12 Awesome Vintage Photoshoot Ideas (2024)


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Bring old-school vibes to life with a fabulous photoshoot! These awesome vintage photoshoot ideas have no time to deal with the tedious and bland. In fact, they are all about fun and unique takes on the looks of decades past! These spaces have it all, from 1960s-style and ’50s classics to ’80s pastel kitchens and tasteful antique touches.

And as you’ll soon see, you can book any one of them with ease using Peerspace, the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals. No matter what you’re planning, be it a photoshoot, a film shoot, a corporate meeting, a wedding, etc., Peerspace offers you access to the most jaw-dropping hidden gem venues that you can call your own for a few hours. And, we’re in cities across the globe, so your location doesn’t have to hinder your creativity.

But for now, let’s get on to our vintage photoshoot ideas…

1. Soak up 1960s-style nostalgia in a totally mod DTLA loft

retro downtown loft los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

Vintage chic wallpaper for a photoshoot background? Yes, please! Fabulous décor and stylish retro backdrops are a must for any vintage photoshoot! This fun loft in the heart of downtown LA offers just that and more. You’ll love the kitchen aesthetics, unique furniture, and three different one-of-a-kind wallpapers! Take a look at all the angles of this room by exploring the pics on Peerspace.

Also, don’t forget to check out this loft’s reviews, like this one from a content creator: “Incredible space, with great props and amazing natural lighting! The Host was so quick to respond and very helpful.”

2. Throw it way back to Victorian-era curls and updos in this retro-glam New Orleans salon

full service victorian-style salon
Source: Peerspace

Vintage isn’t just about “things,” it’s also about “looks” — and who doesn’t love the look of a sleek vintage hairstyle? Get all done up and bring your vintage photoshoot to the next level at a beautiful Victorian-style salon!

This Peerspace venue in New Orleans, LA is an ideal spot to show off your tight curls and voluminous updos and provides plenty of natural light for stunning photos. The bright pink walls, checkerboard floors, crystal chandeliers, and damask wallpaper will all add tons of drama to your super retro shoot!

3. Send your greetings from Havana by way of a stylish retro cigar bar

vintage photoshoot ideas
Source: Peerspace

Throw some culture in with your retro look — say a vintage Miami hotel meets Old Havana look! This eclectic Los Angeles cigar club combines rustic, old-world woods and plush brown leather seats for a cozy shoot straight out of a vintage Havana hotel.

It’s still vintage to us! Check out these awesome throwback 90s photoshoot ideas!

4. Grab seats at a diner and prepare for an amazing All-American shoot

Spacious Downtown Sun Drenched 50s Retro Neon Diner los angeles rental
vintage photoshoot ideas
Source: Peerspace

A list of iconic vintage photoshoot ideas would be amiss without the inclusion of this classic American eatery — the diner! And you can’t go wrong with booking this downtown LA diner for your photoshoot. It’s perfectly decorated and even has hundreds of five-star reviews on Peerspace!

One reviewer explains, “the venue had authentic and well cared for furniture and props. Once you enter, it is like you are transported to that era.”

If you live across the country from Los Angeles, say in New York City, then you can also book this Art Deco retro-themed diner in Brooklyn! It too is a 1950s-inspired diner, but unlike its LA counterpart, its color scheme is black and chrome. And it has a bit of an update in terms of its menu — this is a fully functional vegan diner!

Discover more retro diners that you can rent on Peerspace here!

5. Indulge in vinyl vibes at a vintage loft with several inspired spaces

Vintage Photo Video Studio with Natural Light chicago rental
Source: Peerspace

Did you know that vinyl records have outsold CDs for the first time in decades? It’s true! And you can celebrate this fact by rocking out to your favorite tunes in a music-themed vintage photoshoot! Treat yourself to a photoshoot in a space adorned with your favorite vinyl records and magazine cover throwbacks.

This Chicago venue offers just that, plus large industrial windows that provide soft natural light throughout the day and into the warm golden hour. When you book on Peerspace, you can choose from an array of video equipment for your shoot or hire a photographer directly through the venue!

According to one Peerspace reviewer: “The studio is great and has much to offer: lights, backdrops, accessories etc! Big thank you to the owner of the place who helped us to set up the stage and lights! It literally saved us another 20-30 min.”

6. Be pretty in pink and undeniably retro in Palm Springs

The Pretty in Pink Flamingo Frey house
Source: Peerspace

Looking for vintage photoshoot ideas that give you an excuse to get all dolled up? Then you’ve met your match with this pretty in pink flamingo Frey house in Palm Springs, CA! It’s an adult playground with a glamorous twist, complete with vintage-inspired wallpapers, antique décor, eclectic patterns, and lots of unexpected twists.

We also love the outdoor pool and area with sunny loungers and bocce ball court. It is undeniably 60s Palm Springs in the best possible way, and we’re here for it!

