12 Beautiful Newborn and Sibling Photoshoot Ideas

Have a newborn with siblings? Then here are 12 inspiring newborn and sibling photoshoot ideas that will allow you to capture their relationship for posterity. We’ve also included links to a few Peerspace listings that we’re recommending for various photoshoot ideas and that you can rent by the hour, so keep an eye out for those, too!

1. Prioritize safety above all else

Baby Girl Photoshoot Ideas
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We’re sure you know this, but before we list newborn and sibling photoshoot ideas, we’ll just reiterate: make sure to prioritize safety when choosing photoshoot poses! For more advice on this topic, here are some essential safety tips for newborn posing and photography from a former NICU nurse.

2. Use textured backdrops for visual interest

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One safe and easy way to pose newborns and their siblings is with the two of them lying comfortably on a textured rug, and with their heads and necks supported by pillows. With this pose, parents can sit beside the rug (but not visible in the frame) so there’s always someone waiting to step in if need be.

If your home is a bit lacking in textured rugs and furniture, consider renting a Peerspace that already comes with this type of decor. As an example, this Paris-inspired apartment in Chicago, IL has Flokati furniture, jute rugs, an “intimate, professionally styled, celebration ready studio,” and many more features that make it an amazing destination for a photoshoot.

There’s also this warm urban textured studio in Baltimore, MD, which has not only a variety of lovely backdrop options but also a grand piano and “12-foot arched windows that bathe [the] space in beautiful natural light.”

3. Have your newborn pose in a basket

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Another safe and super cute newborn and sibling photoshoot idea is to use a basket as a prop and place your baby inside of it, wrapped in soft, breathable fabric so that they are comfortable and secure. Meanwhile, their older sibling can pose with them, interacting with their sibling and giving them a kiss on the head or cheek.

4. Encourage sibling(s) to interact naturally with your newborn

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Here’s a newborn and sibling photoshoot idea that comes to us from photographer Kristin Eldridge: “I start with letting the oldest children take turns holding the newborn, then get the younger siblings close by. I’ll ask them to count toes or pet the baby’s hair. I’ll sometimes be silly [and] ask them if they help change the baby’s poopy diapers! Whatever it takes to keep them interacting with the baby.” The result will be candid photos that are a more accurate representation of your children’s relationship.

5. Use toys as props in your photoshoot

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Bring your child’s favorite toys to your photoshoot and have them play with them, using them as props in some of the photos. Doing so will also help your child enjoy the experience more and keep them from getting bored as quickly (as you probably know, patience and attention span can be a major challenge with younger kids especially).

6. But don’t use too many props

Makeup Photoshoot Ideas
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With too many props in one image, they can be a distraction from the real subjects of the photos! At the very least, make sure to take at least a few photos with fewer or no props, so that you have options when you’re looking through the results of your photoshoot after the fact.

7. Get comfortable posing on a bed

Pin-Up Photoshoot Ideas
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One of the best settings for a newborn and sibling photoshoot is a bed with a nice, simple bedspread on top, especially if you’re having your photoshoot at home. It leaves both children with plenty of space to spread out and get comfortable and is also a relatively plain background for photos.

8. Matching outfits or color schemes

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If you can find matching outfits for your newborn and their sibling, this can make for an adorable photoshoot. Otherwise, to create more visual cohesiveness, you can dress both children in matching color schemes, if not in identical styles of clothing. We’d also recommend avoiding clothes with very busy patterns or any text/logos, because these can be a big distraction in photos.

9. Use newborn posing pillows

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You can find lots of options online for newborn photography pillow sets. We like this one from First Landings, which comes with one donut pillow, two square pillows, and one circular pillow. Another option might be something like this flexible posing pad with adhesive mini pillows from Newborn Studio Props on Etsy. Make sure to figure out what kind of poses you’re planning for the photoshoot before you decide on any particular pillow sets, because different posing pillows work with different kinds of poses.

10. Get some photos with parents

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Although the main focus of this photoshoot might be the newborn and their sibling(s), taking some photos that include the parents as well can’t hurt! They’re certain to treasure these photos later on, and the baby is only a newborn for a short time, so it’s ideal to take as many different photos as you can during this brief life stage. Whenever possible, get some photos of everyone seated or otherwise posed together.

11. Holding hands close-up photo

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For this pose, have your child hold their newborn sibling’s hand(s), capturing the size difference as a touching and concrete memento of this time. You’ll definitely want to frame this one when you see the adorable, heartwarming result!

12. Newborn seated on their sibling’s lap

Newborn and Sibling Photoshoot Ideas
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We recommend this newborn and sibling photoshoot idea for older siblings, rather than for toddlers because older kids are more able to securely hold a newborn. This is a popular option that can even work well with a group of three siblings. It’s also a great choice for photos taken in a real photo studio setting with professional lighting such as this modern studio with a floral backdrop in Toronto or this photo/video studio in Brooklyn.

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