The Best Way To Find an Airbnb For Birthday Parties in Atlanta

In need of an Airbnb for birthday parties in Atlanta? Luckily, you’ve landed on Peerspace, the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals. We have hundreds of stunning, one-of-a-kind venues in Atlanta alone that would make killer party venues.

And if you’re planning a birthday party in Atlanta, you’ll be amazed by what this city has to offer in terms of event venues of all kinds.

Ahead, we’ll discuss whether renting an Airbnb for birthday parties in Atlanta makes sense. We’ll also share why Peerspace is the best way to find a venue for the party you’re planning, so just keep reading.

Does an Airbnb for birthday parties in Atlanta make sense?

Baby shower venue ideas in Atlanta
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It’s understandable that you’d be looking for an Airbnb for birthday parties in Atlanta, especially if you’ve used Airbnb before as an alternative to hotels during travels. However, Airbnb isn’t actually the ideal platform for locating spaces for your next party.

For starters, using Airbnb is very likely to result in wasted money. Airbnb rents their venues out per day, which doesn’t make sense for most birthday parties since they’ll only last a few hours on average. This means you’re paying to rent the space out for much longer than you’ll be using it.

Another issue with trying to find an Airbnb for birthday parties in Atlanta is the fact that Airbnb is not designed for locating spaces to host parties, or really for event venues at all. It’s made to help you find lodging for at least a day, which means that hosts don’t expect renters to be using their spaces for parties.

The host may actually forbid you from having large groups of guests over since they aren’t equipped to handle them. This may severely limit your options. 

So what’s your alternative? We’re about to share how Peerspace is the premier digital destination for hourly venue rentals, including amazing Atlanta birthday party spaces!

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What makes Peerspace different?

Airbnb For Birthday Parties in Atlanta
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Peerspace, the internet’s largest online marketplace for hourly space rentals, is a great Airbnb alternative for several reasons.

For one thing, your budget can go a lot further when you’re not paying for unused time! You’ll probably be able to afford a much nicer space on Peerspace when you’re only paying for the time you’re actually using.

Plus, Peerspace is just as easy to use, making your search for a distinct birthday party venue in Atlanta easy.

Peerspace is great in and of itself, and not just as an alternative to Airbnb. Another example is that when you book a Peerspace, you get to enjoy the support of your venue’s local host. Contact them with any questions or requests to make your party perfect. They may be able to help you secure amazing catering, entertainment, furnishings, and bar staff needs!

Next, we describe how to use Peerspace to your advantage.

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How can I use Peerspace to find birthday party venues in Atlanta?

The Grant Park Farmhouse- Authentic Southern Charm atlanta rental
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Okay, so Peerspace is the most extensive online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, including but not limited to those geared toward birthday parties. Peerspace offers literally thousands of awesome spaces across hundreds of global cities and has the best selection on the internet. 

But is it easy to use?

Yes! In fact, the huge selection doesn’t mean that it’s difficult to search and find the space that’s right for your needs. On the contrary: the Peerspace search tool makes the process of narrowing down your selection extremely straightforward.

Just go to the homepage, input your event (a birthday party, of course), the location (Atlanta), and the date of the party. You can then narrow down your selection further based on a huge number of criteria. There are too many possible advanced search options to list here, but they include price, size, space type, amenities, keywords, and more. 

Finally, having reduced your possible options to your satisfaction, clicking on individual listings will give you a ton of information about their corresponding spaces. Peerspace listings provide in-depth descriptions, high-quality photos, and reviews of the space from past renters. You can also easily contact the host of a space if you have any questions or requests.

Next, let’s take a look at some of the dopest birthday party spaces in Atlanta available on Peerspace.

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Birthday party locations for rent in Atlanta on Peerspace

Airbnb For Birthday Parties in Atlanta
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By now, you know that Peerspace is your Airbnb for birthday parties in Atlanta. But what are Peerspaces venues like? Here are a few examples of Atlanta birthday party locations available for hourly rental on Peerspace.

Beautiful Beltline Event Space

Located right downtown on the Beltline, this event space (pictured above) has high ceilings and an inviting mid-century modern and industrial vibe. You can invite 50 of your closest friends to this stylish and minimalistic gallery and even space.

