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The 10 Best Phoenix Portrait Photographers

Picking the 10 best Phoenix portrait photographers is a bit like picking your favorite pet. Only a monster can really choose their favorites and actually mean it. We’re no monsters! But we did our best to choose 10 great photographers with unique skill sets. We’ve got something for everyone here on this list — photographers with natural styles, creatives who take a unique, artistic bent, and those that go full-out chasing glamorous shots. So, somewhere among these individuals, there should be a photographer perfect for you.

1. Tommie Cochrum of Tommie Girl Photography

Tommie Cochrum understands that there’s more to being a great portrait photographer than just taking an aesthetically pleasing portrait — there’s also the entire experience, which is equally important. She’s a great believer in setting up an unforgettable experience for the individuals she works with, going out of her way to design her shoots to make her clients feel like stars. She shines as a family photographer who captures portraits of expectant mothers, as she is a lover of life and beauty. Take a look at her portfolio and see if you can picture being one of her superstars. 

2. Studio 616

Taylor and Johnny, the two photographers behind Studio 616, are two super-talented Phoenix portrait photographers with a style that ranges from photojournalistic to fine art. They shoot amazing on-location portraits, especially at golden hour, as well as some of the most creatively staged in-studio portraits we’ve seen. We can’t recommend them enough, especially if you’re part of a family welcoming a new little addition. 

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3. Aaron Kes

Aaron Kes started his career in photography as a transition from his work in the film industry. He is a chill photographer who is able to relax his clients. In addition, he is able to carefully guide them through the process in order to shoot some of the most creative portraits, which come off as classic all while shirking tradition and blazing their own path. His portraiture is colorful but natural, and he’s never afraid to take a new approach or go all out and create something epic. 

4. Lisa Flader of Lisa D Photography

In her portrait sessions, Lisa Flader doesn’t try to force you into some contrived scene or scenario unnatural to your character. Instead, she tries to create laid-back portrait sessions that allow you to just be yourself. She’s able to work to put you at ease, which she manages in two different ways. First, her tremendous portfolio is enough to convince anyone that her way of doing things is a great formula for excellent portraiture. And second, her friendly approach and ability to connect with her clients naturally puts people at ease. And the results are always unique photographs that capture the vibrant personalities of the individuals she works with.

5. Everardo Keeme

Phoenix portrait photographer Everardo Keeme is a Spanish-American commercial and portrait photographer who got his start covering the Amgen Tour (a multi-stage bicycle marathon). In Everardo’s career, he’s developed a tremendous reputation as a corporate headshot photographer for his ability to portray professionals at their very best. His photography has helped people make a good first impression, get hired, even move up the ranks. He’s a Certified Professional Photographer, born and raised in Phoenix. You can trust that he shares your values and will do everything in his power to get the perfect photo. 

6. Jodi Lynn

Jodi Lynn and her co-photographer Traci — of Photography by Jodi Lynn — are two of Arizona’s top family, child, and portrait photographers. Working from a 2000-square-foot studio in Scottsdale, they are able to imagine and produce some of the most gorgeous and memorable portraits around. They both share an incredible passion for photography and connecting with the people they photograph. Under their belts, they’ve tucked away years of experience serving up glamorous, boutique photos to the citizens of Phoenix.

7. Lauren Hansen of Luna Bear Studio

Lauren Hansen takes colorful joyful wedding and engagement photography, as well as energetic and lovely female empowerment portraits. She has built a name in Phoenix as being a kind photographer with a versatile style and eye for color that verges on genius. Her photos are carefully styled and composed to bring out the very best from her subjects. Work with her, and she’ll have you laughing in no time. 

8. Jean Laninga

With her full-service portrait shoots that include makeup, hair, and styling, Jean Laninga is considered one of the best Phoenix portrait photographers and a personal branding genius. You can trust her to create a portrait that puts you in your best light and shows the world what you have to offer. If you need a portrait, why settle for anything less than a master? Check out Jean’s portfolio and imagine what she can do for you.

9. Virginia Stiles

Virginia Stiles has made a name for herself shooting portraits all over Arizona. Her best work is on location, as she’s such an adventurous photographer who loves to explore. She genuinely takes joy in getting to know the people she photographs. She’s a kind photographer with the heart of a teacher, able to walk even the shiest person through the process of making great portraiture. Peruse her portfolio and see how genuinely happy everyone looks, how real their smiles and laughter are. Hiring a photographer with a personality like Virginia’s can make all the difference. 

10. Nader Abushhab of Nbma Photography

Nader Abushhab is a portrait artist and commercial photographer working in the Phoenix area. Nader is a devastatingly talented photographer with no holes in his game. His portraits, landscapes, and glamour shots are all equally unique and jaw-dropping. As a portrait artist, he’s able to capture your essence while at the same time showing you at your very best, your most glamorous. If you want to work with a photographer who never takes shortcuts and can see the beauty in everyone, give Nader a call.

As one of the largest cities in the country, Phoenix has everything you could possibly want in a home — world-class dining, amazing artists, gorgeous natural tableaus, plenty of ways to entertain yourself, and, of course, they have the high-caliber photographers you would expect in such a well-equipped city. These 10 are just the tip of the iceberg. We’re positive that the photographers we’ve showcased here can handle all of your portrait needs, but if for some reason, you’re struggling to find one you can vibe with, a simple Google search will turn up dozens and dozens more.

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