The 8 Best Sports Photographers in Tampa

Hoping to work with one of the best Tampa sports photographers? At Peerspace, we get it. Sports photography is a surprisingly broad genre! Most people think of game day documentary coverage but the genre includes far more than you might realize. Subgenres include sports portraits for young athletes, coverage of the international Olympics, high school sporting events, and more.

Even editorial sports and lifestyle fitness shoots offer a unique perspective on athleticism. That’s why each one of the top Tampa sports photographers has something special to offer you! Which one of these creatives is your favorite?

1. Apeiro Sports Photography

Crystal, Sam, and Shana are the three women behind Aperio Sports Photography. Named for the Greek word for infinity, Aperio ensures that brief yet emotional instants in time become memories that last forever through their photography. Not to mention the documentary storytelling of the lives and goals of their subjects.

Aperio has this to say about what drove them to become top Tampa sports photographers: “Watching our athletes pursue their dreams with passion and helping local businesses highlight what makes their company special, is not only our job, but it is what drives us. Not only do we consider it a privilege to be the ones to capture these moments for you, it is the best part of our day…”

2. Steven Le of Thee Photo Ninja

Steven Le is the founder of Thee Photo Ninja, a Tampa-based sports brand focused on helping brands gain reach and individuals tell their stories to a wider world. Steven’s images have been featured in major publications like Men’s Health Magazine, The New York Times, and other places. His images are vibrant and sharp, with a focus on the fine details found in skin, muscle tone, and clothing.

Steven’s portfolio covers every aspect of the sports and fitness worlds. From lifestyle storytelling about peoples’ individual journey to wellness to winning goals and other emotional game-day highs.

3. Karl Greeson

As a top Tampa sports photographer, Karl Greeson specializes in this genre. He started out by documenting the games of his daughters and occasionally sharing images with the families of other athletes.

The response was so positive that Karl decided to become a professional photographer! His kids’ school graduations also encouraged him to branch out into senior portrait photography. His portfolio explores the life milestones of his subjects, from games to graduations.

4. Sara Hunter Photo

Sara Hunter’s journey into the world of photography began at a young age. After her mother gifted her with a camera, Sara discovered the magic of the art form. She loves the ability to freeze time and tell stories that have long departed. She eventually became the yearbook photographer for her high school; a prelude to her moving into the professional field right after.

Sara started with CrossFit before branching out into birth, maternity, and other photography genres. But CrossFit still plays a major role in her portfolio. Sara’s images nicely illustrate the dedication, focus, and power that this form of fitness demands. The little victories that come with each lift or motion are there for all of us to experience. Sara also grades her images effectively, sometimes choosing monochrome when texture, sweat, and emotion need to be emphasized over distracting color!

5. BigWolf Photos

Fast-paced images with a fine art twist are what BigWolf Photos does best! By not ignoring the artistry of the moment, clients are treated to images that celebrate beauty as much as simply documenting the game day. That’s why BigWolf is the photographer of choice for brands like the Greater Largo All-Star Baseball team and the Tampa Bay Skating Academy.

The team behind BigWolf Photos are also graduates of Boatwright Bootcamp, where photographers learn the finest professional techniques for sports photography. We especially love their sports portraits with off-camera flash, highlighting individual athletes, coaches, and teams in a way that brings out the brightest colors in their clothes and expressive poses that fit the sport.

6. Bryan Gonzalez

Like many of the top Tampa sports photographers, Bryan Gonzalez started out as a parent who was enthusiastic about documenting their child’s sports days. Except Bryan is still very much that!

His sports photography, however, is much better than what most dads with cameras have to offer. He provides a documentary look, thanks to his willingness to get up close to his subjects. Bryan takes us to the dugout and in the middle of the action using crisp telephoto perspectives. His sports photography thus tells the complete story of a day, including not just the action but the postures of concentration, joy, and other feeling elements.

7. Matt May

No list of the top Tampa sports photographers would be complete without Matt May! From environmental portraits to intimate snapshots of game-winning goals, his portfolio fully explores what sports photography has to offer.

The National Football League, Sports Illustrated Custom Publishing, and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay are just a few of the partners that Matt works with. International picture agencies and editorial publications also commission his images for use in their advertisements and magazines.

8. James Luedde of Fotoset Photography

James Luedde is a Tampa commercial photographer who creates editorial, commercial, and sports photography. He is the creative of choice for major national brands like Wal-Mart, AdventHealth, Getty, and many more clients. When fine-tuning his images James favors natural colors that make it easy to envision being present with his subjects. Lighting is ideally balanced using off-camera flash or highlighted in the outdoors in a way that adds to how we view and feel the scene.

James is that rare commercial creator who manages to balance artistry, narrative, and documentation. His work is never straightforward and always contains deeper elements. His stories include the connections between his subjects, the passion people feel for their brand, and celebratory moments on the sports field.

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