12 Throwback ’90s Photoshoot Ideas (2024)


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Looking for some fun and magical ’90s photoshoot ideas for your next project? We understand completely. The music, the movies, the collectibles, and the fashion — there is so much to miss about the ’90s! Whether your heart yearns to bring back the pre-internet arcade days, or you just miss your biggest worry being which Ty Beanie Baby to collect next, we totally get the nostalgia — let’s bring back the ’90s!

With ’90s photoshoot ideas this good, you won’t be able to wipe the smile off your face! And what makes a better picture than that?!

All of these photoshoot ideas come courtesy of real Peerspace venues. In case you don’t know, Peerspace is the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals. And yes, this includes tons of themed photoshoot locations! From cabins and lofts to professional studios and galleries, be sure to check out all the available venues in a city near you.

Plus, when you book a Peerspace venue, you have the full support of the venue’s local host. They strive to ensure your shoot is a success and can often help provide any extras you need for your shoot, like props, catering, and costumes. But in the meantime, let these 12 throwback ’90s photoshoot ideas guide you.

1. Meet me at the (vintage) arcade

90s Photoshoot Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Back in the day, there was no better feeling than bringing your copious amounts of arcade tickets to the front of the game room and claiming the largest plush toy on the wall as yours. Relive the pinnacle of cool kid existence in this ’90s arcade space that’s all that and a bag of chips. Book a Peerspace retro arcade like this and your photoshoot is sure to be a winner!

One of the best features about booking a Peerspace location? Is that you can read reviews from genuine renters like yourself first. Just check out what one reviewer shared about their time at this arcade: “The arcade was a great shooting experience. Mark was a very patient host and eager to offer help in any way he could. The location also looks even better in person and blew my expectations away. This is a fantastic spot at a bargain price and you’re treated great.”

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2. Stay hella lit when you book Stay Lit Studio

Stay Lit Studio
Source: Peerspace

The ’90s gave birth to some pretty cringe-worthy slang terms (remember, “talk to the hand”?) but it wasn’t all bad — ’90s kids are a pretty lit bunch. Celebrate the coolness, the craziness, and the hilarity of your childhood days in this all-white studio space in Houston, TX. It comes complete with faux floral garlands and neon signage, our favorite being the “Stay Lit” sign.

This is one of those Peerspace venues that gets a lot of love from the Peerspace community, thanks to its awesome location and caring host. Here is one example of what we mean: “This space is gorgeous… Everything from the bedroom, flower wall and the 90s wall… Thank you to the host, Jazzmyn was super accommodating… And made us feel very welcome. Thank you for having us.”

3. Now that’s what I call 90s in the Saved by the 90s retro crib

Saved By The 90s Retro Crib
Source: Peerspace

What would the ’90s have been without the excitement of listening to all the coolest new hits on Now That’s What I Call Music!? That CD shop and mail-order music series ceaselessly provided ’90s listeners with compilations of all that the ’90s music scene offered.

Luckily, we have just the venue if you wish to live out your ’90s music memories in style. In fact, at this Saved By the 90s retro crib in Tacoma, WA, there are nearly as many 90s-themed rooms as there are Now! installments. It features homages to Super Mario Brothers, Saved By the Bell, Friends, and a 90s music room with Nirvana and Aaliyah posters!

So go ahead, book this Peerspace venue, and rock out to your favorite Now! tunes during your ’90s-inspired photoshoot!

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4. Make your 90s workspace dreams come true at an Office Space throwback

90s Retro Office Space los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

Did you get the memo? We’ve got the list of hottest ’90s photoshoot ideas and an Office Space-themed photoshoot definitely makes the cut. You’d be hard-pressed to find a photoshoot location with more originality than this one — it’s an actual abandoned ’90s retro office space!

Book this Peerspace venue for your shoot today and maybe for tomorrow as well? You might have so much fun you might need to “go ahead and come in on Sunday, too.”

A film producer who booked this space sums up her experience well: “I produced a music video in this 90’s office space and all the shots looked great! Loved the space. Hosts and site reps were easy to reach. VERY CLEAN. I look forward to coming back soon.”

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5. Pretend your back at a 90s kids’ party with a ball pit throwback

90s Photoshoot Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Remember attending and throwing birthday parties in the 90s? More often than not, these parties took place at an indoor playground space, like DZ, Discovery Zone! You and your friends would run through the colorful plastic tunnels like hamsters and eat pizza and cake until you dropped.

The best part? The ball pits, of course! Though Discovery Zone couldn’t hack the onset of the Millennium and closed hundreds of centers in 2001, you can recreate your former hijinx at The Fabulous Factory content creation home in Decatur, GA.

Though the home has multiple fun rooms to explore and shoot in, we especially adore the ball pit seen above. Also check out the retro rotary telephone in the cloud room, something that definitely hasn’t been seen since the ’90s! In the words of one Peerspace reviewer who booked the Fabulous Factory: “This space is the most beautiful concept i have ever seen. I appreciated every single detail for my photoshoot! Job well done! 💕💕 THANK YOU!”

6. Make Lisa Frank proud by making magic in this pastel paradise

21st birthday party ideas
Source: Peerspace

Escape into the rainbows and bright colors of this magical doll house for one of our favorite ’90s photoshoot ideas! Your pictures will be so bomb, that Lisa Frank will want to put them on a Trapper Keeper.

A business owner who booked the space for a professional shoot shared the following: “Kelly was an awesome host. The space is exactly as it is pictured. If you’re looking for the pastel dream space, this is it. I needed to extend the time of the booking a little and she was very accommodating. Will not disappoint!”

