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Check Out These 15 Creative Birthday Party Ideas

A birthday party can be one of the most memorable occasions of the year. With every passing year, however, it gets a little harder to think of creative birthday party ideas that you haven’t done before. Whether you’re planning your own birthday party or throwing a surprise party for someone else, you can use this list to brainstorm some fun birthday party venues and activities. There are fantastic birthday party ideas for all ages — from kids to grandparents — so get started planning your party today to make sure you have all the decor, catering, and A/V gear that you’ll need for your exciting celebration!

1. Enjoy a costume party

One of the easiest ways to add creativity to your birthday party is to make it a costume party. Provide your guests with a theme for the occasion to ensure that they bring their most creative selves to the party. This idea also takes some of the pressure off of having to do all of the designing and decorating yourself. A costume party can liven up any venue or occasion.

For a kids’ party, stick to a superhero or tea-party theme. For adults, try an island getaway or masquerade. If you’d like, request that any gifts match the theme as well.

2. Rent a birthday party venue on Peerspace

Instead of booking a table at a restaurant or throwing a party at a bar, rent a unique Peerspace venue to impress your guests. Since many Peerspace venues have the option to include event staff and catering, you can still get all of the service you’d expect at a bar or restaurant, but with a private space in a more memorable setting.

You’ll find venues suitable for all of your creative birthday party ideas, from formal to quirky. Rent a classy dining area for a fancy 40th, or opt for a backyard with a tennis court and fire pit for something more casual. Just ask your local host about what kind of decor or entertainment is permitted, and call up the Concierge service to book your caterer, event staff, and A/V gear.

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3. Host a movie screening

Everyone loves going to the movies, so why not celebrate your birthday by inviting guests to a private screening of one of your favorite films? This is a great party idea for guests of all ages, since you can set the tone with a silly, scary, or introspective feature. From a 50-seat theater with a lobby in San Francisco, to a cinema-quality screening room in Los Angeles, there are plenty of venues to choose from to host your favorite cult classic or double feature.

4. Go glamping!

Celebrate your birthday in the great outdoors with a weekend camping trip for you and your closest friends. While you could rough it and pitch your own tents, we thinking a glamping trip is best for a stress-free birthday party. Choose a venue like this event space in Austin, TX, which features grills, a fire pit, outdoor games, and luxury tents for up to 16 guests!

5. Visit an escape room

While escape rooms are having a moment, chances are you’ve gone with your colleagues on a team-building trip rather than with your friends. Take the opportunity to round up a small group of friends to visit your local escape room for a fun and low-pressure birthday outing.

6. Take a tour

Leave the planning to someone else and book a customized tour for your birthday — such as a birthday outing with City Wine Tours. This is a creative birthday party idea for college friends or co-workers looking for a fun activity for a small group.

7. Plan a photoshoot

Commemorate your birthday with a photoshoot. This can be combined with one of our other ideas — such as a themed birthday party — but it’s especially suited for milestone birthdays when the whole family has gathered to celebrate. Rent a rooftop venue with views of your city or a photo studio with lighting and other gear included.

8. Have a craft party

Throw an interactive birthday party with an arts and crafts class. Tinker Art Studio in Boulder, CO, is just one example of a DIY workshop that offers classes for kids, teens, and adults. You and your guests can make masks, birdhouses, magic wants, and more. Look for a studio in your area, or rent a Peerspace venue and host your own workshop.

9. Go for a hike

This idea is similar to the glamping trip, but without the overnight component. Plan a day hike to scenic spot where you can have a picnic, go for a swim, or enjoy a relaxing day outdoors.

10. Run a marathon

Instead of birthday gifts, ask your friends and family to contribute to a charity or fundraiser. It doesn’t have to be a marathon — 5Ks work, too! — but choose an activity that will inspire your friends to donate. Maybe you’ll even be able to convince some of them to come along!

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11. Have an axe-throwing party

If going to a bowling alley isn’t exciting enough for you, take your friends to an axe-throwing lane instead. Choose a venue like Bad Axe Throwing, which has locations all over the country. Since it’s BYOB, you can bring your own food and drink to enjoy while taking aim at your targets.

12. Plan a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are great for surprise parties for guests of any age. Get creative and leave a trail of clues to the venue where your guests have gathered, or maybe to a hotel that you’ve booked for a weekend getaway with your significant other.

13. Rent a boat

There’s no better place to celebrate your birthday than on the water. Whether you live near the ocean or on a river, rent a boat for an unforgettable birthday adventure. Choose from a classy yacht like the Tiki Mermaid in California or a BYOB Kraken Cycleboat in Florida.

14. Host a puppy party

No, this isn’t a birthday party for your dog — although those are fun, too. A puppy party is when a shelter or adoption agency brings a small group of dogs to your party for you and your guests to play with. Just be sure to book your party with an ethical adoption agency, such as Secondhand Hounds in Minnesota, rather than a breeder or puppy mill.

15. Have a talent show

Why not host a talent show or live performance on your birthday? Instead of going to a karaoke bar, ask your friends to bring over their musical instruments for an open mic or jam session.

Coming up with creative birthday party ideas doesn’t require a lot of effort. Browse Peerspace to find the perfect venue for the occasion, and then call up the Concierge service to get your event staff and equipment rentals lined up all with one easy booking!

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