Here’s How & Where to Rent a Hot Tub by the Hour (2024)

It’s easy to rent a hot tub by the hour with the right platform. Peerspace makes it simple to find and book a hot tub for a wide variety of occasions. Whether you’re planning a lively social gathering, organizing a commercial photoshoot, or just seeking a few hours of relaxation, Peerspace has you covered.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to rent a hot tub by the hour. We’ll show you where to look and how to book. Plus, we’ll highlight some fantastic examples of hot tubs available for hourly rental on Peerspace. Each listing provides details to help you choose the perfect hot tub for your needs.

Dive into the possibilities and make your next event or personal retreat one to remember with a luxurious hot tub experience.

Where can you rent a hot tub by the hour?

A large hot tub next to a swimming pool
Source: Peerspace

The first step to rent a hot tub by the hour is to head over to the Peerspace homepage. Peerspace is by far the largest online marketplace for renting all types of spaces by the hour, including but by no means limited to spaces that come with their own hot tubs.

There are hundreds of listings on Peerspace right now that come with their own hot tubs, and that number only keeps increasing, so it’s a fair bet that there’s a suitable space in your area with a hot tub. Every venue has its own listing that includes high-quality photos of the space, as well as detailed descriptions of the space written by the host.

Many Peerspace listings also include honest reviews from those who’ve rented the space in the past, which is a super helpful insight into what it’s actually like to use the space. And if you have any questions or requests, it’s easy to contact the host of a space through their listing page.

Why should you rent an hourly hot tub on Peerspace?

Renting an hourly hot tub on Peerspace offers flexibility and convenience for any occasion that calls for a touch of luxury and relaxation. No matter if you’re planning a special celebration, adding a unique element to a birthday party, or producing video or photography, Peerspace provides an impressive range of options.

1. Variety of choices: Peerspace hosts a wide selection of hot tub venues across different locations across the globe. From rooftop hot tubs with stunning city views to secluded garden spas that offer tranquility and privacy, the choices are vast and varied.

2. Cost-effective: Renting a hot tub by the hour means you only pay for the time you use, making it a cost-effective solution compared to full-day rentals or the expenses of owning and maintaining a hot tub. This makes luxury more accessible and budget-friendly.

3. Stress-free planning: Booking a hot tub on Peerspace is simple and straightforward. Each listing provides detailed information, including amenities, rules, and user reviews, which helps streamline your planning process. This transparency ensures you know exactly what to expect and can prepare accordingly.

4. Perfect for special occasions: An hourly hot tub rental can turn any event into a memorable experience. It’s ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, romantic evenings, or even creative projects like photo shoots or film productions that require a spa setting.

5. Added amenities: Many Peerspace listings offer additional amenities, such as outdoor seating areas, fire pits, or access to kitchen facilities, enhancing your hot tub experience. These extras allow you to create a more comprehensive event without needing multiple venues.

By choosing Peerspace for your hourly hot tub rental, you’re not just booking a hot tub; you’re securing a unique and enjoyable experience tailored to your needs and desires. Whether it’s for relaxation or celebration, Peerspace makes it easy to add a splash of fun and indulgence to your plans.

How to use Peerspace to rent a hot tub

Cozy Lakeside Cabin with Hot Tub in California
Source: Peerspace

Start a search that includes your event type, the location where you’re looking, and (optionally) the date when you’re planning it. The next step is to narrow down your results only to options that come with hot tubs.

Fortunately, doing this is incredibly easy using Peerspace’s intuitive search interface. At the top of your search results page, click “More filters” and type “hot tub” into the keyword search section.

This will already narrow things down significantly and make browsing listings a lot easier, but there are also a ton of other criteria by which you can fine-tune your results:

  • Hourly price
  • Number of attendees
  • Outdoor spaces
  • Interior spaces
  • Included production equipment
  • Style of the location
  • Space type
  • Other available amenities
  • Whether or not the space can be booked instantly

Once you’ve finished filtering your search to your liking, you’ll want to start looking at individual listings to see if any of them are the kind of space you’re seeking. (Personally, we think this is the most fun part of the process!)

3 examples of hot tubs for rent by the hour on Peerspace

A hot tub rental by the hour in Canada
Source: Peerspace

Let’s get a sense of the variety of Peerspace venues that include hot tubs located in cities around the world.

1. Relax at a lakefront paradise with a pool and hot tub on Lake Scugog, Kawartha Lakes in Little Britain, Ontario

Located a little over an hour from downtown Toronto, this is an amazing property. It not only has a 16-foot swim spa (similar to a hot tub, but more spacious — pictured above) but also an unheated 16-by-32-foot in-ground pool that’s open when the weather is mild, from May to September.

There’s also access to more than 100 feet of waterfront and a 32-foot private dock. You can also hang out on a 10-by-52-foot deck with glass railings and fabulous views of the adjacent lake.

You can look forward to using the fully renovated interior of the six-bedroom, three-bathroom home. It boasts two full kitchens, two living rooms and dining areas, three workspaces, and high-quality exercise equipment. There’s even more to discover once you’re there! So with this rental you’ll have access to the hot tub itself as well as so much more!

2. Head to a spacious cabin in the Smokies with mountain views in Sevierville, TN

This is a 2,600-square-foot, genuine log cabin that has an outdoor hot tub outside. Plus, there’s also unbelievable views of the mountains that you can enjoy while relaxing in said hot tub. These fabulous views are also visible from the cabin’s large deck as well as from inside, through its large windows. Besides the hot tub, additional fun and relaxing amenities here include a pool table and a fire pit.

According to the hosts, it’s most often rented out for longer periods as a vacation home. But the Peerspace listing is for hourly rental and it’s suitable “for films, TV, photo shoots, commercial productions,” and more.

As an added bonus, being here allows you to enjoy that amazing cabin-in-the-woods vibe while being just 12 to 15 minutes from the nearby parkway. So it’s also super accessible by car — truly the best of both worlds.

Cabin in the Smokies with Amazing Mountain Views in Sevierville, TN
Source: Peerspace

3. Unwind at a modern family home with a hot tub in Streatham in Greater London, UK

Hot tub in a backyard of a London home
Source: Peerspace

This stunning family home in Streatham features modern interiors, an outdoor seating area, and a hot tub. It’s an ideal location for film or photography shoots. Just a short walk from the Streatham Hill Train Station, this property boasts an open-plan kitchen with a kitchen island, a garden studio, and a beautifully landscaped lawn with a patio area.

The versatility of the space suits a variety of production needs. Whether you’re planning a commercial shoot or capturing lifestyle photography, this home provides a picturesque setting that enhances any visual project. The hosts are committed to accommodating your specific requirements and are flexible with arrangements based on the nature of your activity.

Explore Peerspace for incredible venues with a hot tub

Treehouse with a Hot Tub Underneath The Stars in Big Bear
Source: Peerspace

Of course, these are just a few of the hundreds of listings on Peerspace that come with their own hot tubs! So if you’re hoping to rent a hot tub by the hour, we’d recommend doing some browsing on Peerspace first. That way, you can see if the site has what you’re looking for in your area. In fact, doing so could end up saving you a lot of time and effort.

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