How To Rent Your Home For Photoshoots

Looking to rent your home for photoshoots? At Peerspace, we understand your desire to do so and look forward to helping you make that dream a reality! Let’s say you’ve got a picture-perfect home with plenty of gorgeous natural light that you’ve spent lots of time, energy, and perhaps even money on. First off, great job – you should be proud of the special space you’ve created!

Now you may be wondering if you can make money on your home by renting it out. One way you might want to do that is by renting your beautiful home out for photoshoots. If you’re wondering how to rent your home out for photoshoots, Peerspace can help!

Read on to find out what the best options are for this type of short-term rental for creative purposes and some examples by others who have rented their own homes for photoshoots. 

Peerspace: the most effective way to rent your home for photoshoots

Rent Your Home For Photoshoots
Source: Peerspace

What is the best way to rent your home out for photoshoots? Peerspace is the internet’s most extensive and exhaustive marketplace for hourly rental spaces. The platform connects renters with home rentals as well as more unique space rentals, like art galleries, dance studios, cafes, warehouses, lofts, and so much more. If you can imagine it, it’s probably available for rent on Peerspace.

Photographers and other creative types browse Peerspace in order to find unique spaces that suit their projects, be it a photoshoot, a meeting, a film shoot, or an event. Our hosts are in cities and towns across the globe, so there is no location too small or too large to impede creativity.

While there are lots of homes available to rent for photoshoots on Peerspace, your home is unique. We can tell you for certain that lots of photographers out there are sure to appreciate the distinctive features your space has to offer.

Next, we explain how Peerspace may be the best place to list your home and share how to make your listing stand out.

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Renting by the hour as an alternative to lodging

Rent Your Home For Photoshoots
Source: Peerspace

Lots of people rent out their homes via platforms like Airbnb for overnight stays. However, this typically means you have to host guests for extended periods (at least one overnight) in your home with you, or else you have to vacate your home to allow guests to stay there. This may not be convenient or even possible for you.

This is why the alternative to rent your home for photoshoots might be more appealing. You can rent your home for a photoshoot for just several hours, making potentially several hundred dollars in the process. All without having to allow people to stay there for more than 24 hours.

How, you ask?

That’s what we offer you at Peerspace.

How to rent your home for photoshoots on Peerspace

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Becoming a Peerspace host and adding your home to the list of spaces available for rent via Peerspace is a total breeze. First, create a Peerspace account and a listing for your home to indicate that your home is for production use (as opposed to events or offsites). This informs photographers and potential renters that it’s available for those purposes. 

Review the Peerspace policy page to ensure you have all the necessary knowledge to become a host. Then, wait for the site’s team to review the listing and check it meets baseline requirements for live listings.

Once they approve your listing, potential guests can find your space available for rent on the site and can easily contact you directly about rentals or with any further questions. After the rental period, you’ll earn money quickly and easily via Peerspace’s payment system, which uses direct deposit (learn more about how the payment system works here). 

Want to learn more about how to become a Peerspace host? Check out this page, which is a useful and succinct guide to the process. 

Potentially becoming a part of creative/editorial history

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There’s an additional benefit of choosing to rent your home for photoshoots that you may not have considered. Tons of cool and interesting artists and brands use Peerspace to rent homes for their photoshoots!

This means that you might host a seriously talented photographer whose work makes it into a major publication, and then your home will be featured on its pages!

What an awesome story to have about your space. It’s also a way to bring the effort you’ve put into beautifying your home more attention and appreciation. Overall, you’ll have major bragging rights! 

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Examples of home rentals for photoshoots on Peerspace

Rent Your Home For Photoshoots
Source: Peerspace

Want to know what it looks like to rent out your home for photoshoots on Peerspace? We’ve got a couple of examples of Peerspace listings in this vein to give you an idea of the process. It may even provide some inspiration regarding your own Peerspace listing!

Amazing downtown apartment/loft in Chicago, Illinois

This host makes $55 an hour (with a three-hour minimum rental time) by renting out this gorgeous, roughly 1,200-square-foot apartment. One of its most impressive features is its absolutely stunning view of the city.

