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10 Awesome Team Outing Ideas in Denver

Self-care and work-life balance aren’t just buzzwords. It’s a proven fact that your team will function better together — and individually — if you encourage them to occasionally shift the way they approach tasks. A team outing is the perfect way to achieve that balance. No one likes to breathe the same air, eat the same lunch, stare at the same view day after day. Check out fun team outing ideas in Denver that will build morale and help refresh your team’s mindset and problem-solving skills.

1. Enjoy art and brunch at a contemporary gallery

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so spend yours in a downtown-area modern art gallery found on Peerspace! Browse the ever-changing exhibits and get your creative juices flowing. The space has a built-in bar and catering is available, so treat your team to a Bloody Mary and mimosa station, as well as brunch by way of portable minis: two-bite quiche, fruit kabobs, and crispy brown sugar and black pepper bacon. Music inspires, so hire a local guitarist, trio, or club DJ to create a mood — that is, whichever suits you best. Afterward, reconvene and tackle a large project as a group.

2. Embark on an adventure at the Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park

Perhaps your team needs to get back in touch with their inner child. Hand out matching T-shirts, assign everyone a buddy, and head to Elitch Gardens, a downtown amusement and water park that represents a playful part of Denver’s history. Thrill rides and water rides abound for the adventurous; those looking for more intellectual stimulation can take a journey on a “thrill ride for the mind” on Meow Wolf’s Kaleidoscape. Don’t forget to break for lunch: stick with standard amusement park fare — corn dogs and pizza — or find your way to an appropriately themed watering hole.

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3. Sample great beer while taking a Coors Brewery Tour

It’s a must-see, whether you’re visiting Denver for the first time or you’re a long-time local. Be sure to bring everyone on a bus so that they can safely sample the finest, freshest product after the 30-minute tour. Since it’s a relatively quick event, you might need another activity on the programming schedule. In that case, transport everyone to a Peerspace, such as this hidden gem of a private venue in the heart of downtown Denver. Contemporary decor and balconies with spectacular views will keep the party going in a fun and positive direction.

4. Swing by the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Looking to inspire problem-solving and collaboration? Bring your team to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Of course, the planetarium and IMAX theater may be high points of the visit, but there’s something even more unique and lighthearted to see. The museum features a “fantasy scavenger hunt.” Guests are given a map and encouraged to find images of elves, angels, unicorns, and a couple of Star Wars references tucked in among the exhibits and painted-on walls. Not everything is on the map, so everyone will need to look closely and absorb every inch of what the museum has to offer.

5. Lead a team-building workshop in a really cool venue

This is one of the most laid-back team outing ideas in Denver. Choose an over-the-top venue on Peerspace, such as a downtown Denver rooftop featuring patios with 360 degree views of the city. In this space, there are also five separate penthouses, which are perfect for education or breakout sessions. Your team will always talk about the time you rented out that really cool space.

6. Dine at the famed Casa Bonita

Tourist trap or genius marketing? Can’t it be both? Take your team for a meal at Casa Bonita, an absolutely enormous restaurant concept where they serve Mexican food and drink. The real attraction, though, is a 40-foot waterfall and breathtaking performances every 15 minutes. Enjoy cliff divers, gunfights, and pirates over a couple of margaritas. Use the occasion as a lesson in risk-taking and creating an experience.

7. Practice mindfulness at the Red Rocks Amphitheater

Red Rocks Amphitheater is on every Denver to-do list, and with good reason. Host a truly unique team outing early in the day: for a lesson in flexibility and turning off the distracting chatter in one’s head, send your team to do yoga on the rocks. Follow it up with a hike and late lunch at the Ship Rock Grill, perched between two enormous rocks. Soak in the awe and inspiration that comes from big sky, red rocks, and an architectural marvel.

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8. Spend a day appreciating music and culture

Want to extend the day or shift the schedule to night at Red Rocks Amphitheater? Escort your team to the Colorado Music Hall of Fame and marvel over musicians you never knew hailed from Colorado! You won’t be able to help but muse about leaving a lasting impact on one’s chosen field while recognizing the importance of one’s roots. Ride the wave of inspiration and catch a concert under the stars. Not much networking will be done by then, but your team deserves a break for pure fun.

9. Let the adrenaline flow at iFly Denver

We’re pretty sure your worker’s compensation benefits won’t cover actual skydiving, so you probably shouldn’t take your team on a journey to jump out of an airplane. Instead, take them to iFly Denver for an exciting indoor skydiving experience! Meeting space is available for your team to hold a brainstorming session or professional development opportunity. Follow this up with the collaborative, exhilarating experience of flight. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with indoor skydiving as a purely social exercise. This is definitely one of the more thrilling team outing ideas in Denver.

10. Get moving (and juggling) at Apex Movement

What are the signs that things in your office have taken a turn for the chaotic? When everyone is juggling, tumbling, and bending over backwards, sometimes we need to step back, regroup, and recondition. With that in mind, your next team outing could be scheduled at Apex Movement, in their circus basics class. They will teach you juggling, acrobatics, and cartwheels!

The most productive teams are the ones that find value in stepping out of the office and practicing solid team-building exercises. Sure, some of these team outing ideas in Denver are unconventional, but you can use them for inspiration and to glean the lessons you want your team to remember: collaboration, flexibility, confidence, and tolerance. Stepping outside of the box will allow everyone to recharge and reignite passion for their work.

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