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9 Cool Retreat Activities in Dallas to Bond Your Team

The Dallas–Fort Worth area is one of America’s manufacturing hubs, with facilities that produce aircraft, computers, pharmaceuticals, and more. Whether you work for a high-tech startup or small hospitality company, make the most of the Texan sunshine and get your team out of the office for a productive team-building retreat. We’ve picked out nine of the best retreat activities in Dallas to give you a broad sampling of what this part of Texas has to offer.

1. Spend the day at South Fork Ranch

For a classic Texan retreat experience, visit the South Fork Ranch, best-known as the site of the popular TV show Dallas. With over 300 acres of land, this is a great venue for large groups, with room for up to 10,000 people. Choose from several diverse meeting spaces with A/V equipment and on-site catering options available. There are two corporate event planners who can help you choose the perfect team-building activities and training exercises for your schedule.

2. Book an unforgettable local venue on Peerspace

If you want to design your own retreat from scratch, then choose a location rental on Peerspace and create your own customized program. With unique locations available from local hosts, you can find unique venues like a secluded luxury retreat or a downtown seminar venue to host your event. Choose a few of the other retreat activities in Dallas on this list to fill out your schedule.

If you need additional help finding a caterer, photo/video gear, or a photographer for your event, call up the Peerspace Concierge service for personalized support. The online booking process makes it easy to determine which locations can accommodate your group size, and they may even have some of the equipment and services you need available on site.

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3. Solve the clues at Escape This

Escape rooms are always a good option for team-building outings, but Escape This goes above and beyond with puzzles designed for corporate groups. With four rooms available that can be set to varying levels of difficulty, you can rent out the whole facility and take turns tackling each of the puzzles in small groups. The games are intellectually stimulating and require your teams to work together in order to figure out the solution.

On-site events can accommodate up to 80 people, and they include meeting spaces with HD TVs and surround sound. You can bring your own food and drink, too. If you’d rather play the games in your own office or Peerspace rental, Escape This offers a “Boardroom Breakout” option that can accommodate up to 1,000 people and be played in an event space of your choosing.

4. Stay overnight at the SeaQuest Aquarium

What could be a better option for team bonding than to spend a night surrounded by sharks? The SeaQuest Aquarium in Ft. Worth offers a sleepover package for groups of all ages. You’ll get to experience several closeup animal encounters, including a shark feeding at night and a bird feeding early in the morning. You can also enjoy your own movie night and a continental breakfast beside the aquarium tanks. This is one of the most exciting retreat activities in Dallas that will feel like a summer camp sleepover — with the added thrill of being surrounded by sea life.

5. Conquer your fears at Zero Gravity adventure park

For a different kind of thrill, tackle your fear of heights at Zero Gravity adventure park, which has five adrenaline-pumping activities, ranging from bungee jumping to the Texas Blastoff. This is not for the faint of heart, but it’s perfect for teams who want to bond through an intense experience of up to four Gs. You can even get a video of your outing to show everyone back at the office! 

6. Host a workshop at the Heritage Farmstead Museum

The Heritage Farmstead Museum in Plano is a living history museum that attempts to preserve the history of the region with a variety of exhibits and programs. Choose one of the private event spaces, such as the Pole Barn, or rent out the whole farm to have the place to yourself. A few of the on-site activities include wagon rides and fire pits, but you can also bring your own activities to play on the grassy lawn.

7. Visit the Liquid Laboratory at the Dr. Pepper Museum

Dr. Pepper’s soft drink is one of the region’s signature inventions. Head down to Waco for a day to swing by the Dr. Pepper Museum, which features a Liquid Laboratory where you can explore the science behind smell and taste. In addition, you’ll get to learn some recipes that feature soda. You can also rent out the entire museum, which offers indoor meeting spaces with modern A/V equipment, a 45-seat theater, and a shaded courtyard that fits up to 1,000 guests.

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8. Tackle the ropes course at the Heard Natural Science Museum

The Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary offers high and low ropes courses in the forests of McKinney, TX. Your visit will be tailored to your group’s needs, with a focus on personal growth and leadership skills.

The high ropes courses involves ropes and harnesses and requires your team to learn to belay each other. Some of the more challenging activities include the team wall, which entails all of your teammates working together to figure out a way to climb a 12-foot wall. Those with a fear of heights can take part in on-the-ground activities that encourage cooperation and coordination.

9. Learn archery at Cinnamon Creek Ranch

Practice your aim at Cinnamon Creek Ranch, which offers a variety of team-building exercises led by trained archery instructors. You’ll have access to professional archery equipment and a private range, as well as learn skills you can apply in the workplace. There are also two meeting rooms on site that can accommodate up to 100 people. Enjoy the catering menu by Chef Joe Musacchio, which often features wild game.

North Texas is the perfect part of the state to host your corporate retreat. Whether you’re based in the area or simply visiting, there are dozens of great retreat activities in Dallas for your team to choose from. From downtown venues to historic ranches, opt for one of these options or browse the listings on Peerspace to find the ideal location for your retreat.

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