10 Awesome Video Production Companies in NYC (2024)

Video production companies in NYC are a different breed than anything you’ll come across in Hollywood. While Hollywood has a specific style of fictional narrative projects with polish and beauty in every detail, NYC video production companies focus on real, raw, gritty content.

On many occasions, these companies attempt to mirror the harsh yet wonderful realities of living in the city. They create footage that is authentic and ideal for businesses that suit that aesthetic. The following creative agencies follow that ethos and produce incredible content across virtually every platform.

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Without further ado, here are our favorite video production companies in NYC.

1. VaynerMedia revolutionizes visual storytelling

A full-service ad agency and video production company in NYC, VaynerMedia is often identified as a social-first ad agency. So what does that entail? Well, they produce everything from broadcast TV ads, documentaries of entrepreneurs’ lives, personal branding content, and social media with a message.

Home to over 200 in-house creatives, including illustrators, videographers, editors, and animators, the team is all ready to create virtually any kind of content you can think of. VaynerMedia has an impressive roster of clients, including Chase, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Toyota, and even Apple.

The secret behind VaynerMedia’s success lies in its robust data capabilities, setting it apart as a media agency. This data-driven approach empowers the team to excel in creative strategy, enabling the team to craft advertising solutions that are not only innovative but also highly targeted and effective.

2. Pluck crafts truly engaging video content

Placing a strong emphasis on the art of storytelling, creative studio Pluck produces crisp commercials for TV and digital outlets. Beyond commercials, the team’s expertise extends to creating branded content videos and orchestrating video campaigns for social media. Pluck’s team handles every phase of a project, covering the creative conception, the intricacies of production, and the detailed work of post-production.

This comprehensive approach to video production means that from the initial idea to the final edit, every aspect is meticulously managed to bring compelling stories to life. And its client list is equally impressive, including the likes of Westside Rentals, Nova Jacket, Mass Mutual, and CapitalOne.

In addition, Pluck demonstrates a mindful approach in integrating motion graphics, animation, and visual effects into the crew’s projects. These elements enhance rather than overshadow the storytelling. This careful consideration in the use of dynamic visuals underscores the team’s commitment to producing deeply engaging content.

Each piece crafted by Pluck stands out for its clarity, visual appeal, and, above all, its ability to captivate and hold the audience’s attention. This blend of technical expertise and narrative focus achieves a balance of aesthetic excellence and compelling storytelling.

3. Blue Chalk redefines visual narrative techniques

The award-winning team at Blue Chalk prides themselves on their cinematic filmmaking and editing skills. Best of all, the crew has the accolades to prove their expertise, making them a distinguished choice in the industry. Blue Chalk emphasizes the importance of selecting compelling, authentic characters to anchor its narratives.

The outfit’s philosophy is to infuse all projects with the insight and storytelling prowess of documentary filmmaking or photojournalism, ensuring each piece resonates deeply and authentically with audiences. This commitment to storytelling excellence and authentic character portrayal underpins the high-quality, impactful work they produce.

This approach shines through in the crew’s work, with a sense of authenticity present in every frame of each piece they create. If you’re looking for one of the top video production companies in NYC to produce high-quality, heart-string-tugging content for your brand, Blue Chalk is awaiting your call — or email.

In fact, just watch Blue Chalk’s video entitled “5 Years On” to get a feel for their style as a production company to see what we mean.

4. Good Brother enchants viewers with compelling videos

Brooklyn-based video agency Good Brother specializes in producing unforgettable commercials, films, documentaries, and VR experiences made to stand out. The team’s production journey begins with a foundation in creative development and copywriting, tailoring each project to the client’s unique vision and objectives.

Then the skilled internal team takes the lead in brainstorming concepts and drafting scripts that align with your brand’s goals. Following the conceptualization, Good Brother assembles a production crew, filling all essential roles to bring the vision to life while ensuring budget adherence through meticulous planning.

After filming, the project moves into the hands of their in-house post-production team. This phase involves editing, sound design, and any necessary visual effects, culminating in a polished final product that embodies the client’s vision and surpasses expectations.

Interested in collaborating with Good Brother on a project? The crew recommends deciding on the type of video you’re looking for and establishing the budget you must work with first. Then they’ll work within those parameters, using their expertise to create the compelling content you crave.

5. Luminoustudios elevates the art of video production

With offices in Los Angeles and NYC, Luminoustudios makes beautifully branded content for companies that need a light, fast, and versatile creative team in their corner. The company’s videos showcase a kind of planned guerrilla-inspired style of filmmaking.

If that sounds like an oxymoron, consider their work as footage of the stunning streets and the lifestyles in the big cities. Beyond live-action footage, the team has a strong track record in animation, enhancing storytelling with sophisticated motion graphics. This versatility allows Luminoustudios to create a diverse range of content that resonates with audiences and elevates brand messaging.

