How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Birthday Party Venue (2024)


Birthday party venues on Peerspace cost on average between $85 — $145 per hour.

Starting to plan an upcoming birthday and are wondering: how much does it cost to rent a birthday party venue? At Peerspace, we get it! Hosting a birthday party is a great way to show your special someone that you care about them. But it can also bring a host of questions — where, what theme, and is it easier to rent a birthday party room?

In our opinion, given the slew of amazing spaces you can rent with ease on Peerspace, renting a birthday party venue is easy and fun. It can even be affordable! If you’re wondering about the cost of a birthday party room, we dive into that below. We also share how to rent the perfect birthday party venue on Peerspace and share examples of some of our favorite party venues. Let’s get started!

Why bother renting a birthday party venue in the first place?

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So why even rent a birthday party venue when you can host one in your house? Let’s be honest: hosting a birthday party in your home can be a hassle. There’s the matter of parking, and having enough space, and no one we’ve ever met has said “I love cleaning up my house after a party.”

When you use Peerspace to rent a birthday party venue, you can book a space that suits your size and amenity needs. You also leave with what you came with. So while all hosts have different cleaning rules, you’re not going to have to do a full-blown clean-up like you would after a party at your own home.

There’s also the matter of aesthetic style, too. You can book a hip industrial space, a chic luxury space, a retro-themed space, you name it. And that means less, if any, decorating on your part.

Renting a venue that fits your aesthetic also helps create the photogenic backdrop. Because, of course, there will be tons of photos to take. If you have a theme for your party, the right venue will really make it come to life. After all, it’s difficult to pull off a roaring 20s theme in a modern loft!

Plus, it is a lot easier to end a gathering in a rented birthday party room rather than a house party. With Peerspace venues, you book a specific set of hours. That means you don’t have to be the host kicking people out of their home because they want to go to bed. 

So to sum up, renting a birthday party venue beats hosting in your own home because:

  • A rented venue will have all the space and style you want
  • You and your guests will have to follow the host’s rules, not the rules you’ve set
  • You enter a space that is already as decorated as you like
  • You leave with what you came with, so no big clean-ups

Not bad, right? Next, we share features that make Peerspace stand out from the crowd.

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Why Peerspace is your best bet for booking amazing birthday party venues

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Peerspace is a true standout as it offers you access to amazing venues in just about every corner of the globe. But that’s only the beginning! Other features make our platform a winning option when it comes to booking birthday party venues.

Helpful hosts to guide you

When you rent a birthday party venue on Peerspace, you’re outsourcing some hassle while solving your logistical problems. Don’t know what kind of food to serve? Peerspace hosts deal with events all of the time and can put you in touch with great caterers and equipment vendors.

A new space to explore adds excitement

As a bonus, a rented space adds a sense of anticipation upon arrival. Since it’s not one of your usual haunts, it can help create excitement for an out-of-the-ordinary experience.

Peerspace venues offer amazing amenities

Don’t have 100 chairs lying around your garage? Many venues include chair and table rentals or they can be added for a fee. Want a jaw-dropping setting with a view that your apartment doesn’t have? Need to host more people than your place can accommodate? The very easy answer is to rent a Peerspace venue.

Worried about your chosen birthday party venue cost? Then take into consideration the fact that party rentals like tables and chairs are often very expensive with delivery. If you’re planning a larger shindig, some venues offer amenities such as security, bar service, and parking which can give you considerably more value for your money. 

Last but not least, if you’re planning a surprise party, it is so much easier to pull off at a venue unknown to the recipient of the surprise!

How to rent a birthday party venue on Peerspace

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Peerspace makes it easy to book a venue for any event type. For birthday parties, simply go to our dedicated birthday party event page, enter your location, and click “search”.

You’ll immediately encounter a page of unique and stylish event venues near you. You can narrow down your search results using handy filters, including price range, to find a better fit for your needs.

Each venue has its own listing page that includes upfront pricing, high-definition photos of the space, a detailed description from the local host, and reviews from past renters. All of this helpful information helps to create a clear picture of what you can expect if you choose to book a space.

If you have any questions about a space, contact the host through the listing page and start a conversation. By the time you’ve found the perfect venue that suits your style, space requirements, location, and necessary amenities, you’ll be all set to book!

Types of birthday party venues available on Peerspace

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Now that you know how easy it can be to book a Peerspace for a birthday party, you probably want to see a few examples. Well, we are happy to share some of our favorite party-perfect venues with you! That way, you can explore the listings for yourself and even see some venue prices.

Here are a few of the different types of birthday party venues you can find on Peerspace:

  • This pool with a view modern home in Austin, TX (pictured above), with room for 60 guests and gorgeous indoor and outdoor spaces to enjoy with your guests.
  • This boho modern loft in Williamsburg, NYC, with room for 45 guests, a chic artistic vibe, and amazing party add-on features like bartending services and a projector.
  • This event space game lounge in Toronto, ON, with room for 50 guests, a spacious open layout, a karaoke system, a kitchenette, and pool, foosball, and poker tables.
  • This industrial downtown event space in Los Angeles, CA, with room for 100 guests, a hip, industrial atmosphere, and 24/7 availability.
  • This charming loft near Paris, France with room for 60 guests, unique and eclectic decor, a Steinway piano, a seasonal swimming pool, a garden, and a sound system.
  • This natural light gallery and event space in Chicago, IL, with room for 60 guests, stand-out style, a BYO policy, plenty of seating, and optional street taco catering services.

As you can see, you can find birthday party venues in cities across the globe, all of which can suit a variety of styles and budgets. But this is only the start! Head to our homepage to start your search for the most amazing birthday party venues near you.

You’ve just about nabbed your dream venue; now check out our creative birthday party ideas for inspiration on what to do there!

How much does it cost to rent a birthday party venue?

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Due to the wide range of spaces available, it’s difficult to give a set cost for a birthday party venue, it really depends on what you’re after and perhaps, more importantly, the city you’re searching in.

In smaller cities, expect to pay between $75-$150 an hour on average, with most venues requiring a three-hour minimum. In big and/or famously expensive cities (you know who you are), a good average is $200-$300 an hour, with a two-to-four-hour minimum. For really luxurious event spaces or one that can hold large groups of more than 100 people, the sky’s the limit. 

For more concrete examples, let’s use the venues we mentioned above as a pricing guide.

The Los Angeles venue comes to $225 per hour with an eight-hour rental minimum. When you check out its details on its listing page, you can see this is a one-of-a-kind space that attracts huge events and productions, so the price isn’t a huge surprise either.

On the lower end of the price range are the Austin and the Chicago venues. The gorgeous Austin pool space clocks in at $199 per hour yet only has a one-hour minimum. The Chicago event space is just $125 per hour and has a four-hour minimum. Similarly priced is the Parisian venue that costs 125 € with a four-hour minimum, the Toronto venue that costs $125 per hour with a five-hour minimum, and the Williamsburg venue that costs $125 per hour with a four-hour minimum.

To ensure you find a birthday party venue that suits your financial needs, pay attention to the venue’s hourly rate and minimum rental time. And if you opt for add-on services, remember that it will add to the overall cost of your venue rental experience.

Rent a birthday party venue on Peerspace

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We hope this guide has helped tackle the question: how much does it cost to rent a birthday party venue? When you use a resource like Peerspace to book your venue, you never have to ask that question again!

All venues list their hourly rate and rental minimum upfront. And between our huge selection of spaces and dedicated hosts, you’ll be able to throw the birthday party of your dreams with ease.

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