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4 Lifestyle Brands That Are Crushing It in Video Right Now

Lifestyle brands that make clothing, footwear, and jewelry for the average Joe have a very specific goal in mind with every advertisement. They may ask themselves, “How do we make a large number of people aspire to wear this item, even if everyone else is wearing it, too?” To achieve this, the ads need to be integrated with the culture.

While high fashion makes people aspire to become what they currently aren’t, lifestyle makes people aspire to be more in tune with culture. These four lifestyle brands are creating incredible video content that pushes the culture forward, inviting the masses to join the movement. In this article we’ll break down what these brands are doing so well with their video content, so that you can replicate their success on your net project.

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1. AllBirds

AllBirds makes some of the best lifestyle product ads for their shoes, because they keep the production simple while working very hard on the concept and the script. In this video, they specifically target the Yogi, someone who is very conscious of the environment, and who dresses in a way that AllBirds compliment.

In the voiceover script, they illustrate the natural materials that AllBirds is known for by pointing out the the unnatural materials in her yoga mat, as compared to the natural padding in the shoe. Furthermore, every frame of the ad is very clean and minimal. There are no fancy effects or transitions. No loud overbearing soundtrack. No grandiose claims about the world or about other people.

AllBirds made a very good, comfortable, conscious shoe, and communicating those facts is enough for the consumer they are trying to reach. A great lesson from AllBirds’ strategy is this: When in doubt, simplify. Sometimes the simplest version of an idea is the most effective. Sometimes the effects and skill needed to add flair to a video only dilutes the message and makes the ad less effective in selling more product.

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2. Adidas

This particular Adidas campaign with Donald Glover is one of the most unique pieces of advertising to hit the internet in 2019. Just looking at the ads themselves, they are beautiful. Every frame looks like it was pulled from cinema, and the storylines are both laid back and incredibly intriguing.

Donald perfectly established a juxtaposition between high class living, but appearing as just another regular guy at home. Another impressive part of these ads is the way that the product is incorporated. Ultimately for Adidas, the goal of this campaign was to tell the world that Donald Glover wears Adidas, and by telling the world that, his fans will buy more shoes from Adidas.

But in the campaign, there is barely any mention of the shoe at all. In fact, in the first campaign the only mention of the shoe is when Donald’s mom tells him that his shoes are too dirty and ugly to be on their carpet, and she laughs at him for having his shirt off like he’s in the ’70s.

Having the courage to trash your own product and still trust that the added awareness will drive customers to the brand paid off for them tenfold, because that approach allowed viewers to forget the fact that this is just another ad.

3. Fila

This ad from Fila for their Spring/Summer 2020 collection is a beautiful example of a simple visual effect used as the basis of a video concept for a lookbook. This ad uses multiple shots with the same subject and framing in order to intercut them together in their own pieces of the frame.

The contrast between monochromatic scenes, and full color scenes with only two tones keeps the aesthetic clean and minimal, while creating color contrast and visual interest throughout the piece. Even though you see the same clothes throughout the video, and there is no storyline, you’re still drawn in by the nature of the visuals, and uncertainty of what cool shot or effect will come next.

Everything about this video illustrates exactly who should wear this collection. Like the style of the video, if you wear subtle color pops with a monochromatic look, if you like clean aesthetics with unexpected subtle flair, and if you like the retro futurism of the collection and the graphics, then this collection is for you. If the aesthetic of the video doesn’t resonate with you, then the collection is probably not for you.

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4. PacSun

PacSun is a clothing store primarily targeted for young adults who identify as urban explorers, and typically follow hype culture and the latest clothing trends without buying all of the most expensive drops. PacSun carries a variety of the hottest brands, and so their advertising is less about the product, and more about the lifestyle their customers lead. That is why this video is so perfect for the holidays at the end of 2019.

The first thing they did really well was picking an aesthetic and a location that communicates a heavy nostalgic, fun, adventurous feel. During the holidays most people are very focused on spending time with the people they love. Family, friends, and adventure together gives the viewer a feeling to aspire to, and another group of people to relate themselves to.

Culturally, film photography has been a big trend for the last few years, and the film look of this short video really enhances the nostalgic feel of the content itself. The models in the film are also very diverse, and are relatable in most friend groups. Almost anyone can watch this film, and think that they would love to have a trip like that with their friends. What they may not realize, is what that does to them psychologically.

When they see themselves, in PacSun’s adventure video, they also see themselves as the type of person who would shop at PacSun, and once that connection is made in the brain it is very hard to undo. Overall, this is the lowest budget production in this article, but it may be one of the most effective for its target audience.

Remember that the next time you’re planning out an ad, it may serve your goals to cut some costs, and make something low budget that’s still fine tuned to the people you want to reach.

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