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13 Cool Seattle Team Building Activities

Where can you find stunning modern architecture, verdant landscapes, breathtaking views of mountains and ocean, a thrilling arts scene, world-class music, cultural diversity, a strong LGBTQ+ community, and so much more? That’s right: Seattle! It’s one of the fastest growing American cities, with strong business activity, particularly in the tech industry. Enjoy an opportunity to brainstorm, bond, and socialize with your coworkers in this renowned city in the Pacific Northwest — you’ve got an almost overwhelming number of options for team building ideas in Seattle. Take a look at our guide to the top Seattle team building ideas, which will provide some helpful guidance as to what activities are available in this exciting city.

1. Create stunning works of art at Seattle Glassblowing Studio

If your team has to be creative all day, taking part in an artsy activity that’s totally different from what they’re typically doing is a great idea. It’ll allow them to channel their innovation in new ways, letting overworked neural pathways take a break, while still keeping their minds sharp and active. We highly recommend a team glassblowing experience at Seattle Glassblowing Studio in Downtown Seattle. It’s likely that no one on your team will have participated in this unique art form before, and they might even discover a new talent. 

2. Escape the office and book an incredible Peerspace

Anyone who plans events loves Peerspace because it’s the largest online marketplace boasting thousands of unique venues across the US. Use Peerspace to book a creative loft, bright gallery, or modern home, use Peerspace’s Concierge team to coordinate catering, and organize a day full of team-building activities that bond your group in an inspiring environment outside of the office. Check out all that Peerspace has to offer in Seattle here.

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3. Enjoy an avocado-themed party with the Great Guac Off

Who doesn’t love guacamole? On another note, most people agree that delicious food tastes extra delicious when you make it yourself. And it’s even better when that cooking process involves a bit of friendly competition! You’ll find all that and more when your team participates in The Great Guac Off: a guacamole-themed party where you’ll learn fascinating info about avocados, play trivia and mini-games, and finish off with a guacamole-making competition. As the creators of the Great Guac Off describe it (and participants agree), it’s basically a super-fun mixture of Iron Chef and The Amazing Race.

4. Test your puzzle-solving skills at Room 5280 Live Escape Games

Room 5280 offers three thrilling escape rooms located centrally just a block from the Space Needle: “the Heist,” “the Experiment,” and “the Dark Room.” As many as 30 people can participate at once, so this is an option even if you’ve got a larger group. It’s by no means easy, but if you love a challenge, it’s the ideal team building activity.

5. Create unique pottery with Paint the Town

Another creative option: painting! But not just any painting. At Paint the Town, you’ll paint pottery while relaxing with your coworkers, and each end up with a beautiful and useful piece of art. Perhaps you can all paint mugs for the office to have a reminder of this fun bonding experience.

6. Prepare for extreme fun and games with LazerX Arena Tactical Laser Tag 

Reviewers agree that this is the best laser tag place in Seattle by far. This isn’t your ordinary laser tag — they describe it as “an ultra-realistic first-person shooter experience on a Hollywood movie-style set using the same equipment and software deployed by SWAT teams and Special Operations teams around the world.” They offer team building parties with multiple game sessions for as many as 300 guests at a time, and have previously hosted companies as well known as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Ebay, and more — check out LazerX Arena’s website for more details.

7. Enjoy water views with the Electric Boat Company

Picture yourself on Seattle’s picturesque Lake Union enjoying top-notch food and drink. Or perhaps you’d like to get more active and do an electric boat-based scavenger hunt! Either way, the marine environment of one of the Electric Boat Company’s team building events is a perfect setting to unwind and have a blast.

8. Embark on a scavenger hunt with CityHUNT

CityHUNT is one of our favorite team building ideas in Seattle. Exploring the city and solving clues together, your team is sure to achieve a new level of communication and camaraderie.

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9. Bring your A-game to a scavenger hunt with Strayboots

More engaging scavenger hunts can be found with Strayboots. They even offer a customized scavenger hunt for orientation day, in case your focus is welcoming new employees! Otherwise, there are options in Pike Place, Capitol Hill, Seattle Center, and other neighborhoods throughout the city.

10. Channel your inner Julia Child with Paris Eastside

Paris Eastside specializes in cooking classes for small teams of six to 10, filling a useful niche considering that most companies are oriented toward larger teams. Whether you prefer baking or cooking, you’ll collaborate to prepare and enjoy mouthwatering French delicacies with the guidance of a talented chef.

11. Explore other dimensions with Odyssey Virtual Reality

Here’s a fabulous, unique Seattle team building idea: a trip to Odyssey Virtual Reality! You’ll be amazed at how far the technology has come in just the last few years — talk about an escape from the daily grind. It’s an especially ideal choice for tech-oriented brands. (Note that it’s located in Redmond, about 15 miles east of Seattle, but that’s a pretty easy trip.)

12. Get your grub on with a food tour via Eat Seattle

Food lovers rejoice! With the guidance of Eat Seattle, not only can you participate in fun and educational cooking classes, but you can also explore Seattle’s food-related offerings with food tours led by actual chefs (who better to tell you all about the food you’re eating?). 

13. Venture to Adventura for a unique experience

Adventura has specific team building workshops focused on problem-solving, communication, and more. This targeted approach is one that will facilitate true skill-building and growth. Their adventure park is outside of Seattle, just a 30-minute trip to Woodinville — it’s definitely worth making the trip. Without a doubt, this is one of the most thrilling Seattle team building activities.

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