12 Special 75th Birthday Ideas (2024)


Birthday party venues on Peerspace typically cost between $50 — $500 per hour.

Looking for unique and special 75th birthday ideas to celebrate a loved one? As they say, 75 is the new 60. On their milestone birthday, don’t forget that a 75-year-old is still young at heart. And yet, like a fine wine, 75-year-olds have come to hope for a more elevated experience.

Sometimes coming up with just the right birthday idea can be stressful, so we at Peerspace present 12 special 75th birthday ideas that will honor the celebrant and their major life milestone. As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, Peerspace is your go-to for securing special venues that are perfect for hosting special occasions, including unique birthday party rental venues in cities across the globe. We also strive to inspire you while making your planning easier by sharing these 75th birthday ideas. Enjoy!

1. Host your 75th birthday in a stylish and amenity-packed party venue rental

Beautiful Art Gallery philadelphia rental
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Peerspace is the number-one site in the world to uncover creative spaces to hold special events, like a 75th birthday get-together. You can find venues that are as fun, funky, and glamorous as the birthday person. We offer you access to venues in cities across the globe, all of which are owned by local hosts who strive to ensure your event comes together perfectly.

So what types of venues can you rent on Peerspace for a 75th birthday party? Here are some of our favorites:

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding milestone birthday party-worthy venues on Peerspace. And the birthday person is sure to be thrilled with the novel change of scenery.

2. Take a scenic cruise

bel air mansion with yacht design
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Older people on a cruise might sound cliché, but there’s a reason cruises are so popular among folks of a certain age. Cruises are a fun, all-inclusive, relaxing, and entertaining way to see the world. Whether it’s a short domestic jaunt or a voyage across the pond, cruises are a smashing idea for a 75th birthday treat.

3. Let them show off their moves with ballroom dancing

a classic ballroom in stow
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Back in the day, when the 75-year-old was just a young pup, dancing was the thing to do. Youth danced up a storm at sock hops, formal gatherings, and even at typical house parties. Take the birthday celebrant dancing – maybe under the stars or at a studio or even a techno club. They’ll light up like the teenager they still are at heart. But first, take them shopping for a dance-appropriate dress or suit so they can show up in high style.

Make this even more special by booking a special ballroom space, like the one at this grand ballroom house in Stow, MA. It is a 7,500-square-foot venue that also provides you with a pool, hot tubs, and a private movie theater besides its chic and open ballroom space.

Is it your first time renting a birthday party venue? Read more about how much it costs to rent a birthday party venue!

4. Take the birthday boy or girl on a road trip

Industrial-Chic Downtown Warehouse Loft With Interior Vehicle Access toronto rental
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Does the birthday celebrant enjoy a road trip? Who doesn’t? Maybe take them on a meandering voyage through the region where they grew up – a literal trip down memory lane. Or head somewhere they’ve never been before but have always wanted to go. Cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway or the Audubon. Tour national parks across the country. If it’s an option, rent a cool – yet safe – vehicle to travel in high style. Maybe a convertible or an RV.

5. Toast to the sweet life at a winery

Beautiful Vineyard Winery with Outstanding Lake Views
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Fun fact: all 50 U.S. states and most countries across the world produce wine. And many wine-producing vineyards feature tasting rooms where guests can sample the latest vintages and even have a library of special bottles from years past. Many wine-producing regions offer wine tours that transport imbibers in style. Take advantage of this and try all the vino. It’s a special way to celebrate their 75th birthday.

Not sure how to get started renting a winery? Then search your location on Peerspace to book a winery venue near you with ease. For instance, our friends in the PNW can book time at this beautiful vineyard winery with outstanding lake views in Manson, WA. There’s indoor and outdoor seating, gourmet pizza prepared fresh on-site, and of course, plenty of delectable wines with which to toast the birthday person.

6. Keep it simple and fun with a picnic party

a backyard with a tree overlooking a valley
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Take the birthday person to a local park, forest, lake, or another natural area, either with guests or just the two of you. Have on hand a remarkable picnic spread, from basket to blanket, from bread and cheese right on up to wine and caviar. Or just break out some simple sandwiches and tell stories if that’s more what they prefer. A picnic is a simple, potentially elegant, tried-and-true way to celebrate a 75th birthday right. 

7. Treat them to an afternoon at a museum

museum gallery space dc washington d.c. rental
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If there’s an artist or a specific art genre that the birthday person enjoys, do some research, and locate a museum or exhibit that the birthday person will love. Treat them to a day of stimulation and enrichment. Don’t forget to visit the museum gift shop for a print or memento. If the museum is in, say, Paris, all the better.

8. Let the pampering begin with a spa weekend

Retro Futuristic Salon on Valencia St. san francisco rental
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Everyone, regardless of gender, enjoys a relaxing trip to a spa – even if they don’t know it yet. Let some pros pamper the birthday person with a facial, a massage, a pedicure, or all the above. Relaxation is a fabulous gift, and a spa weekend is an equally fabulous idea for a 75th birthday celebration.

9. Let them explore new terrain during an expedition

exotic bungalow in LA
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Has the birthday person ever wanted to go on a trek of some sort? Maybe a pilgrimage or a safari? Today, it’s not too unusual to see elders on expeditions – but it’s still an extraordinary way to celebrate a 75th birthday. Tanzania and the Australian Outback beckon.

10. Plan a special naming ceremony

Cabin Treehouse perched at the edge of a cliff los angeles rental
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When someone turns 75, it’s prime time to name something after them. A cigar? A favorite meal? An unnamed species of flower? A star? Now’s the time to do so – you want them to enjoy it while they can. Getting something named after them is one of the most memorable 75th birthday ideas.

These awesome outdoor birthday party ideas will help out if you want to plan an open air gathering!

11. Retreat or resort

Exceptional and Spacious Private Mtn Retreat denver rental
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If ever there was a time to book and enjoy an upscale resort, it’s to celebrate one’s 75th birthday. No doubt there’s a fancy-pants resort near you, or somewhere the birthday person has always wanted to go. Book that trip. Is the birthday celebrant a writer? An artist? Into meditation, yoga, or another spiritual practice?

No doubt they’d love to attend a retreat, whether it be solo or with a small group of like-minded individuals. And there’s a retreat for just about every interest and passion, philosophy, and social issue. Craft one tailored to the birthday person by booking a retreat venue through Peerspace. One of our favorite ideas is to book this exceptional and spacious private mountain retreat in Boulder, CO. This stunning space is set on 15 private acres, boasts a wall of windows to better enjoy the natural vistas from inside the home, and is only 7 minutes from downtown Boulder.

12. For the 75-year-old daredevil

Exciting Rock Climbing chicago rental
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So many people are daredevils at heart, whether they reveal it or not. Maybe your birthday buddy has always wanted to skydive, rock climb, mountaineer, SCUBA dive, zipline, or bungee jump. Honestly, there’s no time like the present. A daring activity is sure to get the birthday person’s heart pumping with adrenaline and joy.

75th birthday ideas: conclusion

an eclectic illinois mansion music room
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We hope these 75th birthday ideas will help you plan a fabulous celebration for your birthday honoree. Between these suggestions and the perfect celebration venue through Peerspace, you can go all out with ease. Start searching for Peerspace venues in your area and ensure this milestone birthday is feted in the way it deserves!

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