13 Cozy Rainy Mother’s Day Ideas

Don’t let the bad weather get you down this Mother’s Day! Here are 13 rainy Mother’s Day ideas that mom is sure to love — rain or shine!

1. Surprise mom with a photoshoot

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Make your mama feel like a queen for a day by booking her a private photoshoot to celebrate Mother’s Day! On Peerspace, you can rent gorgeous photography studios around the nation for a photoshoot that will make mom feel like royalty. Simply go to Peerspace, type in your location, add your date as Mother’s Day, and click search. You’ll be met with an array of gorgeous spaces to choose from! Learn more about booking the perfect Mother’s Day photoshoot in this Peerspace article.

2. Breakfast in bed

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If your mom has always been the first one to rise at home, beat her to the punch this Mother’s Day! Wake up bright and early to make her an amazing breakfast, consisting of all her favorite foods. Don’t forget the coffee or tea too! Then, when she starts to wake up — surprise her by coming in with her breakfast in bed. There is no better way to start off a rainy Mother’s Day!

3. Spa day

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It doesn’t matter if it’s rainy, cloudy, warm, or windy — a spa day is always an appreciated Mother’s Day idea. Take your mom out to a local spa for a mani, pedi, massage, facial — or maybe all four of these rainy mother’s day ideas combined for a full day of pampering activities!

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4. Take a cooking class together

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For the mother who loves to cook, why not treat her to a super fun cooking class with her favorite child? You can learn to cook a classic with a twist or learn a completely new recipe. See what’s offered around town and then get to booking!

5. Yoga sesh

Rainy Mother's Day Ideas
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Is mom a little high-strung? Get her grounded this Mother’s Day with an awesome yoga sesh! If she’s never done yoga before, consider renting a private Peerspace studio so mom doesn’t feel judged by a studio full of people while learning the ropes. For example, you could check out this gorgeous yoga studio in Idaho for rent on Peerspace. You can even add-on a knowledgeable yoga instructor to your booking for an added $35 an hour!

6. Surprise!

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It might take some hard work and coordination but if you have siblings that don’t see mom on the regular— how about getting them to all come home to surprise your mom, as part of your rainy Mother’s Day ideas? When the weather is crummy, we’re sure there is nothing your mom would rather do than sit inside and catch up with all her kids! 

7. Have a fashion show

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For the moms with overflowing closets, use the rainy weather to give your mom the chance to show off all her favorite outfits that might not have made it out in the closet for a while. You can help her choose a few outfits to get the ball rolling and give her endless compliments as she shows you her look. We bet she’ll happily keep modeling for you all day after that!

8. Go wine tasting

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While the rainy weather might not make exploring vineyards very fun — it’s still a great time to go wine tasting! Check out a local vineyard that comes with an indoor tasting area and plenty of delicious wine. See if you can also request someone to walk you through each wine and describe the subtle flavors and notes to pay attention to.

9. Watch her favorite movie — in a private theater

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Is your mom a movie lover? Then rent out a private theater where you and your family can watch her favorite movies on Mother’s Day! For example, this awesome screening room in NYC comes with a two-tier, elevated leather couch seating for up to 8 people and offers state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment!

10. Make mom an extravagant bubble bath

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One of the best ways to stay cozy on a rainy Mother’s Day is with a warm bath and a good book! Buy your mom the fanciest bath bombs, a super cute tub tray with her favorite drinks, and a good book on top, and light up some candles. Then, let mom enjoy her Mother’s Day in peace!

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11. Share memories with a scrapbook

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This rainy Mother’s Day idea is a present as well as an activity! Create a memories scrapbook with mom with tons of cute pictures from your childhood, as well as pictures from her childhood as well. On Mother’s Day, present the gift to your mom and then spend the day going through the photos and talking about the stories inside!

12. Teach mom a new skill

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Do you have a skill that mom is really proud of you for? For example, does your mom love to tell anyone who’ll listen that you’re an incredibly talented guitar player? Now’s your chance to teach your mom your special talent! Sit down with her for an hour or two and give her a mini-lesson from a “pro” — she’ll love bragging to her friends that you taught her about the thing you’re so talented at! 

13. Let mom choose

Rainy Mother's Day Ideas
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The best rainy Mother’s Day ideas are the ones you know your mom will love to do because she chose them! Before Mother’s Day, open up Peerspace and tell your mom about the cool new website you found. Scroll through the listings in your town or city with her and take note of her reactions to each. Which ones does she like best? What does she think those spaces would be fun for?

For example, maybe she loves the idea of sipping on wine and admiring art at a creative gallery venue like this in Los Angeles. Now you’ve got some Mother’s Day venues and ideas that you are certain mom will love!

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