7. Scream if you loved ’90s horror movies

grungy colorful video shoot space
Source: Peerspace

This on-theme retro locker room will make you think of legendary ’90s horror movies, like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer! It’s one of the best ’90s photoshoot ideas if you’re creating content with a serious edge.

This space is actually located below an abandoned church and includes eight different sets to run around and film within. Play with the mannequins, get steamy in the shower room, and play it cool in the waiting room. Enjoy … if you dare!

According to an artist who booked the venue for a shoot: “BOOOK THIS SPACE! There are so many incredible rooms!! They are incredible, you can get so much content here. Andrew was great because he left detailed instructions on how to find the space etc. I’m so happy with everything. If you are on a budget and want to get a bang for your buck. This is such a good option.”

8. Your Hogwarts acceptance letter has arrived

Majestic Medieval Castle high atop the Hollywood Hills los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

One of the ’90s biggest anxieties: wondering how your Hogwarts acceptance letter got lost in the mail. We’ll, your owl finally arrived 20-plus years later, and it’s time to head down to Platform 9 ¾! Want to hear the even better news? Your photographer is invited, too!

With breathtaking views and complete solitude, you’ll get the most beautiful Harry Potter-themed photos in this Medieval castle venue. It’s a legitimate castle in the heart of the Hollywood Hills. Pose by the fireplaces, in the ballroom, in the grotto, under the waterfall, and any other decorative nook your ’90s photoshoot takes you.

If you check out this castle’s reviews, you’ll notice people rave about the space and its host! Here’s just one example: “Really wonderful place. Adam is super easy to work with and very communicative. Location is incredible.”

This Hogwarts-like venue is far from the only castle rental on Peerspace! Check out a few more of our favorite castle spaces here.

9. Relive the grunge days in this very cool NYC rock space

Very cool vibey Rock space in the heart of Hells Kitchen nyc new york city rental
Source: Peerspace

Pull on your combat boots, throw on some flannel, and get to rockin’ some ’90s grunge vibes for your photoshoot! In this creative space in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC, you’ll feel instantly connected with all the positive attributes of your angsty teen self. It’s an amazing studio with an insane rock music history to match its decor, so check it out!

According to an artist who booked this rock studio for a live stream event: “Chris was incredibly responsive and accomodating. The space actually appeared better than advertised, there is a very special Mojo going on there. We used the space for a special Quarantine Livestream and Chris even sent his sound guy (John) to help us.”

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10. Dreamin’ of denim in this immersive multi-set studio

90s Photoshoot Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Miss the days when fashion was simple and your entire outfit could be made out of just one material? We couldn’t compile a list of ’90s photoshoot ideas without a shoutout to one of the more questionable yet fantastic late-’90s fashion trends: denim. This trend carried into the early 2000s (somehow!) and brought us glorious photos like the oh-so-memorable JT and Britney head-to-toe denim classic.

Re-create this scene or make up your own with your denim-studded ’90s photoshoot at this fun Peerspace venue!

As you can imagine, this space gets a lot of love from content creators. This past renter sums up their experience well with: “Incredible studio! Best one I’ve seen in LA so far! They even had snacks haha Absolutely recommend!”

11. Channel your rave days at this Los Angeles dope art house

Dope Art House with Festival-Style Backyard
Source: Peerspace

The ’90s were all about a convergence of grit and glam. What better way to celebrate that aesthetic than taking photos at this dope art house in Los Angeles? It’s located in Sherman Oaks and boasts 1,500 square feet of space, with unbelievably colorful and wild decor indoors and out. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind venue that will help you take one-of-a-kind photos honoring a one-of-a-kind decade!

The host describes it best when they share the spaces you’ll have access to here: “Starting from the Neon Vortex Community Foyer, down the Metallic Hallway, into the Rainbow Dream Kitchen/Dining Room, and across the Trippy Living room, the interior of the house provides every vibe you’re looking for. And the Exterior provides a green turf ground matched with a Dance Floor, a bean shaped Pool, a neon Jacuzzi, Cocktail Bar, and a fully equipped Home Gym that we hear like to call, The Pump Palace.” All of which can be yours for a few hours!

Check out what an artist who booked this space for his shoot had to say: “Such an amazing location. Truly takes you into the world of all things rave & festival!! def would book again!”

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12. pose with your favorite 90s icons at this modern desert mansion

camelback mansion with 90s themed bedroom
Source: Peerspace

Are you looking for a totally luxe place to host your 90s photoshoot ideas that still provides some 90s love? Then you need to see this modern desert mansion in Phoenix, AZ! It is a 10,000-square-foot compound with an airy, modern layout and plenty of high-end furnishings.

So how does this relate to the 90s? This amazing host has displayed portraits throughout their home of the 90s biggest stars, including Biggie Smalls, Kurt Cobain, Whitney Houston, Madonna, and more! It’s a stunning space that offers sweet and subtle nods to 90s culture.

90s photoshoot ideas: conclusion

90s Photoshoot Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Jonesing to relive the ’90s yet?! We get it! Be sure to check out the rest of the ’90s-inspired venues on Peerspace and start snapping some seriously dreamy photos. And don’t forget about the other countless themed photoshoot venues, too, because you really never know when or where artistic inspiration will strike.

Make a day of it by consulting the host for any extra services or equipment you may need. The ’90s may be gone, but your photoshoot images and memories will live on eternally!

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