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8 Unique, Inspiring Sales Meeting Ideas

First of all, you might be wondering: what is a Sales meeting supposed to accomplish that a typical team meeting does not? Well, team meetings are typically designed to touch base, catch up on day-to-day operations, and review what’s in the pipeline. Conversely, larger periodic Sales meetings actually drive that momentum in the first place. A Sales meeting sets the tone for the quarter (or month, or fiscal year, as appropriate), encouraging the team to pull together, set goals, and decide—again, as a team—how to achieve those goals. Therefore, because this initiative can strip valuable hours from a team’s normal sales efforts, it’s important to implement some creative Sales meeting ideas to make it worth everyone’s time away from their desks.

While the most successful Sales Meetings have a razor-sharp focus, that focus has to be maintained in a way that is engaging and entertaining, educating participants without leaving them feeling as if they’re back in college. The team should leave a Sales meeting feeling empowered, exhilarated, and motivated towards a common goal—and wanting to crush it!

For a successful sales meeting, start with the structure:

Choose a single theme

Consider themes such as closing a sale, prospecting and networking, creating relationships, releasing a new product, or unveiling an ambitious sales goal, and the list goes on.

Give this concept a creative name and build an agenda around it

Think: Reaching New Heights, Building Bridges, Closing Time, Generation Next, Race to the Top, and again, the list goes on!

Tap into these creative Sales meeting ideas

Galvanize your team to move forward and crush their goals—and make it fun!


1. Book a photography studio through Peerspace

Book a creative space and get inspired! Have you achieved a Sales goal? Sing your team’s praises! During breaks between workshops, invite a photographer and reward your team with fresh professional headshots, complete with on-site hair and makeup artists.

2. Book a theater event space through Peerspace

Even the most seasoned Sales professionals get tired of their own pitches and occasionally feel the creative well run dry. For one segment of your Sales meeting, ignite that creativity by bringing in a theater group to teach an Improv workshop. Your Sales team will learn how to better read a room, answer unexpected questions quickly, shake off minor stumbles, and think on their feet—all the better with which to close a sale.

3. Participate in some active team-building

No one likes to sit in a conference room all day, no matter how interesting the topic. Take a break and get moving! The following ideas will push your team towards divergent thinking, giving them the opportunity to find unique ways to solve a problem that they likely weren’t prepared for.

  • The Go Game is a company that will come to your site and execute a game requiring that your team work together to solve a mental puzzle within a finite period of time. Think of this as a physical scavenger hunt, and then some!
  • Escape rooms are another great way to facilitate some teamwork in order to achieve a common goal. After all, nothing combats the fatigue of a long day sitting in meetings like the shot of adrenaline that a ticking clock in an escape room gives you!

4. Hire a Master of Ceremonies

Employ an event DJ to keep the day’s pace. Follow their lead to design a lighting concept and manage your multimedia in a way that is eye-catching and unique. This can range from subtle accents to a full-on nightclub experience. Take a step outside of your comfort zone!

5. Focus on storytelling

Finding a way to encourage inter-generational communication is a different kind of creative Sales meeting idea! After all, your company’s age-demographic may range from freshly-minted college grads to seasoned Sales professionals. Break into small teams and assign each one a common problem to solve by way of sharing specific stories. Have them present their common ground and, ideally, an agreed-upon solution. They’ll find that their values systems are more similar than they might’ve considered!

6. Use social media

We live in a world where distraction is inevitable, so embrace it! Create a hashtag for the day’s activities and encourage everyone to share on their social media. Periodically, throughout the day, invite team members to share certain images or buzzwords using the hashtag, then do a drawing for a great prize. Even better, this initiative may create some buzz around your business’ social media and website.


7. Assemble swag bag giveaways

No, this isn’t the Oscars, but everyone likes presents. Fill branded gift bags with a great water bottle or travel coffee mug, a bullet journal, mints, and a thank-you note—maybe a t-shirt or hat, depending on what suits your industry. Distribute them with a smile at the end of the day.

8. Don’t forget the snacks!

For those long meetings, we all need sustenance. Try these substitutes instead of the tired tome of Chex Mix, bitter coffee, and cheese tray:

  • Frozen fruit and yogurt pops and/or Italian ice
  • Mini-tiramisu or key lime pie, served in cordial glasses
  • Flavored sparkling water and/or sweet tea in mason jars
  • MYO walking tacos (mini bags of tortilla chips and assorted toppings)

Whether your Sales Meeting happens annually, quarterly, or monthly, any of these Creative Sales Meeting ideas will encourage your team’s drive to succeed … and, done correctly, they will appreciate your efforts to respect their time and attention span.

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