It also has a full kitchen and bathroom, and even a vanity/changing room. Plus, it’s conveniently located 13 minutes from Hartsfield Jackson airport and 9 minutes from the Mercedes Benz stadium. That means your guests will have no trouble getting here. 

It also boasts more than 1,000 rave reviews from past renters on Peerspace! Here is one review as an example: “Jai was a great host! He was extremely friendly and catered to whatever I needed! I would definitely recommend this beautiful space!”

Pink Lounge Vibes

We’re huge fans of this gorgeous all-pink lounge, which is the perfect fit for a more intimate birthday party with up to 10 guests. Invite your closest friends for a dinner party and have a blast here.

There is no kitchen on-site, but with its BYOP policy (bring your own party!), you can easily have your favorite restaurant drop off some delectable meals for your and your guests. The host also offers the use of a Bluetooth speaker so you can play your favorite tunes.

“The space was not only affordable but beautiful you really would only need table cloths/ chair covers,” shares a Peerspace reviewer. “My family and friends really enjoyed themselves as we celebrated my 30th bday”

An Adair Park Honduran warehouse

This one-of-a-kind venue in Adair Park is a rustic, tropical escape with Southern vibes. It’s a 1,500-square-foot warehouse with space for 50 guests. The venue has a fascinating history and currently serves as an event and arts space with a design inspired by Honduras and an art exhibit by Dr. Sebi.

You can rent tables, a projector, and a lot more directly from the host. They also share that there are food trucks, security, and parking on-site, so reach out to them with any questions about these and other services.

This exotic warehouse boasts plenty of rave reviews from past renters on Peerspace. Here is one example: “Beautiful space and great hosts! Thank you for providing such a beautiful space for my event!”

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Castleberry Hill Intimate Rustic Loft

This stunning loft is a 1,600-square-foot creative space and would make an equally good birthday party venue. It’s right in the artistic loft district of the Castleberry Hill neighborhood, adjacent to downtown Atlanta. So your gathering is sure to benefit from these cool and creative vibes.

While here, make use of the projector, 85″ screen, sound system, and multiple seating areas.

“Renting this loft space was a great experience,” shares a Peerspace reviewer. “I held my husband’s 45th birthday bash at this loft and EVERYONE loved the space… The staff was very responsive and helpful throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend this space to others!”

West Midtown Multipurpose Event Space

This is a flexible event space that’s especially great for birthday parties. Are you a big fan of karaoke? It’s got a large stage with an included high-quality sound system. Another neat feature is that you can get yourself all ready for the big party in the space’s backstage green room.

Additionally, you can keep the central space empty (there is plenty of space for a dance floor!) or you can have seating for as many as 30 people.

As one past reviewer commented, “What an incredible space! My friends and family had so much fun in this intimate setting. The host and crew were so helpful with booking the venue and with answering our questions.”

A classic event space in Sandy Springs

Looking for a classic event space that is customizable to your needs? Then check out this bright and intimate event space with space for 70 guests. It’s an industrial space with an open floor plan, high ceilings, wood floors, and mirrored walls.

This event space also has a kitchen on-site and tables and chairs. The host allows you to get creative and decorate it as you see fit.

“The space was absolutely perfect for my baby shower,” shares a Peerspace reviewer. “The venue is located in a great location, and hosted plenty of parking for guests. The space accommodates creative and personalized decor themes, and allows for great natural lighting. It was clean and the equipment provided was great quality. The owner is very sweet and very professional. The communication was fantastic which made the planning experience very smooth. I would highly recommend this venue!”

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Peerspace is your Airbnb for birthday parties in Atlanta

Airbnb For Birthday Parties in Atlanta
Source: Peerspace

Instead of using Airbnb to find the location for the birthday party you’re planning, consider Peerspace instead. You’ll have a much easier time doing so as well as a significantly larger selection to choose from, making it an all-around better option.

And remember, your chosen venue’s local host is always at hand when you book a Peerspace. They can source and deliver must-have party goods, like catering, entertainment, furnishings, and more. Get the process started by clicking a link on this page and exploring all the hidden gem spaces out there!

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