you’ll find tons of homes available to rent for filming on Peerspace, the key is finding the niche where YOUR home fits, and marketing to that niche. If you’ve got a beautiful, unique, and eye-catching space, you should have no trouble getting the attention of creatives who’ll want to use it for their next film project.

How do you use Peerspace to rent your home for filming?

texas modern log cabin
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Don’t be daunted, because the process of becoming a Peerspace host and finding great renters really is easier than it sounds! There are a few straightforward steps to the whole process, so we’ll outline them here: 

  • Start by making a Peerspace account. (Here’s a simple explanation of how to do that, if you need a little extra guidance.)
  • Then, create a listing for your home, specifying that it’s designated for productions (rather than the alternative categories, “offsites” or “events”) so that filmmakers and other creative types will find it when they search for spaces suited to filming.
  • Wait for the Peerspace team to review your listing, which they will do based on their reasonable and standardized requirements for live listings. While you’re waiting, we’d recommend that you take a good look at the Peerspace policy page. It will provide you with the essential info you need to succeed as a Peerspace host.
  • Once your listing is (hopefully) approved (which it should be if it adheres to the requirements we mentioned), your home will now be searchable on the site for potential creative renters to review and decide if it’s a good fit for their project. 

If this quick overview just isn’t enough detail for you, this page has more info about how to make your Peerspace listing happen: “What are the steps to becoming a Peerspace host?”

Examples of home rentals for filming

pop culture penthouse in DTLA
Source: Peerspace

Here are a couple of examples of Peerspace listings of homes used for filming. Check out their listings to help you get your bearings and perhaps some inspiration for your own:

Trendy Video Photo FILM Production – Townhome in Orlando, Florida

This space is a great example of a smaller, more affordable rental at just about $49 per hour. In this case, they’re not renting out the whole home, but rather the living room, which would be perfect for plenty of film scenes.

As one past renter who booked a video shoot here commented, “Everett is a host that understands creativity. I appreciate the option of adding high-quality equipment for my project. I felt the freedom to do my best work in this professional, comfortable space.”

Roff Home – Award-Winning Historic 1868 Home in Watseka, Illinois

This is an 1868 home that won the 2020 award for historic preservation from the Richard Driehaus Foundation and Landmarks Illinois. Film shoots benefit from the space’s 15-year renovation, which restored the home to its original condition.

One filmmaker who used the space commented: “This home and property are beautiful! John was accommodating to the production and passionate about the history of the house. We had a small film crew there all day and were able to capture so much great stuff. Would love to come back again.”

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