The 8 Best Pet Photographers in New York City

New York City is simultaneously a strange and wonderful place for professional pet photographers to set up shop. Despite being a super-competitive market and presenting unique logistical challenges when it comes to on-site shoots, NYC has an upside: it offers a virtually endless client base of animal lovers hungry for timeless images of pets. Some of the names we’ve highlighted on our list of the best New York City pet photographers have distinguished themselves for going beyond the “cute” factor.

Some embrace the goofy and lighthearted nature of the genre. Still others have mastered the production of sleek, magazine-ready images. Regardless of their particular style, all the photographers profiled below have demonstrated real-deal technical chops when it comes to shooting and editing professional-quality images of our furry companions.


1. Shaina Fishman

After beginning her career in the fashion world, Shaina Fishman decided to establish her own commercial photography company specializing in animal shoots — whether those animals be wild or domesticated pets. Shaina’s ability to move seamlessly between her studio and on-location shoots is one of the reasons her pet photography remains in such high demand with advertising, editorial, and corporate clients in New York City and beyond. Furthermore, she clearly has a knack for capturing the humorous side of her animal subjects.

2. Stacey Axelrod of NYC Pet Photographer

Given Stacey Axelrod’s long track record of advocating on behalf of animals, it’s not so surprising that she’s shifted her photography career into the realm of professional pet portraiture. Before founding her company, NYC Pet Photographer, Stacey spent five years as a staff photographer for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and one year as the staff photographer/videographer at Best Friends Animal Society. She remains active in the animal rescue world by lending her talents to multiple organizations, including Foster Dogs, Inc. and Why We Foster.

This experience, combined with her educational background in photojournalism, has helped elevate her name to the top of New York City’s crowded pet photography market. Stacey is especially skilled when it comes to creating bright outdoor images full of warm colors. She also prides herself on collaborating closely with clients to identify prime locations and innovative conceptual approaches to shoots.

3. Rachel Eve

Rachel Eve doubles her time between running her pet photography business and her day-time job as a licensed veterinary nurse. These roles, combined with her life-long love of animals, allow her to form unique relationships with clients struggling to express the extent of their attachment to pets. One of Rachel’s signature moves is bringing the cuteness factor of both cats and dogs to the forefront. Typically working on location and relying on her expertise shooting in natural light, she has a real talent for capturing pets in playful action scenes. Despite being one of the youngest names on our list of the best New York City pet photographers, Rachel is clearly an up-and-coming star with a bright future in front of her.

4. Natalie Siebers

There’s a great reason why Natalie Sieber’s Instagram account has garnered thousands of followers. Her portfolio is chock-full of surprises and fun twists on the pet photography genre. From underwater shots of cats, to couples posing with their puppies, to sporty images of pet owners and their furry friends set against iconic NYC scenes, Natalie’s work reveals the mark of a professional accustomed to making complex shots appear simple. Furthermore, her editing and framing decisions have a way of conveying emotions that seem tailor-made to the particular pup or feline subject. It’s that kind of thoughtful approach that sets her among the best New York City pet photographers.

5. Andrew Leal of Flobo Photo

Despite being a relatively new arrival on the New York City scene, Flobo Photo’s Andrew Leal is establishing a growing presence in the city’s pet photography world. His images of dogs tend to seek out striking facial expressions, often revealing canines at their most quirky and vulnerable moments. Before relocating from Texas, Andrew spent time photographing dogs for Zilker Bark, Austin’s top professional dog photography brand. Though canines are clearly one of his passions, he frequently crosses over into sports and travel photography, giving his portfolio a nuanced and well-rounded flavor.

6. Leslie Leda

Leslie Leda is a New York City and New Jersey-based pet photographer who is often commissioned to shoot for clients around the country and world. Capitalizing on her high-level editing expertise and comfort working in natural, outdoor settings, Leslie has developed a style that simultaneously merges dark values with intensely bright colors. The result is a captivating portfolio of photographs that are perfectly suited for clients desiring large decorative wall prints in their homes or office spaces. Beyond the commercial side of her work, Leslie is an active member of Hearts Speak, a global community of artists and photographers that uses its collective skills to support shelter pets and animal rescue organizations.

7. Marshall Boprey

What’s so unique about Marshall Boprey and his company, Boprey Photography, is the unapologetic attention he gives to clients searching for luxury shots of their beloved pampered pets. Marshall specializes in working closely with clients to develop a successful game plan for the physical setting of photo shoots, whether that be a curated studio backdrop or a lavishly decorated loft in Manhattan. The end goal is to create images of pets that are bold and elegant, as well as built to last the test of time.

8. Mark McQueen

Mark McQueen is that rare breed of professional photographer who can move with ease between commissions for ordinary individuals and Fortune 500 clients. Since establishing his company, PhoDOGraphy, in 1995, Mark has become one of NYC’s leading names in the pet photography business. Beyond his commercial work, he is perhaps best-known for his pet portraits that he likes to call “outdoor safaris.” During these shoots, Mark captures the street-level view of dogs against backdrops of ordinary street scenes and looming Manhattan buildings, pulling viewers straight into the perspective of animals as they stroll through the city.

Your pet deserves all the attention in the world

It might be a rote statement, but the fact remains that there’s simply no place in the world like New York City. With its size, high-octane energy, and endlessly fascinating street scenes, the place is a wonderland for intrepid photographers of all varieties. Those who’ve focused their skills and passions on the burgeoning business of pet portraiture are sure to remain in high demand for years to come. We’ve had fun getting to know the best New York City pet photographers, and we hope you have, too! Now get out there and hire one!

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