The 6 Best Pet Photographers in Grand Rapids

Families looking for notable Grand Rapids pet photographers are in luck because the creatives of Furniture City are some of the most talented in the country. These animal-loving photographers bring in wedding, studio, and lifestyle elements to their work that result in unforgettable heirloom images that shine for a lifetime.

From dogs and cats to baby hedgehogs, all pets deserve to be commemorated via photographs. And these professionals take their work seriously, but with a side of fun, too. Check out these gorgeous pictures taken by experienced the best Grand Rapids pet photographers!

1. Jennifer Waters of The Happy Dog Mom

Jennifer of Happy Dog Mom seeks to deepen the bonds we share with our pets through her blog. In fact, she works with her own loving pack of dogs and with other families with pups as well. Her blog topics include tips on improving your pup’s health and the science of owner-dog communication.

When behind her camera lens, Jennifer prefers shooting outdoors. Here, glowing golden-hour natural light and woodlands littered with autumn leaves create a welcoming environment. She is also an avid cat photographer, working indoors with felines and furry toys to bring out the liveliest expressions! Since cats rarely enjoy studio work, Jennifer comes to them, so they feel comfortable and willing to playfully engage.

2. Trish & Birgit of Tailwagger Dog Photography

The creative masterminds behind Tailwagger Dog Photography, Trish and Birgit, find comfort, joy, and inspiration through their pups Jasper, Schatzi, and Boo! Pet owners are often the best pet photographers because they seek to capture and refine the unconditional love and connection that our animals provide for us. According to Trish and Birgit, “[Pets] make the world a little brighter – they make us laugh, smile and amuse us when we need it most. All we have to do is look in our pup’s eyes and we feel at home.”

We feel that same spark looking through their portfolio! Each pooch is photographed with a mixture of posed and candid moments that help owners reflect on the joys of pet ownership. Working at eye-level with canine clients, the duo offers refreshing perspectives we can’t always appreciate as two-legged individuals. However, even if your pet is of the scaled or feathered variety, Tailwagger Dog Photography has robust experience with a diverse selection of animals.

3. Jessica of Arrow Images Pet Portraits

Gifted pet photographer Jessica of Arrow Images Pet Portraits aims to capture heartwarming pictures that reinforce cherished memories. She is especially adept at finding perspectives that challenge how we see things as human beings. For example, it’s not uncommon to see Jessica crouching in the grass to find just the right angle on a lounging dog.

In addition, she photographs pets that don’t fit into the usual categories; even if you’re an owner of a snake, hedgehog, or tarantula, Jessica is more than willing to work with you. Her editing style is neutral in color with nicely recovered shadows and highlights for an evenly lit, highly realistic feeling. Rather than using heavy-handed editing, Jessica creates natural images that best tap into the emotional elements of our memories. All of this relies on flawless composition and pet handling instincts.

4. Sydney Marie Photography

Sydney Marie is a passionate Grand Rapids couples and wedding photographer who ensures that pets also find a way into the picture whenever possible! Dogs often take center stage in portraits as a result, with their humans standing to the side or even slightly off-camera so that the fur babies are taking their rightful place.

Using a crisp and contemporary editing style, her work is full of deep shadow and high-contrast colors to captivate and bring out details in fur and eyes. What results are images that showcase the special bond your pet plays in your chosen family.

5. Kellie of Hetler Photography

Kelly Hetler’s artistic photography style pairs perfectly with your pets. Lovely pastel shades mixed with glowing highlights create an airy, gentle feel that complements families with children and their beloved pets. Soft skin and fur stand out while the soft backgrounds inspire memories of summer meadows and the smell of flowers. 

She prefers using guided poses to create precisely the scene you’re looking for. Plus, her inclusion of doggy moms and dads ensures pets feel at ease and are willing to cooperate. Since Kelly works so often with engaged and married couples, her pet images often include scarves, hats, and other personal details that make fur babies look their absolute best on your special day.

6. Rebecca Humes Photography

Becky Humes is a talented Grand Rapids photographer who creates pet, portrait, and event photography. She especially loves working in a studio with dogs! Her pet photography includes poses that evoke newborn photography for puppies, incorporating props like costumes and blankets for a playful, whimsical atmosphere.

By bringing dog owners into the studio with makeup and costume, her collaborations are unlike anything you’ll see in the pet photography world. On occasion, Becky may aim for a more formal, heirloom-inspired portraiture style. These comprise strong vignettes and earth tone backgrounds — timeless images ideal for a wall mounting or a photo album collection!

Bonus: Brick Street Studio

Brick Street Studio is based in Ionia and serves all of western Michigan and Grand Rapids. Karlee and Keysha are the principal photographers here, and they mainly focus on wedding and senior photography. However, we also adore their pet photography! After all, your furry friends are always a major part of your life moments, so it’s natural Brick Street adores including them in your milestone portraits.

Looking through their portfolio, you’ll discover that Brick Street loves bringing your pets outdoors for shoots in the beautiful Michigan wild. And we can’t blame them! The combination of the golden light setting and your precious pooch is always irresistible.

Grand Rapids pet photographers: conclusion

industrial photoshoot
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We hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into the work of the best Grand Rapids pet photographers as we have! As you can see, there is a ton of talent in western Michigan.

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