This savvy team has completed projects for clients like Polaroid Snap and wearables company Wizer’s Wearables, to name a couple.

6. Lemonlight shifts the paradigm of visual storytelling

One of the most innovative video production companies in NYC is Lemonlight. The team has offices across the country in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and Austin. So geographically speaking, Lemonlight’s reach is far and wide. And we haven’t even mentioned the content yet!

The team excels in creating high-quality, budget-friendly branded video content for companies and agencies. In fact, popular publications like Adweek, Entrepreneur, and Forbes have featured its work, so you know Lemonlight is the real deal.

The content it produces is broadcast as a commercial, available on corporate websites, and, of course, popular on social media. Lemonlight’s process begins at the strategy stage since they strive to learn about the business and end goals from the start.

From there, the Lemonlight team goes through pre-production to find the right talent and crew to make the video, ensuring your story is brought to life. They are a boutique service that businesses anywhere can rely on.

7. Melty Cone Video Marketing makes next-level content

Melty Cone is an award-winning, minority-owned video production company and video marketing agency in New York City that creates amazing, engaging video content. This crew can tackle everything from commercials, advertisements, social marketing videos, and beyond for clients and companies across all industries.

As a video marketing agency, the team’s main goal is to get core messages in front of target audiences using attention-grabbing videos that engage and attract customers. Melty Cone is a full-service video production company that handles everything from start to finish: from creative idea conception to final video delivery.

Above all, Melty Cone values great service, diversity, transparency, collaboration, authenticity, strong client relations, and delivering quality video content on time. The outfit’s clients include Amazon, Expedia, L’Oreal, TIME, The Nature Conservancy, Colgate, People Magazine, Liveperson, New York State, and more!

8. johnnypuetz Productions conjures mesmerizing visual experiences

Brooklyn-based johnnypuetz Productions is one of the most noteworthy video production companies in NYC. The team offers end-to-end video production services from development all the way through distribution and promotion. Working with everyone from major brands to indie filmmakers, johnnypuetz uses its exhaustive gear arsenal, wide creative network, and experienced team to bring creative visions to life.

Additionally, it offers an impressive array of in-house services, including location scouting and permitting, drone photography, music supervision, and more. Perhaps most interestingly, the company’s founders are proud members of the local motorcycle community. As a result, johnnypuetz specializes in in action shots, sports and adventure content, and projects in the moto, automotive, apparel, entertainment and lifestyle spheres.

The video production company has worked with clients like Netflix, Google, Disney, Jeep, Triumph, and Red Bull. Not to mention, johnnypuetz’s narrative projects have screened at film festivals around the world.

9. Transcendent Enterprise delivers captivating visual narratives

Transcendent Enterprise is a comprehensive video production company that prioritizes meeting your deadlines while leveraging the latest digital marketing trends. Since its inception in 2004, the company believes that investing extra effort in creating outstanding video content is always worthwhile.

Embracing innovation and refined techniques, Transcendent’s dedicated team of creative professionals is ready to assist you in developing your next corporate video or live stream event.

Over the course of its 18 years in the industry, Transcendent has collaborated with an impressive roster of clients. The team has collaborated with prestigious names like the United Nations, New York University, Verizon, Facebook, Marriott, eBay, NBCUniversal, and the New York Knicks.

10. Flow Production and Post brings stories to life with creative flair

Based in New York City, Flow Production and Post has earned its reputation by crafting high-end cinematic visuals and impactful content for clients who demand excellence. The company’s co-founder and CEO emphasizes Flow’s mission: to take the worry out of video production, freeing clients to focus on what matters most to them.

The form of a video is branding, and the way it looks and sounds tells a viewer something about a business from the moment they begin watching. Flow specializes in national TV commercials, online branding and marketing content, high-end corporate videos, and more. At its core, the video production company’s multiple award-winning team provides an all-in-one, in-house production solution for high-quality content.

Bonus: Indigo Productions makes cinematic magic

Earning an honorable mention, this multimedia outfit is one of the most popular video production companies in NYC thanks to its expertise and versatility. In fact, this crew is a full-service outfit, describing their work as, “dedicated to the creation of compelling visual content for corporate, commercial, and entertainment clients.” Indigo’s impressive list of services includes video production, editing and graphics, social media videos, and corporate content.

Indigo boasts an impressive roster of high-profile clients, demonstrating its ability to deliver exceptional results across various sectors. Companies like United Healthcare, Dean & DeLuca, Samsung, and Kellogg’s have chosen to collaborate with Indigo, underscoring the team’s capacity for producing standout content.

Positioned in the creative hub of New York City’s west side, with additional offices in Chicago and Los Angeles, Indigo taps into a rich diversity of markets and creative talent. For brands aiming to craft content that not only reaches but deeply engages its audience, Indigo is a go-to partner. The team specializes in weaving narratives that captivate and resonate so that each piece of content leaves a lasting impression.

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