The 9 Most Instagrammable Places in El Paso (2024)


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El Paso is a city brimming with personality and natural beauty. Downtown El Paso is only a mile from the bridge into Juarez, Mexico, and that cross-cultural influence gives the city a distinct character unlike anywhere else. As such, it’s no wonder this city is incredibly photogenic. Our list of the most Instagrammable places in El Paso includes historic buildings that showcase Mesoamerican architecture, examples of brilliant modern design, and so much more.

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1. Relax in style at this Oasis in El Paso Hills

Oasis in El Paso Hills
Source: Peerspace

El Paso is truly a beautiful city, so it’s little wonder that many of its most Instagrammable places are outdoors. One amazing example is this Oasis in El Paso Hills, a private backyard in Upper Mesa Hills that you can book with ease through Peerspace. The backyard boasts an infinity pool that overlooks the city and the surrounding mountains and desert, including views of Juarez, Mexico and Mount Cristo Rey. The host also provides access to a 1,000-square-foot living space for your crew to store their gear.

Another perk that comes with using Peerspace to book hidden gem spaces? You can read genuine reviews from past renters before booking! And this oasis backyard has plenty of raves. Like this one: “The space is beautiful and Tony was an excellent host, and made sure to accommodate my ideas as best as he could! I would definitely book again with more ideas given the variety of shots you can composite within the space.”

2. Explore the perfect combination of old and new at Hotel Indigo El Paso

The boutique Hotel Indigo is full of stylish scenes, owing to its elegant melding of contemporary design and mid-century aesthetics. The hotel embraces the blend of Mexican and American culture that, in many ways, defines modern El Paso. And this sensibility is reflected in its unique, lively décor.

The fifth floor has a gorgeous outdoor pool area with incredible panoramic views. There, you can splash in the pool, kick back on a lounger, and pose with the entire city as your backdrop. The options for hyper-stylish photography are endless, solidifying the hotel’s position among the most Instagrammable places in El Paso.

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3. Test your top rope action shot skills at New Era Wrestling’s Lucha Libre

From the outside, the El Maida Shrine Coliseum might not look like one of the most Instagrammable places in El Paso. But inside lies a spectacle unlike much else in El Paso. It’s the current home of New Era Wrestling’s epic lucha libre company, which is massively popular in El Paso. Lucha libre is known for its wrestlers donning wild masks, brandishing colorful personalities, and kicking up insane drama. And to say that about a professional wrestling genre should tell you something!

This high-energy tradition of Mexican wrestling is alive and living large in El Paso. That makes this one of the few places in the United States you can see it really done right. And trust us: it’s well worth Instagramming.

4. Take fashionable, super-stylish portraits at Railyard Studio

If you’re looking for the most Instagrammable places in El Paso, you could do much worse than a professional photo studio. Railyard Studio is one of the best. And it’s not just one of the best in El Paso — it’s one of the best anywhere.

Located in the historic Hussman Building in the heart of the warehouse district, this full-service photography studio has ample natural light and stylish minimalist décor. Each room and corner has its own look and feel, allowing for a number of different photo options in the same session. The owners are talented and personable. You can either use the space to do your own photography or lean on them to take the shots and focus on being the best model/influencer/superstar you can be. 

5. Have a cold one at Love Buzz and strike a pose in front of its perfectly vintage exterior

Love Buzz is a dive bar with live music, a retro aesthetic, and quality tacos. What’s not to love? Expect a lot of killer local bands, dancing youth, and sensational drink specials. We’d call Love Buzz one of the most Instagrammable places in El Paso because we’re in love with the exterior, with its vintage El Paso vibe and just the right amount of grit.

In addition, Love Buzz has an expansive and comfortable patio area, perfect for sunny brunch pics or good times in the evening under the hip string lights. Have a fantastic time and post about your experience — half of the fun of Instagram is about stoking #FOMO in others, isn’t it? 

6. Get a little culture in your feed at the El Paso Museum of Art

In 1959, the Samuel Kress Foundation donated a collection of European Baroque and Renaissance art to the city. The El Paso Museum of Art (EPMA) was born to house this seed collection. Some might be surprised to learn that El Paso is home to such a repository of Renaissance art, but it’s true!

Over the years, that collection has grown to include over 7,000 works. The EPMA is also home to its own art school, so the complex truly feels like the thriving, living center of artistic development that it is. Anywhere within its confines you pose for a picture will be epic.

7. Create glamorous, sun-kissed photos at Studio 4B

Studio 4B | A Downtown El Paso Studio
Source: Peerspace

If you’re looking for Instagrammable places in El Paso that take advantage of the region’s abundant light while keeping you indoors, then we have the space for you. Studio 4B in downtown El Paso is a creative’s dream. It’s a 450-square-foot studio with modular furnishings, backdrops, and props that help you create multiple stylish looks all in one space. It’s a fantastic photoshoot location for everything from branding portraits to boudoir shoots.

“Clean venue,” sums up a Peerspace reviewer. “Lots of variety and a phenomenal view. Definitely would come back again”

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8. Post up with your friends on a sunny day at Good Times at 2626

Hanging outside at Good Times at 2626 is like being at someone’s retro backyard barbeque, from the lawn furniture to the blue vintage van. It’s also got one of the most distinctive murals on its façade of any of the businesses on Cincinnati Street. Inside, they’ve got neon, vinyl records, and cheap drinks — what else do you need for a ‘Grammable good time?

Good Times at 2626 is an El Paso mainstay that celebrates the best of El Paso. It hosts vintage market pop-ups, local bands, and food trucks. So it is pretty easy to take legendary photos here!

9. Get glammed out and totally vintage at The Garrison

Elegant Cocktail Lounge in the Heart of Downtown
Source: Peerspace

If you’re looking to take photos dripping with attitude and drama, then you need to check out this elegant cocktail lounge in the heart of downtown. The Garrison is a stunning 5,000-square-foot venue in El Centro that has a South American-Art Deco look that translates beautifully in photos. We think it’s an awesome spot for fashion portraits, lifestyle shoots, and pretty much anything else that would feel at home in its glamorous setting.

The velvet and leather club chairs, elegant chandeliers, and exposed duct work all add up to Instagram gold! And since it is a fully functioning cocktail bar, you can stick around and enjoy some drinks with your colleagues after accomplishing another successful shoot.

Instagrammable places in El Paso: conclusion

Dallas's LED-Lit Studio: Perfect for Fashion & Music Videos
Source: Peerspace

How amazing are these Instagrammable places in El Paso? As you can see from their photos and information, these are the places that rack up likes on Instagram and help your content stand out from the crowd.

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