12 Unique Slime Party Ideas For Your Little One

Ahh, slime. The ooey, gooey, DIY project that kids (and adults) love to play with. And why not? Not only is slime fun to make yourself, but it’s also surprisingly soothing to squish between your hands. Is it any wonder your little one wants a slime party for their next birthday? To help your child have a fantastic slime-filled day, here are 12 unique slime party ideas for your little one’s upcoming birthday celebration

1. Find the perfect venue on Peerspace

Slime Party Ideas
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The right venue can totally transform a birthday party. So, try looking for party venues on Peerspace for your slimy celebration. Having a unique place to party can help your child’s day feel more special and unique — plus, if you don’t have a ton of room for DIY crafts at home, a Peerspace venue can give you all the space you need. 

You can find Peerspace venues in cities from London to LA. But to give you an idea of what’s out there, venues that would be amazing for slime-themed parties include: 

2. Craft DIY slime 

westside retail store craft studio LA
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Got your crafting space all set up? Ok, good. Now let’s move on to the star of the show: the slime itself! 

You can find plenty of DIY slime recipes online that are perfect for party crafts. Special options to consider include: 

3. Set up a craft space

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Slime-making can get messy. So, it’s important to have a dedicated space for guests to express themselves without spreading the slime to other parts of your venue — or to their clothing.

Some must-have equipment that can help you flesh out your slime-making setup includes: 

  • Tables with disposable tablecloths: Not only can a festive plastic tablecloth help you capture a party mood, but when you’re done crafting, you can just roll it up and toss it — no more mess!
  • Aprons: Cute and stylish ways for your guests to protect their clothing. See if you can find designs that match the color scheme of your slime to keep things on theme!
  • Bowls, & wooden stirrers: Make sure all your guests have their own supplies to mix up their version of slime — and have some extra materials on standby, just in case. 

Check out our creative construction birthday party ideas to keep your little one active at their next gathering!

4. Chow down on edible slime 

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While your slime may look good enough to eat, that’s not a great idea if you’ve made your slime from glue or shaving cream. Thankfully, there are edible slime recipes out there, like this yummy marshmallow slime recipe or amazing chocolate slime

With this slime party idea, your guests can indulge in a “forbidden snack” without eating any potentially toxic materials. Just make sure that younger kids understand the difference between the edible slime and the non-edible variety. 

5. Decorate slimy cupcakes

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Why not try decorating cupcakes with gooey slime icing, like this edible cake slime from Wilton? Grab your favorite sprinkles and candies, and let everyone at the party decorate their slime-inspired cupcakes to their heart’s content. 

If you need more counter space for everyone, a Peerspace kitchen could do the trick. 

6. Try a slime surprise cake

The Pink Kitchen 2.0
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Instead of putting your slime on top of a birthday cake, how amazing would it be to slice open the cake to reveal a gooey green center? Or whatever your child’s favorite color is. If you keep this little trick a secret, you can watch your child’s eyes light up as you slice the cake for them. One word: priceless. 

7. Make slimy drinks 

rooftops in sf
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Of course, while you’re all snacking on your slimy party snacks, you’ll need something to wash it down. And what else would you reach for but drinkable slime? 

Drinkable slime recipes to consider include: 

8. Have a slime water balloon fight 

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Now that everyone is full of sugary slime party food, it’s time to run off that sugar rush with some party games! Fill up balloons with some of the non-edible DIY slime you made earlier, then let your guests head to an outdoor area and host a water balloon fight with a slimy twist! 

Our fun-filled pool party ideas for kids are perfect for summer soirees. Check them out!

9. Slime someone 

Woodstock Themed Party
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Try grabbing a bucket of premade slime and pouring it over a guest of honor — or your child for a birthday surprise. Just make sure you have your camera on standby since you’ll want memories of their face. Remember: this is a messy slime party idea, so make sure you’re outside or on top of some plastic or newspaper first. 

10. Have a silly string fight 

12th Birthday Party Ideas
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Silly string is a close cousin of slime — and a great way for party guests to harness their energy. Pass out cans of silly string to your child and their guests, then send them outside for an all-out silly string battle royale! It’s a fun slime party idea to bring some variety into your party activities. 

11. Take it to the pool 

Slime Party Ideas
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To end your slime party right, why not take the celebration to the pool? Grab the hose and rinse any residual slime off your guests, then hop in the water to relax and unwind before sending everyone home. Or maybe splash around some more — depends on what everyone is in the mood for! 

If you don’t have a pool in your own backyard, a Peerspace pool can give you a helping hand here — and provide the perfect finale for your child’s epic slime birthday party! 

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