The 9 Best Interior Designers in Scottsdale

Tucked away close to Phoenix, a lot of tourists tend to miss out on the beauty that Scottsdale offers. However, the locals in the area know all about the talented Scottsdale interior designers and what they offer. From beautifying residential areas, bringing in beauty and sophistication to help create dream homes, to assisting businesses to reach peak aesthetics.

This list of professionals doesn’t limit themselves to interiors, either. You can count on this wonderful group to keep Scottsdale beautiful both inside and out. At Peerspace, we’re happy to scout out upcoming talent and hidden gems, as we believe that all artists deserve some recognition. So, here are some of the best Scottsdale interior designers!

1. Donna from Vallone Design

Regarding Scottsdale interior designers, Donna knows how to turn heads. Her residential interior design firm, known as Vallone Design, is quite renowned, thanks to her past work and the positive reputation that it’s received. Their portfolio spans traditional to modern spaces while flawlessly creating timeless and customized looks that match each client’s personality. But of course, they happily welcome commercial clients and have worked closely with local businesses such as spas, country clubs, and resorts.

As a result, Vallone Design has been featured in numerous publications from House Beautiful, Traditional Home, and the very beloved Town & Country.

2. Kaitlyn from Iconic Design

You’ll find some of the very best Scottsdale interior designers in Kaitlyn’s full-service design firm, Design+Build. Since 2016, Kaitlyn has put her heart and soul into this wonderful firm. She focuses on creating one-of-a-kind, inspired designs that reflect each client that she works with. Her dedication certainly knows no bounds, and it’s quite apparent in her work.

Her brilliant firm has won multiple awards and featured in publications; plus, left and right, she and her team receive a lot of praise for their hard work. You’re going to find in the portfolio that there are some common themes. Kaitlyn does try to maintain the space’s functionality and structural integrity. Incredible attention to detail is also a part of this, too.

3. Vicki Bergelt Interior Design

Vicki, the owner of Vicki Bergelt Interior Design firm, started her business all the way back in 1991. She wanted to start the Scottsdale interior design company so she could offer her clients more personal and efficient avenues toward their needs within interior design. Plus, she strongly believes that happiness starts right in your environment. So, she continuously guides her clients throughout the years into creating a space solely created for them. Vicki has a creative drive and so much passion that clearly shines in each project.

Her portfolio easily speaks for itself. She includes a lot of luxurious elements, earthy tones reminiscent of the Arizona desert, and symmetry that makes any space look like it came straight out of a magazine. There is no doubt about it that Vicki is certainly one of the best interior designers in Scottsdale.

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4. Wiseman and Gale Interiors

Wiseman and Gale is one of the longest-standing design firms in Arizona. It was established in 1965 by founders George Wiseman and Anne Gale. Needless to say, this partnership was quite legendary, and success happened quite early in the business. This fabulous interior design firm is packed with some of the best Scottsdale interior designers and beyond.

Each project is packed with an extensive creative process, elegance, influential taste, and style. But that’s not all. Wiseman and Gale helped create a solid foundation for interior design in the local community. That would include timeless beauty, emphasis on comfort, luxury fabrics, interesting compositions, and subtle details throughout the space.

5. Traci from Friedman & Shields

Traci is the founder of Friedman & Shields. Thanks to her passion for interior design, she chose to follow her dreams and create one of the best interior design firms in the Scottsdale area. She and her small team all pitch in to give the clients the best design journey they can experience. This allows the clients to get to know everyone and have their thoughts and visions put into account.

Traci and her team are constantly trying to ensure they give exactly what their clients are after. Checking out some of the past projects, you’re going to find a delightful combination between traditional interiors, luxury, and plenty of personalities that beautifully reflect the clients’ personalities.

6. Tony from Est Est, Inc.

Dating back to 1984, Est Est Interior Design is a creative group owned and operated by designer Tony. He and his team of talented interior designers offer a rich mixture of ideas tempered by comprehensive experience.

Est Est is constantly striving to be the finest in its industry. While they happily serve the Scottsdale area, Tony and the gang are more than happy to go beyond Arizona to provide their clients with the best interior design services. Clients highly praise this one-stop-shop, and their portfolio’s beautiful schemes show evidence of that.

7. Kristen from Guided Home Design

Kristen from Guided Home Design focuses on giving the best experiences to her clients. And backed by some of the best Scottsdale interior designers, she can easily ensure her clients that they’re in capable hands. With 16 years in business, Kristen and the team at GHD are committed to delivering projects above and beyond their clients’ expectations.

Everyone there takes great pride in how the company can combine functionality with aesthetics. The main goal is to create an environment that is able to achieve timelessness while still balancing out freshness through a wide range of styles.

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8. Sofia from Nxt Lvl Interior Design

Sofia from Next Lvl Interior Design is here to help out clients when it comes to creating beautiful spaces. She is always there to help bring a customized touch. Sofia especially loves to help out with vacation rentals, bringing that hospitable touch that instantly makes those spaces feel like an oasis.

When checking on Sofia’s portfolio, you’ll be amazed! She packs in those earthy tones that resemble the Arizona landscape and brings some modern-luxe vibes through the décor. She is always achieving this welcoming but very comfortable atmosphere that’s needed for space (especially for rentals). This rising interior designer deserves to be on the list as one of the best interior designers in Scottsdale.

9. Lauren from Living with Lolo

Interior design is the center of the world for Lauren. She is fueled by her passion and is always willing to learn more about the skill. Originally a marketing manager for a skincare company, Lauren wanted so much more. She always loved interior design, so she took the plunge and started up her own business.

There’s no doubt about it that it was an excellent decision! She’s one of the most sought-after interior designers in Scottsdale, and she’s been in major publications such as Martha Stewart, Homes+ Gardens, House Beautiful, and so many others! She is a visionary, always looking to innovate her business, the interior design industry, and help her clients achieve a gorgeous aesthetic they’ll adore for years!

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