The apartment has floor-to-ceiling windows for ample natural light, and a modern aesthetic with lots of gray, white, and concrete features. It also has 10.5-foot ceilings, includes backdrops and props, and tons of customizability throughout the space. You’ll note that past renters have consistently been extremely happy with this space, and there are more than 500 glowing reviews that reflect that.

For instance, one photographer commented, “This place is perfect for what we needed – clean, spacious, nicely decorated, and great view of the city. The hosts were very responsive and easy to work with! I will definitely book this again soon!” And another photographer stated, “The space was perfect for my photoshoot! Everything was exactly as expected and clean. The host was very accommodating with my arrival time as well as letting me extend the time when I needed. Would definitely rebook!”

Browsing reviews from past renters is a smart way to figure out how you can highlight your space! it gives you a leg-up on what your potential renters may like and need in your space.

Hill Country home with a view in Austin, Texas

For our second example, we’re showing off a house rather than an apartment. This unbelievable 3,600-square-foot home is a popular option for various types of photoshoots. In fact, it has been rented for photoshoots by companies like GoDaddy, The Hollis Company, and the Southern Loom, among others. The host earns $150 per hour (also with a three-hour minimum rental) by renting out this property and has more than 300 positive reviews to show for it.

Renters are drawn to the stunning views, especially, which are set off by floor-to-ceiling windows that “open up to a 120′ deck running the entire length of the house.”

It’s a truly impressive space, and one glance at the photos quickly reveals why photographers adore it! One of the things you can learn from this space’s listing is how valuable it is to have professional photographs taken of your space. It’s a small investment that can lead to massive ROI.

Simple boho-style light-filled home in Tampa, FL

Our next listing example proves how even a “simple” home can be a huge success when the host offers something extra. It’s an open and airy ranch-style home with minimalist bohemian decor. While the space is undoubtedly clean and inviting, the host also offers extras that make it more of an attractive option for productions.

Throughout the home, guests can use the customizable color lighting, string lights, and light-blocking window rollers. As you can imagine, these can be very helpful when it comes to interior photoshoots! The host lists the home for $111 per hour with a one-hour minimum. They also provide optional lighting apurture stands for an additional flat rate of $150. Providing your guests with optional add-on equipment and services is a smart way to both impress your guests and boost your income.

A Peerspace reviewer who booked a photoshoot here shares: “Beautiful location. Super chill host, flexible, punctual, everything way beyond expectations.”

Large Victorian villa with original features in London

Your property doesn’t have to be in the U.S. to be listed on Peerspace! In fact, Peerspace has a strong and growing international presence. One example is this colorful Victorian villa in London’s Friern Barnet neighborhood. It is a nearly 3,000-square-foot home with a unique Victorian tiled facade, stained glass windows, a fireplace, and original tiled walls and floors.

With all of its distinct decor and colors, it’s easy to see why this home would be an attractive option for commercial photoshoots, model lookbooks, and more. The host lists it for £100 with a two-hour minimum.

Here is what one Peerspace reviewer shared after hosting a shoot here: “Claudio was AMAZING to say the least. We had the best shoot in his lovely home. He was extremely helpful and helped us in more ways than one. Very easy to work with and great location! If it fits we would 100% use again. Thanks Claudio :)”

In fact, all the reviews comment on the host’s kindness and helpfulness. In addition to listing your home and setting a fair price, being a gracious host is important to your Peerspace success! Read more Peerspace listings and pay special attention to the reviews and what the host offers. It’s an easy way to help ensure your future success as a Peerspace host!

Rent your home for photoshoots: conclusion

Rent Your Home For Photoshoots
Source: Peerspace

Hopefully, as you can see by now, there are lots of wonderful reasons to rent your home for photoshoots on Peerspace. You can list your home just as it is, and there will likely be a photographer who wants to rent it for a shoot.

To make it most attractive to potential renters, work on that listing! Ensure that you share professional photos, are clear about what you offer, and then be a wonderful host when you get your first renters. Most of all, have fun and enjoy making that extra income!

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