7. Colorful collections

A vintage space isn’t thrown together in a day — find a space that’s been carefully curated with fun, beautiful knick-knacks that will make your heart smile! This Chicago Peerspace host took years collecting and curating the furniture and artifacts in his apartment, and some of the pieces are custom designed and built for the space. A space this unique is also sure to provide you with some jaw-dropping shots!

One delighted reviewer summed up the space well: “The place blew me away. It was gorgeous in every way and fit my theme in every way. I loved how big it was and how creative every corner was. There was an on staff team which was awesome. I’d def book again. Thank you so very much.”

Be undeniably groovy with our 70s photoshoot ideas!

8. Embrace old-world Europe with an old-fashioned Italian ambiance

Downtown RED & BLUE Luxury 2-Room Suite los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

Being old-fashioned doesn’t mean lacking in luxury! Vintage photoshoot ideas should combine elegance, beauty, and history, and it’s a plus if you can get a jaw-dropping color scheme! This luxury Peerspace venue offers all of the above. The Red Luxury Room exudes crimson with its red walls accented with shimmering gold to make your vintage photos pop.

In addition, soft pastel blues and hints of gold and pink in the adjacent room make you feel like you’re in heaven. And this space doesn’t skimp on amenities—luxurious furniture and props, beautiful natural lighting, a vanity, chandeliers, a bed, and a bathtub all come with your booking!

According to just one of the hundreds of five-star reviews: “What an incredible space!!! Dream come true for us vintage junkies!!! Thank you for being so communicative and coming to say hi to us! Would definitely rent again!”

9. Go back to school in a 1950s-inspired classroom space

The Classroom (1950) - Retro Photoshoot Location in Wicker Park chicago rental vintage photoshoot ideas
Source: Peerspace

Give your photoshoot a nostalgic edge with this fun venue mimicking a 1954 Midwestern classroom. Created by Chicago film and theater workers, this Peerspace bookable venue is unlike any other space you’ll find online!

It includes desks, chairs, a projector, and other retro classroom goodies. Not only that, this venue has several other retro photoshoot setups, including a 1930s detective’s office and a 1980s cheesy dollhouse horror shop! And you can book them all on Peerspace today.

Just take it from one content creator who used this space for her project: “Okay, this place is amazing. The staff is super friendly and supportive. The set was absolutely amazing. I love how my project turned and I can’t wait to come back for future projects!”

10. Dazzle your eyes in a vintage kitchen and more

Throwback to the 60's - Retro Experience
Source: Peerspace

This throwback to the early 60s kitchen in Parma, OH, provides you with everything you need for your atomic-age photoshoot ideas. It is a 2,000-square-foot home, and the colorful kitchen is only the start of the time-traveling fun! The house also offers you access to three vintage-themed bedrooms, a living room with a rustic stone fireplace, and a basement with vintage records, games, and TV! It’s a kitsch space that will provide you with countless vintage photoshoot ideas.

11. Take a Time Machine to this multi-set studio

vintage photoshoot ideas
Source: Peerspace

We’re obsessing over this Los Angeles studio that brings together futuristic tech with a retro sensibility. The Time Machine comprises five sets, including a neon tropical diner, a 70s golden room, and a disco club. You can take tons of incredible, distinct vintage-inspired shots here that will not only look amazing, but that will transport your viewers to another era.

Unsurprisingly, this studio gets a lot of love from the Peerspace community! Here is just one of its many glowing reviews as an example: “This was the best experience I have ever had. Thank you so much for having us because this space is PERFECT!” See it for yourself on Peerspace!

12. Head back to the 80s and 90s when you book The Plastic Peach

Source: Peerspace

We couldn’t leave out the 80s and 90s on our quest to bring you the best vintage photoshoot ideas! Enter The Plastic Peach, a 700-square-foot apartment in Wilmington, NC that provides you with room after room of 80s and 90s nostalgia. This space boasts original black and white checkerboard floors, vintage 80s TVs and VHS tapes, vintage-style bedding, neon signage, a pastel kitchen, and plenty of other must-see designs.

A Peerspace reviewer shares: “Jordan’s space was so amazing! It was set up perfectly for a photoshoot, my friends and I could sit there all day and talk about random fun things. This is definitely top of the list places to take your photos and the lighting was really great for film photography. If your looking for funky and colorful this is the place for you. Jordan was so sweet and very responsive to all of my needs. I would definitely book again!”

Get your nostalgia on with these vintage photoshoot ideas!

vintage photoshoot ideas
Source: Peerspace

How fun are these vintage photoshoot ideas and amazing venues? And this just scratches the surface of all the vintage vibes we have awaiting you. Find a gorgeous vintage venue that fits your style and is close to home on Peerspace!

You can browse spaces near you that have their own dedicated listings that include upfront pricing, photos, a list of amenities, and those helpful reviews from past renters. Whether you want to go glam or grungy, sweet or spicy, our venues and helpful local hosts always deliver. Peerspace makes it easy to find spaces that fulfill all your creative needs, so check us out today!

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