Here’s Where to Rent a Daylight Studio in Brooklyn

Brooklyn: quite possibly the scene of your next outstanding photoshoot! Whether you are looking for a rustic vibe, a contemporary embrace, or a colorful explosion of vibrant creative passion, one of these awe-inspiring places to rent a daylight studio in Brooklyn will capture your attention. So, let’s check out these Peerspace offerings with the most amazing high-rise windows. These windows permeate translucent wellness and wellbeing to a daylit studio—the border to creativity with the skyscraper metropolis of New York City’s Brooklyn as your backdrop.

1. A contemporary loft

A Modern Loft - Lower East Side nyc rental
Source: Peerspace

With the abundance of highlife living in Brooklyn, this contemporary studio brings you back down to street level. Elegance is intertwined with comfort, inclusive through a refined furniture selection. This daylight studio converts the bustle into peace and tranquility, enabling exquisite creativity to take place from within the floor-to-ceiling windows.

2. An archway to boundless creation

Classic NYC Photography Studio in the heart of SOHO rental
Source: Peerspace

White walls provide an untouched canvas for creativity, all while maintaining its rustic appeal through a contemporary lens. Sitting in the epicenter of Soho, Peerspace brings you towards the skies with this daylight studio available in Brooklyn. And with this height, comes elevated ceilings.

Be it film or photography, the crescent window sets light on a refracting course through the calmness from within these walls. The whiteness of the walls and kitchen are intersected by the blackness of the furniture, providing the room the contrasting colors to entertain any camera.

3. A boho-inspired studio and loft

Bohemian Style Studio and Loft new york city rental
Source: Peerspace

The listing may say bohemian, but with the charred walls, exposed piping, and a rustic AC unit, this is arguably a final scene from Inception. We deviate from white walls to evolved walls, ones that have seen the times and experiences to tell. The windows facing south and east illuminate the room, transforming the studio up the levels into a dream for any photographer.

You have stylistic angles from a multitude of window sills, not to mention the captivating sights through that same 1879 sill. Rent a daylight studio in Brooklyn like this one and make your next shoot straight from DiCaprio’s dreams with Peerspace.

4. A room filled with lights and plants

Sunny Spacious Piano and Plant Filled Brooklyn Loft nyc rental
Source: Peerspace

Okay, we all see the grand piano right? Now take a look, there’s more than one! And the crazy thing is that that’s not the most outstanding thing about this space, at the heart of Brooklyn in Kings County. Rent a daylight studio in Brooklyn like this one: the most refined plant-filled loft. The studio is brimming with vegetation.

And with all this sunlight, it is easy to see how that is possible. As any mother or father to plant life would understand, keeping things alive is not as easy as it seems. But with jaw-dropping curtains, mirrors and white walls reflecting sunlight left, right and center; any shot is breath-taking before it even reaches the editors’ desk.

5. A stylish and luxurious event space

Best Block Prime SoHo Clean Luxury Loft Event Space nyc rental
Source: Peerspace

Luxury, refinement, and elegance. Are we discussing the floor, the furniture, or the sleek black kitchen behind the camera shot pictured above? How about all of the aforementioned. The exposed brick invites the mind and the lens. Coupled with the floor and furniture, the designs give off a two-tone base layer to any artwork crafted between these achromatic walls.

The tasteful luxury doesn’t stop in this open-plan kitchen living area either. It extends to the bedroom and the bathroom. Winsome white upholstery and craftsmanship spread through this apartment similar to the light that flows through these floor-to-ceiling windows. James Bond can almost be pictured sipping his Martini on that armchair as he dines with a flawless companion.

6. A bright and crisp photo studio

tranquil and bright professional new york city nyc rental
Source: Peerspace

Let us start with the 24-foot-wide cyclorama. We will discuss the bookcase, color scheme, ceiling, seating, and the fact that everything is situated between two walls of windows. But that Cyclorama. Delve into the location description, and check out the list of amenities. Renting this daylight studio in Brooklyn will provide you with everything you need, even the literature to learn more!

Now, that color. White versus black, the complete bookend of the visible spectrum will support any refined shoot you choose. And the internal lighting can turn your nightlife into a Times Square billboard each day of the week. This space is enormous (coming in at 3,000 square feet!) and the creative work that can be produced is exponential compared to this location. There is just too much to discuss regarding this studio, it will be easier to take a look for yourself.

7. A studio where the sky’s the limit

Natural Light Photo Studio in Bed-Stuy nyc rental
Source: Peerspace

Peerspace gives you central Brooklyn from a multitude of perspectives. This L-shaped space is not bound to the indoors either. In traditional New York style, the windowpanes are square and pastoral while covering each external wall. The only gap in the glass is where the door sits, giving you access to a large rooftop space perforated with plant life.

In addition, the views are something from a romantic masterpiece, overlooking skyscraper architecture at its finest. The seamlessness of the surrounding landscape surges through those windows grasping each feature inside. The candescence of the internal walls opens this space into a never-ending canvas of opportunity. An opportunity you can embrace.

8. A perfectly sized rustic studio

1000 Square Foot Studio Greenpoint Brooklyn nyc rental
Source: Peerspace

What is the first thing you notice? The exit sign or the white wall making the wooden beams burst through your screen. Or maybe it was the double door enlarged through a matrix of windowpanes sending light surging throughout the room. Either way, this room provides a platform for you to see what you most desire.

One may feel a tsunami of emotional excitement when entering through those double doors. And when the work becomes too intense, just relax on the couch as your makeup designers switch up the look for the next scene.

9. A spacious creative playground

Affordable East Williamsburg Spacious Creative Studio nyc rental
Source: Peerspace

At 700 square feet, this space is not like the monsters we have seen before. Yet, we have saved this until last for its uniqueness. Here, light is commanding. The other side of that window is an uninterrupted horizon of beauty that flows peacefully and tenaciously over white walls and brown hardwood flooring.

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