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The 10 Best Maternity Photoshoot Ideas in Phoenix

As one of America’s biggest — and warmest cities — Phoenix, AZ, is a great location for a maternity photoshoot year-round. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor location with scenic views or an indoor photo studio with A/C and other amenities, there are plenty of interesting venues to rent for the occasion. We’ve put together this list of 10 maternity photoshoot ideas in Phoenix — all of which are available to rent by the day or hour — to help you find the perfect spot for your session.

1. A customizable photo studio in Willo

versatile adjustable studio with dressing room studio phoenix rental
Source: Peerspace

First, let’s start with this customizable photo studio in Willo, which has everything you need for a professional shoot. If your vision includes any props or digital effects, you’ll be well taken care of at this 1620-sq.ft. space with two studios and a dressing room. Use the white cyclorama wall as your backdrop, or rent additional lights and photography equipment to work with. The venue also includes the option of repainting the walls so they’re nice and bright, as well as combining studios A & B for a larger and more flexible workspace.

2. A unique silo home in Garfield

One-of-a-Kind Silo Home phoenix rental
Source: Peerspace

If you want a one-of-a-kind backdrop for your photoshoot, consider renting this silo home, which is basically a tiny house built in a silo. Although the shooting space is small, the design has won awards from Dwell architecture magazine, and features modern decor and furnishings. It has a main seating area decorated with wood and black steel, while a spiral staircase leads up to the mezzanine bedroom. Outside, a botanically diverse desert garden completes the scene. This stylish, modern venue makes for one of the coziest maternity photoshoot ideas in Phoenix.

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3. A modern guest house in Garfield

Award Winning Design, Modern Minimalist Guest House phoenix rental
Source: Peerspace

Another award-winning design, this modern guest house in Garfield features a minimalist interior with a lush outdoor garden. The all-white walls open up onto a wooden deck, while the windows look out onto a grassy lawn. There’s also an outdoor wood stove for a cozy seating area, as well as a large stack of wood lending the space authentic natural charm. Whether you choose to shoot inside or out, this is another maternity photoshoot idea that will look great in your photo album — or on the cover of a magazine!

4. A desert oasis in Peoria

Secluded Desert Oasis for Film phoenix rental
Source: Peerspace

You’ll find a different kind of style at this classy desert oasis, which offers 1.5 acres of secluded space and beautiful sunset views. The modern home has two master bedrooms and a spacious seating area with a billiards table and cozy furniture overlooking the kitchen. But the highlight of this space is the backyard, which features an in-ground pool, hot tub, and patio with an outdoor fireplace. The home is built in the Pueblo/Santa Fe style and is surrounded by a desert garden for a classic Arizona setting that will look great during golden hour.

5. A beautiful backyard in Bel Air

Central Phoenix Guest House, Beautiful and Comfortable phoenix rental
Source: Peerspace

If you want something less desert and a little more garden, try this guest house in Bel Air, which has a backyard seating area under a ramada, and an outdoor firepit with stones and sculptures. The exterior design is bright and colorful, providing a vibrant look that’s perfect for a springtime photoshoot. It’s one of the most affordable maternity photoshoot ideas in Phoenix.

6. An elegant home in Paradise Foothills

Film & Photo Location phoenix
Source: Peerspace

This home is a great choice for a sophisticated maternity photoshoot. With a Yamaha piano and a built-in recording studio, it’s perfect for the mother-to-be who plays a musical instrument. From a staged pose at the piano to relaxed shots in front of the fireplace, you’ll have a range of options to choose from for your shoot. Outside, there’s a yard featuring cacti and other native plants. Also, this is another great venue that’s available to rent on Peerspace from a local host.

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7. A luxury outdoor space in South Mountain Village

Luxury Outdoor Space with Sweeping Skyline Views phoenix rental
Source: Peerspace

This luxury pool and patio is your go-to spot if you want to incorporate water features into your photos. With two pools and skyline views, this is a ritzy getaway at an affordable price. Stage your shots on the upper deck with views of the city, or wade into the swimming pool, which has a beach entry, an overhanging cave (with a waterfall!), and a Baja shelf. You can get dozens of creative shots at this 2,000-sq.ft. outdoor space just a short drive from downtown Phoenix.

8. A garden and bungalow in Coronado

Urban Desert Retreat With Historic Bungalow phoenix rental
Source: Peerspace

The colorful wall outside of this modern bungalow says it all: this is a bright and stylish space for an artsy mother-to-be. Use the mural as your backdrop when you stage your shots in the desert garden, complete with raised garden beds, a wooden shade structure, and a bocce court. Inside is a modern bungalow with white walls, minimalist decor, and light green trim. If you want to rent a space with both modern and historic features — and a unique landscape — this venue is it!

9. A lakeside venue in South Tempe

film photo location by the lake phoenix rental
Source: Peerspace

This venue combines a modern home with stunning lakeside views for an impressive photoshoot idea. Located right by the water, you can have a photoshoot on the patio, with its comfortable seating area or inside the house. With a baby grand piano, and guitars on the walls, this is another great choice for a mother-to-be with artistic or musical tastes. At the time of this writing, it rents for $95 per hour, and for an extra $25 per person, your hosts will even make you breakfast!

10. A luxury ranch in Scottsdale

62 Acre Luxury EcoRanch in the Heart of the Sonoran Desert phoenix rental
Source: Peerspace

Finally, you’d be missing out if we didn’t mention this luxury 62-acre ranch that offers a beautiful photoshoot location just a short drive from Phoenix. Choose this venue if you want to pose with Saguaro cacti in the Sonoran Desert. You’ll have access to three barns, an arena, and organic garden. There’s also a two-bedroom suite with a private outdoor pool available separately, plus a luxury travel trailer and bunkhouse where you can stay comfortable between shots.

Phoenix is full of award-winning homes and event spaces, all in a scenic desert environment. Of course, the hot weather can get in the way of a comfortable photoshoot, so be sure to choose a space that’s appropriate for the season — with shade and A/C if necessary.

When you look up a venue on Peerspace, you’ll see a list of all the amenities that are included in your rental — and if you need something that’s not there, you can ask your host or call up the Concierge service to see if you can add it on to your booking. No matter what kind of maternity photoshoot ideas in Phoenix you have in mind, the venues on this list will have you covered!

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