11 Great Home Photoshoot Ideas in Toronto

Frequently hailed the most diverse city globally, Toronto is home to over 230 different ethnic groups, all living and thriving together. Toronto’s fantastic diversity doesn’t end with the people who call it home, either. The residential districts in Canada’s most populous city are teeming with gorgeous homes and apartments in all different design styles. If you’re looking for home photoshoot ideas in Toronto for your next big photography project, there’s no better place than Peerspace to track them down. 

On this exclusive list, we’ve rounded up our favorite private residences and photo studios that exude charm. Best of all, you can book photography sessions in all of these spaces directly on Peerspace! Read on to discover our favorite home photoshoot ideas in Toronto to capture that domestic bliss you’re after.

1. Get cozy at this picture-perfect studio apartment

airy loft in toronto
Source: Peerspace

Featuring 16-foot ceilings, exposed brick features, dark hardwood floors, and plenty of cozy charm, this studio apartment in the thriving West Queen West village is perfect for intimate and snug photoshoots. The apartment’s southeast exposure offers plenty of natural light to brighten your shots. Stacks of books and leafy houseplants provide that lived-in touch for authentic photos that capture all the comforts of home. 

2. Make yourself at home at the sunrise studio 

rustic loft in toronto
Source: Peerspace

With generous southern east windows providing abundant morning light, this cozy photo studio is set up like a country home in the heart of the city. Inside this rustic apartment, you’ll find 11-foot wooden ceilings, rich furnishings, a welcoming bedroom nook, and even a mini kitchenette. Shelves of books and an old-fashioned study desk will lend a scholarly touch to your photoshoot. Pro tip: Try booking your session in the morning hours to make the most of the daytime light!

3. Feel rustic yet sophisticated at the sunset loft

sunset studio in toronto
Source: Peerspace

If this listing looks a little familiar, that’s because it’s the previous listing’s sister studio! Located in the same building as the sunrise loft, the sunset studio boasts the same homey vibes and charming decor. Still, it has south-west facing windows instead, making it ideal for photoshoots in the afternoons and evenings. It’s hard not to feel right at home here with the cozy touches throughout the apartment. If you want to see more photos of this cozy space before your big photoshoot, check out the loft’s listing on Peerspace

4. Get the best of both worlds at this renovated Victorian family home 

victorian home available for rent in toronto
Source: Peerspace

Can’t decide between a vintage vibe or a modern one for your big photoshoot? At this newly renovated Victorian-style home, you don’t have to! This King Street West Duplex features a timeless Victorian facade outside and modern decor inside. You’ll have full reign of the main floor and basement when you rent this gorgeous home on Peerspace. A futuristic fireplace and sliding barn doors provide accents from all eras for your next big shoot, and there’s also a spacious back patio with comfortable seatings if you want to take the show outside! 

5. Let your imagination run wild at this eclectic loft

bright and eclectic loft in toronto
Source: Peerspace

Looking for home photoshoot ideas in Toronto that are as eccentric as you are? This colorful and eclectic loft in Leslieville has all the off-beat charm you’re looking for. Converted from an old warehouse factory in 1998, the apartment features 15-foot ceilings, bright and airy windows, and concrete mushroom columns that add a unique touch you won’t find at any other home in the city. Towering bookshelves filled with new and old books line the walls of this open-concept living area. You’ll have a blast posing among all the vibrant furnishings and accessories as you capture shots that are as unique as yourself. 

6. Capture midcentury modern vibes at this airy loft 

mid century loft in toronto
Source: Peerspace

Featuring an all-white color palette, mid-century furnishings, and an open, breezy vibe that’s sure to make anyone feel right at home, this Riverside loft is perfect for your next home photoshoot. As a full-time residential space, the apartment radiates that cozy, lived-in quality everyone wants in their shot. You’ll have a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms free to wander when you book on Peerspace. Check out more pictures of the whole loft here

7. Capture daylight’s warm glow at this downtown loft

green and gold vintage loft in toronto
Source: Peerspace

Exuding both industrial and homey vibes, this two-story loft boasts a bright green and gold color palette for stylish photoshoots bathed in natural light. Vintage accent pieces, midcentury teak end tables, and comfy seating arrangements bring a timeless touch to photos shot here. There’s also a luxurious bathroom featuring a high rimmed spa-style tub and a full kitchen complete with an espresso maker to give yourself a quick charge on the shoot! 

8. Capture off-beat charm at this quirky hard loft

quirky minimalist studio in toronto
Source: Peerspace

If you demand a little more than the mundane in your photos, this original hard-loft in Leslieville is a paradise for lovers of all things off-beat and interesting. It features generous north-facing warehouse windows. This quirkily decorated apartment boasts a playful blend of colors, patterns, shapes, and textures throughout. You can even rent out extra furniture pieces depending on what kind of vibe you want to capture. See the full list on Peerspace

9. Feel modern and majestic at this Junction Triangle space

studio bathed in north light in toronto
Source: Peerspace

Want home photoshoot ideas in Toronto that capture both the versatility of a photo studio and the hominess of an actual residence? This bright Junction Triangle studio fits the bill. Beautiful north-facing windows fill the open concept living room and kitchen with natural light. Textured walls of both wainscoting and exposed brick will add variety to your shots. And you can even use one of the pre-provided backdrops if you want to capture more traditional shots instead.  

10. Bathe in natural light at this renovated warehouse 

renovated warehouse in toronto
Source: Peerspace

Industrial glam reigns supreme at this renovated warehouse in Harwood. A plush living area, dark wood floors and ceilings, and a dazzling chandelier provide homey accents to this vast space in the city. 72-ft wall-to-wall, industrial windows ensure that there’s never an absence of natural light here. The light is especially breathtaking in the afternoons during golden hour. 

11. Go bold at this renovated loft with pops of color

renovated loft in toronto
Source: Peerspace

If you love renovated and reclaimed spaces, this cozy studio loft strikes the ideal balance of industrial vibes and colorful flair. An elevated platform helps separate the living room from the kitchen, and west-facing windows provide plenty of golden light for afternoon photoshoots. You’ll find plenty of unique details and accent pieces throughout the loft, just waiting for you and your camera’s unique spin. 

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