How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Green Screen Room (2024)


Green Screen Rooms on Peerspace cost on average between $55 — $250 per hour.

A green screen room rental is exactly what it sounds like — a space with a bright green background. And yet, it is also more than that. The monotone background lets creative imaginations run wild. It’s with a green screen that some of the most fantastical scenes in modern cinema have been created — from seemingly endless armies to physical transformations and more.

A well-equipped production team needs a reliable green screen space if they want to bring to life the various desires of clients or their own projects. However, many people assume that since green screens help you create million-dollar effects, the cost of renting one for their exclusive use can be prohibitive. But how much does a green screen room rental cost? You may be pleasantly surprised!

Read on for help in planning your budget and discover how Peerspace can make obtaining a green screen room simple.

Why rent a green screen room?

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First of all, why rent a green screen room? If your project includes any sort of special effects, a green screen is the standard way to help bring them to life. From corporate videos to Hollywood blockbusters, films of every size and style rely on green screens to produce believable, captivating content.

A green screen works with special equipment in post-production to turn simple shots into something extraordinary. Your talent simply acts out the scene in front of the green screen during the video shoot, and your effects team manipulates the background in post-production to change the backdrop to anything you want.

It’s a simple way to create immersive content, all with the use of modern technology!

Can’t I create my own green screen room?

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You may think it’s easier to set up your own space, but it very likely isn’t. In addition to needing a precise color screen (making it easier for special effects artists to insert the effects), there’s a big problem with creating your own green screen room — the cost to fully equip and maintain it.

In a big city, the rent for an empty, unequipped studio space can run thousands of dollars a month on its own. Combined with the equipment and operators, it is not worth it for those seeking one-time or intermittent use.

With a green screen room rental, you can have all of the benefits of the space while keeping your costs reasonable. Most are completely sound-proof sound stages to give you the audio reliability you will need when filming.

Many are also professionally lit and have additional lighting and camera equipment available to rent. This greatly reduces the hassle of setting everything up yourself. You will save hours of production time and the costs associated with them when you choose a rental. 

As a bonus, some green screen room rentals have great extras like dressing rooms and kitchen space for the cast and crew. More importantly, a rental host can put you in contact with the professionals you will need to make your vision come to life. Many even have experienced, in-house camera operators and grips if needed. Renting a green screen room is more simple and more cost-effective than creating your own.

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Is it easy to rent a green screen room?

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Yes! That is, if you know where to go to book a green screen studio. And we suggest you use Peerspace.

Peerspace makes the rental process itself straightforward: search production spaces, find one you like, read the fine print regarding use, and book it! However, after putting in all of the work necessary to pull off a production, it’s important to pay attention to the details.

Here are some features to consider as you start browsing green screen listings:

Green screen room rentals sometimes have professional-grade equipment in the price. However, some don’t so be sure to clarify exactly what your rental includes and what is extra before booking. After all, you don’t want to be surprised on the day of the shoot!

Also, ensure you know the dimensions of the rental space and its limitations of use. A few of the larger studio stages have additional spaces that you can use along with green screen rental for an additional price.

If you require a different color screen, like white or gray, make sure it’s available in that space before booking. If you need complete soundproofing, make sure the space is exactly what you need. Some of the smaller rentals are not one hundred percent soundproofed, so double-check with your host if that’s necessary for your project. 

Many hosts are experienced in production and have contacts in the business. If you are still looking for exactly the right professional, reach out to your host and ask. Also, be sure to clarify the costs of these if they are add-ons.

Types of green screen rooms you can book through Peerspace

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Green screen room rentals vary widely, from a simple backdrop to large, twenty-foot cyclorama spaces. Many cities, especially those known for filmmaking, offer a wide variety of green screen rooms. 

Here are a few of the different types of green screen rooms you can find on Peerspace:

This is only a small sampling of the types of green screen studios you can find in cities across the globe when you search on Peerspace. And since each venue has its own dedicated listing that shares pricing, dimensions, photos, reviews, specs, and more, you can book with peace of mind. If you have any questions or requests, you can even contact the venue’s host before or after booking to confirm details.

Let’s be honest, a lot of the green screen magic comes to life after the shoot! Learn all about the wonderful world of post-production here.

How much does it cost to rent a green screen room?

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The cost of green screen room rentals varies depending on the services included or added on. A simple green screen, without a camera crew, can cost as little as $45 an hour.

As an example, this pre-lit photo/video/film stage and green screen studio in Los Angeles, CA, should be perfect for smaller productions. It’s a soundproof space that is just over 900 square feet and has a curved green screen. The host also provides lighting equipment, a kitchen, and a dressing room. All of this for just $50 per hour and a two-hour rental minimum!

This large, 10,000 sq ft premier photo and video studio in Chelsea, NYC includes two cyc walls, lighting equipment, props, and a grip in its soundproof space. There is also a kitchen, a hair and makeup room, and parking, all for $250 an hour.

Some of the more upmarket rentals, including cyclorama spaces and complete soundproofing, can be up to $650 an hour. However, a good average cost is $250 an hour, with a three or four-hour minimum. 

If you need a production crew, full equipment rental, and an in-house photographer or videographer, the cost of a green screen room can go up another $300-$1,000 an hour. Many hosts offer a discount for daily rental, so if you have a large production, you can bring the cost of a green screen room down, sometimes by as much as thirty percent. 

Green screen room rentals: conclusion

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If you have put a lot of time, energy, and money into your script, you will need an amazing place to bring it all together. A green screen room can give you the necessary space and equipment to bring your production to life.

You will be free from distractions, including passers-by, that may interfere with your shoot. The green screen will allow you to create a scene that is bound only by your imagination.

And remember that you can find the perfect green screen for all your production needs through Peerspace.

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