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The 9 Best Minneapolis Wedding Videographers

Minneapolis is an amazing city to live. Nestled on the banks of the mighty Mississippi, the city has one of the richest arts and cultural scenes in America. It’s no surprise then that some of the most talented videographers in the country call Minneapolis home. Choosing a wedding videographer can feel overwhelming, and rightfully so — it’s a big decision. Anyone can operate a camera, but the best Minneapolis wedding videographers have tons of creative vision, supported by a strong grasp of filmmaking fundamentals. Take a look at these pros to see why we love them.

1. Alyson and Kuba of Eyetography Film and Foto

The brilliant creative team behind Eyetography Film and Foto, Alyson Jubert and Kuba Kraszkiewicz employ a photojournalistic approach to wedding coverage, documenting every sentimental moment without ever interrupting the flow of the day. Their highly narrative-forward style puts you, the client, at the forefront of their films, telling your unique love story on your terms. Looking at their work, it’s clear that the Eyetography team has sincere admiration for the couples they work with, and each thoughtful scene is both shot and edited lovingly, with expert attention to detail. Accompanying Alyson and Kuba during post-production is their eagle-eyed — or should we say cat-eyed — supervisor, Kopernik.

2. Sunset Blue Productions

Founded in 2004, Sunset Blue Productions is passionate about weddings and deeply committed to client satisfaction. The dynamic team is highly experienced, capable of working weddings of any size. They’re serious about the work they do, understanding fully the responsibility they undertake when you put your trust in them to film your wedding. From intimate coverage of the emotional moments on the ground to a bird’s-eye view from drones, Sunset Blue Productions can capture it all and create a stunning final film of your special day.

3. Landon Oldenburger Videography

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Boasting artistic sensibilities and a refined eye for framing and composition, Landon Oldenburger works with a bright, airy, and natural style. He comprehends that the wedding day can rush past in a blur, and that it’s easy to forget the small details of the occasion. Landon catches everything, from the small, unique moments all the way to the ceremony — and everything in between. The little, precious moments — the tiny details — are often missed by the bride and groom, especially on the wedding day itself, which flies by. That makes Oldenburger’s wedding films timeless mementos that pay off again and again as the years tick past.

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4. Chris and Lizzie of Sky Focus Films

Sky Focus Films brings a vintage vibe to their work, along with the perks that come with top-of-the-line, modern equipment. You’ll love the look of their films if you appreciate the lovely mashup of classic and contemporary that permeates each of their creations. Putting authenticity first, Sky Focus Films captures the real moments of your wedding day and focuses on telling your story, first and foremost. Over a decade in the business has given Sky Focus Films’ Chris Martin and Lizzie Rose a ton of experience, and they put it to good use, consistently creating a stunning final result.

5. Matt and Dena of We Do Wedding Videography

Matt and Dena of We Do Wedding Videography have been filming weddings nonstop over the past handful of years. They boast a knack for using high-quality audio, an often-overlooked aspect of wedding videography that’s crucial. In many cases, videographers intend to simply slap music over the entire video, but there’s something profoundly special about having the option to re-listen to your spouse’s vows, as well as the speeches made. We’re big fans of their warm color correction style and high contrast with rich darks, but we’re even bigger fans of the fact that they don’t pigeonhole themselves into one style or another. They thoughtfully treat each wedding as the unique project it is.

6. Tim and Hannah of Snowshoe Productions

Tim and Hannah Baias met in 2009, and nearly a year later they were married. Then they founded Snowshoe Productions together, and the rest is history. Their own love story inspires them every day to tell that of their clients, and their work is brimming with talent and creative energy. Check out the production quality of the video above: take in its cinematic feel, elegant fades and pans, the lovely bokeh. You won’t find shaky shots here. On occasion, the duo applies just the softest touch of mood-enhancing effects in post-production, the sort of thing that goes unnoticed but contributes to the overall artistry of the film. It’s good old-fashioned quality cinematography, and it works beautifully.

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7. Amberleigh and Brad of A.B. Rich Films

A.B. Rich Films is an award-winning production company founded by Amberleigh and Brad Rich. They’re a solid duo who are producing incredible work. Their clients have raved about the two, saying they have tons of fun on shoots while working incredibly hard, and there’s no replacement for a good, honest work ethic. In their films, you are at the center of the story, the star of the movie, and, best of all, the visuals are sharp and natural. The end result is authentic memory captured on the camera, delivered to you to revisit time and time again.

8. Hard Copy Film Co.

Founded in 2013, Hard Copy Film Co. has had strong momentum since Day 1. Year after year, their wedding coverage has been winning awards and thrilling clients. Coming from a background in sports videography, this team knows all about capturing action as it unfolds, giving them a particular edge when it comes to filming those all-important dance sequences. Their end results are always breathtaking. Above all, their dedication and experience place them among the most talented Minneapolis wedding videography teams you could work with.

9. Bobby and Mycah of Redmond Digital Media

Bobby and Mycah of Redmond Digital Media have known each other for a long time, and they’ve been filming in various capacities for almost as long. Drawing inspiration everyday from each other, this married duo knows how to tell a compelling story filled with genuine emotion. From scenes rich with sentimentality to the epic shots of the surrounding landscape, Redmond Digital Media will capture it all and weave together a jaw-dropping wedding film that will excite you, move you, and, most of all, remind you of one of the best days of your life.

You might not realize it, but Minneapolis wedding videographers are a grand bunch, probably owing to the city’s world-class creative scene. If you’re planning a wedding, you’ve got loads of brilliant options for a videographer, but do be sure to contact one early, as their schedules often fill up a year or more in advance. So pour a cup of coffee, get clicking, and check out some portfolios!

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