The 10 Best Video Production Companies in New Orleans

Hoping to work with the best of the best New Orleans video production companies? Then you’ve come to the right place since that’s what we at Peerspace share with you ahead.

New Orleans is one of the most visually distinctive cities on the planet, full of color and expression and culture. The city’s thriving community of creative professionals tap into that energy every day, bringing their skills to bear for clients of all stripes. It can be hard to stand out in a market that’s brimming with creativity, but NOLA’s videographers make it happen. To that end, we’ve put together a list of some of the best New Orleans video production companies working today. Check them out.

1. FatHappy Media

FatHappy describes itself colorfully: “FatHappy is a flock of black sheep. Vagabonds and techies who found each other through their art. A team that loves to cuss, discuss and create memories like a family at the dinner table.”

If you ask us, that environment is great for producing lively video content. FatHappy is never boring, always fresh, and endlessly creative. If you’re willing to let them push the envelope a little, you’ll get some unforgettable results. 

2. Implicted

Award-winning New Orleans video production company Implicted boasts over a decade of experience. They’re masters of corporate branding, advertising, social media, music videos, documentaries, live events, and more. That breadth of experience also gives them great adaptability.

Their work displays excellent technical prowess, coupled with an authentic love for the work and an artistic spark that pushes everything to the next level. Implicted is also great at wide establishing shots of the setting, getting those beautiful aerial views of New Orleans that are instantly recognizable to viewers.

3. Elephant Quilt

Elephant Quilt has been the go-to talent for hundreds of clients over the course of the last 20 years. Led by Jason Rhein, the Elephant Quilt team values “videos that celebrate culture, story, and heart,” describing themselves as “driven by collaboration, creativity, and helping your brand story own the spotlight.”

This storytelling-first attitude is evident in their work, which always looks for the emotional gravity of a project. Elephant Quilt never forgets to focus on the audience and what they’ll feel, as opposed to producing work that feels overly prescriptive and corporate.

4. NolaVid

NolaVid’s owner and founder, Max Cusimano, cut his teeth in filmmaking at USC film school. He then worked at Ridley Scott’s film production house. Luckily for New Orleans clients, Cusimano returned to his native Louisiana in 2012 and set up NolaVid.

The NolaVid team is a tight, small crew that fosters close relationships with its clients. Their video is edited with style and energy, cleanly shot, and creatively conceived. All this and more solidifies NolaVid as one of the best New Orleans video production companies in the field today.

5. Moxie Nola Productions

Moxie Nola stands out for their experience — over 30 years’ worth — and their especially excellent live and corporate event production. We’re particularly impressed with the support they’re offering for virtual event production, adapting spectacularly to the growth in popularity in this area over the last few years. Plus, we just had to include this photo of Moxie’s super cool mobile video production truck. 

6. Worklight Pictures

We’re crazy about Worklight Pictures’ video work since it’s stylish, impeccably edited, and cinematic. Bruno Doria and Lizzie Guitreau have helmed over 100 projects in the last 10 years, on digital or 8mm + 16mm film.

Whether it’s an advertisement, social media video, music video, or virtually anything else, Worklight Pictures’ content always feels like a feature film, full of drama and beauty. They’re responsible for some of our absolute favorite work to come out of New Orleans in recent years.

7. Fire on the Bayou

Fire on the Bayou is truly adept at visual storytelling, packing a ton of character and narrative into every camera angle and every video segment. Fire on the Bayou describes itself as a “New Orleans video production company that specializes in television commercials, brand videos, and corporate communication.” Look to them to produce branded content that helps your organization create and grow meaningful connections with your audience. 

8. CounterTake

New Orleans video production company CounterTake specializes in producing stunning content for agencies and marketers. In fact, they’ve crafted high-level productions for brands like Twitter, ESPN, Microsoft, and many more.

CounterTake emphasizes that they like to tell stories in a fun way, and their body of work shows that they excel at it. In a world where attention spans are limited, crafting content that reaches out and grabs the audience’s attention is a great way of inviting them to engage. CounterTake’s visual effects and color work are world-class, and we can’t wait to see what they produce in the years to come.

9. XYZ Prism Video Productions

XYZ Prism Video Productions is deeply connected to the culture of New Orleans, as well as to the world of pop entertainment in general. We especially love XYZ’s behind-the-scenes video for the music video for Lizzo’s infectious hit “Good as Hell.” They’re a great fit for social media accounts and brand videos, especially for organizations that want to let them push the boundaries and get a little wild with the project.

10. Montoto Productions

Montoto Productions excels in a particular niche: wedding cinematography. We’ve focused primarily on video production for the commercial world here, but Montoto makes some of the most gorgeous wedding videos we’ve seen in a long time.

Their documentary-style wedding videography has a soft, vintage quality, full of dramatic slow-motion sequences and lovely wide-angle shots. We won’t pigeon-hole them, though! They’re just as adept at corporate video projects, drone shoots, and event live streaming. 

There’s huge creativity in The Big Easy!

Historic Mansion with Spacious Yard new orleans
Source: Peerspace

The best New Orleans video production companies push the boundaries of their craft and, more importantly, constantly push themselves. Each of the crews on this list demonstrates an authentic love for what they do.

When you combine technical mastery with true artistry and a drive to excel, you get some of the best video content in the country. We hope you love watching their work as much as we have. 

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