6 Awesome Video Production Companies in NYC (2021)

Video production companies in NYC are a different breed than anything you’ll come across in Hollywood. While Hollywood has a specific style of fictional narrative projects with polish and beauty in every detail, NYC video production companies tend to place focus more on real, raw, gritty content. The type that attempts to mirror the harsh, yet wonderful realities of living in the city. The following creative agencies follow that ethos and produce incredible content across virtually every platform.

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1. VaynerMedia

A full-service ad agency and video production company in NYC, VaynerMedia is often identified as a social-first ad agency. They produce everything from broadcast TV ads, to documentaries of the lives of entrepreneurs, to personal branding content and social media. VaynerMedia has an impressive roster of clients, including Chase, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Toyota, and even Apple.

The individuals behind this innovative ad agency excel at creative strategy thanks to their data capabilities as a media agency, coupled with the cultural analysis of a creative-driven research firm. They have over 200 in-house creatives, including illustrators, videographers, editors, and animators, all ready to create virtually any kind of content you can think of.

2. Pluck

Placing a strong emphasis on the art of storytelling, creative studio Pluck produces well-polished commercials for TV and digital outlets, as well as branded content videos and social media video campaigns. The team at Pluck does creative, production, and post-production from start to finish. Their clients include the likes of Westside Rentals, Nova Jacket, Mass Mutual, and CapitalOne. With their thoughtful use of motion graphics, animation, and visual effects, basically everything Pluck creates is professional, clean, and, most importantly, compelling.

3. Blue Chalk

The brilliant, award-winning team at Blue Chalk prides themselves on their cinematic filmmaking and editing skills: “The heart of all Blue Chalk creative is the care taken in choosing characters whose stories are authentic and powerful. The goal is to apply the techniques and perspectives of the documentary filmmaker or photojournalist to all the work we do.” This approach shines through in their work, with a sense of authenticity present in every frame of each piece. If you’re looking for a video production company in NYC to produce high-quality, heart-string-tugging content for your brand, Blue Chalk is awaiting your call — or email. Just watch their video entitled “5 Years On” to get a feel for their style as a production company.

4. Good Brother

Brooklyn-based video agency Good Brother specializes in producing unforgettable commercials, films, documentaries, and VR experiences. The process starts with creative development and copywriting, and their internal team will come up with concepts and scripts based on your brand’s vision and end goal. Then they hire a production crew with all key roles needed for the concept, meticulously planning every step as to stay within budget. Once the concept is shot, their in-house team goes through the full post-production process to produce the final product.

Satisfied clients of theirs include Netflix, Panasonic, Playboy, NBCUniversal, and a multitude of other household names. Interested in collaborating with Good Brother on a project? They recommend deciding on the type of video you’re looking for and establishing the budget you have to work with first, then they’ll work within those parameters to the best of their ability.

5. Luminoustudios

With offices in Los Angeles and NYC, Luminoustudios makes beautiful branded content for companies that need a light, fast, and versatile creative team. Their videos showcase a kind of planned guerrilla-inspired style of filmmaking, which features the stunning streets and lifestyle associated with big cities. Luminoustudios also boasts a robust portfolio of animated work, showcasing their ability to elevate their content with motion graphics. The savvy team has completed projects for clients like Polaroid Snap and wearables company Wizer’s Wearables.

6. Lemonlight

One of the most innovative video production companies in NYC — and with offices across the country in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Austin, to name a few — Lemonlight excels in creating high-quality, budget-friendly branded video content for companies and agencies. Featured in esteemed publications like Adweek, Entrepreneur, and Forbes, Lemonlight is the real deal.

The content they produce is made to be broadcast as a commercial, used on corporate websites, or posted and promoted on social media. Lemonlight’s process starts at the strategy stage, where they learn about the business and end goals. From there, they’ll go through pre-production to find the right talent and crew to make the video. As the old saying goes, easy peasy, Lemonlight squeezy.

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