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4 Luxury Brands with Beautiful Video Ads

How does a luxury brand rise to the status, class, and level of perceived quality that is required to gain the trust of the elite? Luxury brands are built on three pillars: storytelling, quality, and exclusivity. The storytelling involves marketing materials like campaign images, video ads, and social content that resonates with the people you want to love your company. Then, the things you sell have to be of high quality. Luxury brands sell to the wealthy, and people who aspire to be wealthy.

Wealthy people tend to care much more about buying something well made that will last, than they care about the trendiness of what they’re buying. Therefore, if your product is sub-par, your brand is not luxurious. Finally, luxury is exclusive. Only a few people are invited to the dinner with other CEOs. Only a few can walk straight into the best clubs in LA. Only a few people can afford to buy a Rolls Royce. Only a few people had the chance to buy the latest Nike x Off White sneakers. Exclusivity drives drives jealousy, and jealousy is a wildly effective method to sell a lifestyle.

In this article, we’ll be looking at four luxury brands that are creating incredible, effective, video ads that you can use as inspiration for your next project. On your next project, you may have trouble finding a luxury-worthy location to film, and for that, Peerspace has you covered. Peerspace uncovers thousands of unique spaces in hundreds of cities, giving you creative places to meet, create, and collaborate.

1. Coach

Coach has long been one of the most well known luxury brands, and grew to its current status because of one simple fact: everyone can own something from Coach, but almost no one can afford anything they want from Coach. For that reason, the hottest celebrities can wear Coach shoes and clothing, but their status is not diminished by the middle aged woman in the midwest carrying a Coach purse.

In this ad example from Coach’s Instagram, we see Michael B. Jordan outfitted head to toe in Coach, and they are styled perfectly. Right from the start, the viewer can see a celebrity they know and love and connect with. That immediate connection is extremely valuable in keeping a viewer for longer than three seconds, so that you can impact them with the content of the video.

From there, Coach used a camera robot called KIRA to achieve the fast, accurate camera movement you see in the video. The benefit of spending the extra money to get these shots is for added interest and staying power. Then the camera movement is so different than what they normally see that they stick around longer, and are introduced to the shoes that are being sold. Then if they like the shoes, and can afford them, you’ve just made a sale.

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2. Dior

Dior is a beautiful company, and their ads are all almost exactly the same. In every ad, including this one with Natalie Portman, we start off seeing a celebrity we already know and love. Not only is it someone we know and love, it’s a specific type of person, who speaks to other people to aspire to be like her. Dior is for the classy, rich, elegant, dainty woman, or the woman who longs to live that way.

Natalie Portman is a perfect fit for Dior’s customer to aspire to, and this ad represents her beautifully. The song used is the incredibly popular Chandelier by Sia. The visuals are light and airy, with a light pink accent on her dress, in the graphics, and that color scheme matches both the color and scent of Dior’s product. Overall, this is a beautiful, simple ad that is likely very effective in keeping potential customers engaged and interested in the brand.

3. Luis Vuitton

Luis Vuitton is a luxury brand that has long been heralded by the wealthy, “old-money” elite of the world. These days, they also speak to the non-conformists, the young world travelers, the kids who keep up with every hype drop, and those that wear LV are clearly set apart because of the exclusivity that comes with the name. This ad shows us exactly how closed off from the group we are, and drives us to pay the price to join the club. This particular collection is designed by Virgil Abloh, which makes the product even more exclusive.

A few technical factors really set this ad apart from the rest of the content you’ll find scrolling through your Instagram feed. First, the location is mesmerizing. The whole piece is set in a deserted area in Chefchaouen, Morocco, and displays the many colors and textures of the city that world travelers long to see. Each of the models illustrate diversity and complexity of character for the world traveling individuals that Luis Vuitton seeks to serve. Then the clothing is expertly showcased.

Models pose against colored walls that provide beautiful contrast, and close up shots show off the newly designed hats, jackets, bags, and other items Virgil has re-made in his signature “in process” and quotable aesthetic. Wearing this collection speaks volumes about who you desire to be in the world, and this ad gives you that story to adopt about yourself.

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4. Hermes

Hermes classifies itself as a contemporary artisan brand, and their content closely resembles that assertion. In these two shoe ads, the videographer responsible was tasked with creating short 5 second loops with the space and set provided, and they absolutely nailed it. The set design itself does the heavy lifting for visual interest and intrigue, and allows for a few simple tricks to make a very fun and compelling ad.

The video begins by zooming in on the shoes during the action of tying the shoes. This immediate, dramatic camera movement subconsciously informs the viewer that a lot more interesting things are coming, so they should stick around and watch more. In the same shot, it gives possibly the best look at the product itself. From there, we follow a couple more actions through a beautifully lit, artisan set, and it loops for as many times as the viewer finds it satisfying to watch.

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