12 Creative “May The Fourth” Dinner Ideas

Looking for fun “May The Fourth” dinner ideas? At Peerspace, we get it! The “Star Wars” franchise is bigger than ever. Since the IP’s acquisition by Disney, it feels like there is a new show or movie for fans to feast on every time we turn our heads. That means this year your “May The Fourth” party will be bigger than ever. Check out these 12 creative “May The Fourth” dinner ideas that will be a hit with all of your force-fanatics!

1. Bake a Millennium Falcon cake

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Possibly the most legendary ship in the entire Star Wars franchise, the Millennium Falcon has been a fan favorite ever since it made it through the Kessel run in 12 parsecs! What better way to honor it than making an edible shrine to Han Solo’s ship? This recipe from How To Cook That has a simple solution for making what sounds like could be a task as difficult as blowing up the Death Star.

2. Tie Fighter cheese and crackers

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Another spaceship that has garnered quite the fan base is none other than the Empire’s Tie Fighters. The classic design is super easy to emulate with just a few simple ingredients. This tutorial on how to make Tie Fighter cheese and crackers is a creative “May The Fourth” dinner idea that will provide your guests with a fun snack to pretend to fly around and shoot at things – before they’re devoured!

3. Dress up as your favorite “Star Wars” character

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“May The Fourth” gives “Star Wars” fans another chance to bust out their favorite Halloween costume or cosplay. Getting together with some friends and having some lightsaber duels in the backyard is a great way to celebrate the holiday. Just keep the Jedi robes far away from the grill!

4. Plan a “Star Wars” themed getaway

May The Fourth Dinner Ideas
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If you don’t have the space to throw a party, there are some great options available to you for hosting your “May The Fourth” dinner. Peerspace is a great option for finding the perfect place, even spaces that hosts have already decked out with “Star Wars” flair. This blue, charming themed cabin in Frazier Park, California, has a room that would make any fan truly geek out! Take a look at what’s available in your area – you’re sure to find something that would suit you and all your “Star Wars”-loving pals.

5. Have some creative fun with “Star Wars” arts and crafts

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Arts and crafts is a great creative “May The Fourth” dinner idea for someone wanting to get their guests involved with a fun tactile project. There are tons of great ideas out there already, like this adorable BB-8 bicycle wheel decoration from StarWars.com! You’ll be rolling around with everybody’s favorite spherical droid in no time.

6. Give your guests something “Chewie” with Wookiee cookies

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Who doesn’t love a Wookiee? Ever since Chewbacca came along in the original trilogy, the furry alien race has been a fan favorite. This recipe from the May The Fourth Be With You Party Blog shows you how to make some chewy, gooey, and delicious cookies that would tame even the most prickly Wookiee at your dinner.

7. Have a “Duel Of The Fates” with lightsaber pretzel sticks

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The lightsaber has been an iconic part of the series from the beginning. Kid and adult “Star Wars” fans everywhere have surely dreamed of getting their hand on the colorful weapon and giving it a swing. These lightsaber pretzel sticks from I Should Be Mopping The Floor are a delicious way to end any battle – and less likely to cut anybody in half. Have your guests pick the color of their favorite lightsaber from the series, and get ready to hear some crunching!

8. Organize a special “Star Wars” watch party

May The Fourth Dinner Ideas
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If it’s “May The Fourth,” you’ve probably already got a few movies or television shows lined up to watch. If you really want to upgrade your party, then check out what Peerspace has to offer. The platform offers you access to tons of amazing places available to rent and watch a movie, including entire theaters like this downtown luxury dine-in movie theater in Las Vegas! What better way to watch your favorite “Star Wars” movie than in a luxury recliner and a great meal?

9. Have some breakfast for dinner with Yoda pancakes

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A nice twist on your “May The Fourth” dinner this year could be flipping things on their head and having breakfast for dinner night. StarWars.com has a recipe for Yoda-shaped pancakes that are almost too cute to eat. With a little maple syrup from the swamps of Dagobah, your guests will be in for a dinner worthy of the Jedi master.

10. Serve up some Blue Milk for a tasty pairing

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Something that would go great with Yoda pancakes is a nice glass of the galaxy’s favorite drink – blue milk! The foamy drink has become a favorite of guests at the new “Star Wars” area of Disneyland: “Galaxy’s Edge.” This recipe from Creme De La Crumb is inspired by the same drink you would get at the park and is an easy way to give your guests a delectable non-alcoholic beverage and round out your breakfast for dinner.

11. Pay tribute to the galaxy’s biggest weapon with a watermelon Death Star

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The Death Star has become one of the most memorable weapons ever put to film. Turn the planet-destroying mechanical monstrosity into a refreshing summer treat by carving up a watermelon. Check out this tutorial from Kuriositas that explains how to make this easy and creative “May The Fourth” dinner idea.

12. Bring the Mos-Eisley Cantina home with some “Star Wars” themed cocktails

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For a party with some older “Star Wars” fans, you may want to provide your guests with fun cocktails inspired by the series. Take a look at this list from PopSugar, they have some really fun cocktails with names like “Jedi Mind Trick” or the “Rey-tini.” Be sure to drink responsibly and hand over the keys to your Landspeeder if you’re going to be having a few of these quirky drinks.

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