11 Instagram Picture Ideas in Chicago

Chicago’s mouthwatering food can be a haven for foodies, but its scenic destination with picturesque locations will leave you drooling for more. Known for its deep-dish pizzas, iconic art museums, and high-rise skyscrapers, this Midwestern city offers endless inspiration to kick-start your creativity. To help you out, we picked out 11 stunning Instagram picture ideas in Chicago.

1. Keep it classy at an urban historic arts loft near Garfield Park Conservatory

Urban Historic Arts Building Loft chicago rental
Source: Peerspace

Experience the urban beauty of this historic arts loft after your whimsical walk in the Garfield Park Conservatory. This creative space can accommodate up to 20-30 guests with a fully available kitchen. Additionally, it is furnished with an array of musical instruments — acoustic and semi-acoustic. So cozy up with your friends and enjoy the comforts of the sleek modern couch that faces the movie projector on the wall. Catch a snapshot of your musical companions as they showcase their talent with any of the instruments found on every corner of the loft.

2. Embrace the bohemian vibes at a sun-filled timber loft

Sun-filled Timber Design Studio Loft chicago rental
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Venture into this “Camp Chic”-inspired spot to find egg-shaped chairs hanging in the wide open space. It holds a large display TV with display photos, galley kitchen, and even a rope swing! Your photos will certainly exude tranquility as you relax on those hanging chairs while overlooking the large open window. Or it can be your moment of tropical fun as you swing across the sun-lit room in delight. This space focuses on natural lighting, so be on the lookout for the bright, sunny days.

3. Make magic happen at a multipurpose raw urban warehouse

Inspirational and Raw Urban Warehouse chicago rental
Source: Peerspace

This urban warehouse is one of the best Instagram picture ideas in Chicago since it has almost everything you need to create your design! With over 5000 square feet of space plus three connecting rooms you can fit more than one idea for your photo shoots — or your car. Be bold, be honest, and be raw with this location. Its versatility is what makes this such a dope place to be. You can put your ideas without so many limitations and it allows you to express yourself. Really make use of its enormous green screen with moveable LED lights to recreate that Instagram shot of the nightlife vibe.

4. Unleash your creative impulses at a custom-designed studio

Custom Designed Studios for Film and Photography chicago rental
Source: Peerspace

Let your conceptual design and Instagram picture ideas in Chicago run free at this Midnight Cinema Studio. An artistic haven featuring thematic props, a Colorbox Room, and a Lounge Area of seven different sets. Bring out your theatrical poses as you go for each theme of the sets you create. From the Greek royalty to the innocent child in a colorful dream. You become the spotlight and this creative space sets up the story by supporting your concept visually.

5. Reign over a multi-set warehouse loft with a checkerboard room

huge multi-set warehouse loft with immersive checkerboard room - kip studios chicago rental
Source: Peerspace

Located in the heart of Bucktown lies a multi-designed facility called Kip Studio. So if you are looking for a more visually deceptive look to your photos, then try out the checkerboard room. It holds a neon green screen, neon lights, and a chained tire swing! If checkerboards are not your cup of tea, then try out the white room. This chic setting with its chalkboard walls has vintage furniture and luscious floras to use at your disposal.

6. Spread out and unwind at a spacious designer loft near Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park Loft with Huge Open Layout & Designer Finishes chicago rental
Source: Peerspace

Lincoln Park is Chicago’s largest park known for its picturesque gardens. So it is no surprise that one of the best Instagram picture ideas in Chicago exists within its vicinity. This luxurious building has white Scandinavian floorings with natural wood accents and a glass divider. Green herbaceous plants can be found everywhere you turn that ties in to the thematic greenery of the park nearby. If you are looking for a mix of urban and nature then this is your secret garden.

7. Let abundant light shine through at a sunny bohemian storefront

Sunny Bohemian Storefront chicago rental
Source: Peerspace

Catch a game of the White Sox in Guaranteed Rate Field, and stop by for some Instagram-worthy selfies in this boho-inspired building. Built in 1896, it has been renovated with tin ceilings and exposed brick walls. Natural lighting filters easily through its tall storefront windows giving you that perfect glow. Capture candid photos of your family conversing about the recent White Sox game or your friends laughing about a humorous occasion.

8. Create a mood in a natural light creative studio with private park views

Private Park View Natural Light Creative Studio chicago rental
Source: Peerspace

Take your abstract portraits in an intimate space at this equally abstract studio. The red couches offer a pop of color in contrast to the white walls that are decorated with individual miniature plants on cylindrical tubes. It also exhibits a framed display and a chimney surrounded by candles. You can capture some romantic shots with your significant other in these frames. The best part is, this studio is nearby local eateries! Win even more brownie points with your loved one when you can satiate your food cravings with a dinner date after your photo session.

9. Be inspired by the art in a 1980s Deco-inspired cottage in Bridgeport

80s Deco Bridgeport chicago rental
Source: Peerspace

Instagram is all about expressing yourself, which you can absolutely do here. Each room displays several different themes that blend and clash with each other in the most beautiful way. From an Aztec, mid-century chrome dining room to an 1980s-meets-1950s middle room with a Moroccan art mural, there’s something for everyone. Be sure to stop by Millennium Park to find a nifty sculpture in the form of a bean (also known as “Cloud Gate”) if you want to see more of Chicago’s exquisite art.

10. Capture professional shots effortlessly in a modern photo studio

Modern Photography Studio with Cozy Vibe chicago rental
Source: Peerspace

In the heart of Roscoe Village is a chic, contemporary studio. It has moveable colored walls, a large rustic table, a fireside lounge, and a white marble kitchen, giving you that cozy vibe. You have free parking from either side of the building and easy access to the CTA brown line. Your Instagram feed will look swanky, sophisticated, and just fabulous!

11. Become friends with potted plants at an upscale boho-themed oasis

High-end bohemian oasis chicago rental
Source: Peerspace

Take some shots of paradise at this luscious loft. Green floras fill up the room on every corner along with a private guest bathroom and a fully stocked kitchen. This space is exuberant, natural, and fresh, making your images feel more down to earth. Use the books to bring your Instagram picture ideas in Chicago to life, or strum a guitar for a musical feel. Best of all, there’s plenty of free parking available.

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